Getting to Know Custom Motorcycles, from Types to Costs to Build

 Buying a mass-produced motorbike is one way to get your dream motorbike. For those who want a more exclusive version, usually the manufacturer also provides special editions that are sold on a limited basis. But what is the solution for people who want a motorbike according to their specifications and desires? Motorcycle custom (custom) is the answer.

Getting to Know Custom Motorcycles, from Types to Costs to Build

In recent years, custom motorcycles are increasingly in demand by the people of Indonesia. This is undeniably the effect of the actions of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo (Jokowi) who often blusukan using his custom motorbike.

Although it has a price that is usually much more expensive than mass-produced motorcycles, the custom motorcycle scene always has a place in each generation. Custom motorbikes usually do not have a selling price that can be calculated with certainty. The price can start from tens of millions to billions of rupiah.

Understanding Custom Motorcycles

Before discussing further about the types and costs, it's a good idea to repeat a little bit about the definition of a custom motorcycle. 

Royal Enfield Himalayan Custom ekstrim

Custom motorcycles, as the name implies, are two-wheeled vehicles built to customized specifications (customization). Usually it is built from a certain motor base, whether it is only taken from the frame or the engine.

In terms of the engine, the engine used is a unit created by the motorcycle manufacturer. This component is often the basis because this mechanical device requires the quality of manufacturing in the style of the manufacturer to support the performance of the custom motorbike.

Even if there is a custom motorbike that is modified from a complete motorbike, usually the format is to change the body design to suit consumer tastes. From there, the builder will design a new design based on the agreed engine and frame.

Custom Motorcycle Type

There are various types of styles or styles of custom motorbikes, here are some types that are popular in Indonesia.

1. Cafe Racer

Cafe racer is one of the most popular types in Indonesia today. As the name implies, the wild racing style of the past is the visual approach. This one style is popular because it is not too difficult to be adopted into the existing types of factory motorcycles to be customized.

Mark Hawwa

The main characteristic of this motorbike is to use a clamp handlebar, a single seat with a wasp tail, to a round lamp. Because it is designed for those of you who like speed, usually the riding position will look down so it is less comfortable when driving for a long time.

2. Brat cafe

This one model is indeed the development of Cafe Racer. The difference is only slight, and is usually often mistaken for a cafe racer. The main differentiator in the stern and seats.

Suzuki Thunder 125 custom

Where in Cafe Racer there is a hornet, while Brat Cafe uses a flat seat so it looks like a skateboard.

3. Bobber

The bobber was a very popular custom motorcycle style in America in the 1920s. At first this type of modification was applied to the Harley Davidson motorcycle. However, now it has been widely applied to various types of motorbikes from various brands.

Bobber Monkey

The style of this motorbike can be said to be very minimalist. The hallmark of the Bobber is the wide rake angle, large front wheels without fenders, short rear and often without suspension, to using a low handlebar.

The seats used usually use a single seater. This aims to get a lower ground clearance.

4. Brat Style

From the sources we cite, Brat Style is a type of custom motorcycle designed for riding together. Actually the name Brat Style comes from a modification workshop located in Japan.

Brat Style Ride Apart

The modification workshop gives its own characteristics to the modified motorcycles. So that many people can easily find out that the motorbike is the result of a modification of the workshop.

His style applies the philosophy of simplicity. This is one style that is very suitable to be used as an option for those of you who like custom motorbikes for casual riding.

5. Chopper

Chopper is one of the most popular custom motorcycle styles in Indonesia. One of the characteristics of this motorbike is that it has a high handlebar and a low seat.


The next characteristic is the diameter of the front wheels which are larger than the rear. Not only in the circumference, but also the width of the tires are often significantly different.

Modifications of this type are mostly done using Harley-Davidson motorcycles or the like.

Cost of Building a Custom Motorcycle

Cost, is a variable that is often asked by ordinary motorcycle enthusiasts. Of course, not a few people are curious about the costs that must be incurred when they want to build a custom motorcycle. Not so for those who are familiar with this scenario, cost is a factor that is often not the main calculation.

The cost of modifying a custom motorbike is actually influenced by only two things, the components used, and the cost of the builder. The money spent to buy components for custom motorbike modifications can be more expensive than the purchase price of the motorbike.

This is very likely to happen if there are a lot of components that are replaced. It can be concluded that the costs that must be incurred to make a custom motorbike are relative to the type of modification made.

There are people who spend up to tens to hundreds of millions just to make modifications. These costs do not include the money spent to buy a motorcycle from the manufacturer.

However, there are several things you can do to save money when modifying your motorbike. One way is to build from a motor that you already have before.

For example, you already have a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R and want to change its style into a cafe racer, you can also use the engine and several main frame components as the basis for modification.

The next way is to take a motorcycle base that is cheap and easy to customize. For example, with the Royal Enfield 350 or Kawasaki W175 units, which are sold in Indonesia at quite affordable prices.

What you need to pay attention to is the legality of the custom motorbike. Make sure your partner workshop can issue a certificate for changing data on the STNK and BPKB. Likewise, if there are changes to the machine, make sure to re-test at the Transportation Service and then be registered with Samsat.


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