Yamaha Showcases 2 Electric Motorcycles!

 Yamaha officially shows off the form of 2 electric motors, namely the E01 and Neo's. Both appear in versions that are ready for production. Especially for the previous EO1 this motorbike was introduced at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) and was also patented in the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) as a right to protect against plagiarism in design and technology.

Yamaha Showcases 2 Electric Motorcycles!
Yamaha Showcases 2 Electric Motorcycles!

Yamaha will launch these two bikes at the latest in the next few weeks. Yamaha EO1 and Neo's are described as the manufacturer's expansion strategy from fossil fuel motors to electric vehicles with a focus on dynamic consumers.

"The introduction of the Yamaha electric scooter is a plan to inspire a new generation of customers. We are excited to start this," said Eric de Seynes, President & CEO of Yamaha Motor Europe, quoted from Paultan, Monday (7/3/2022).

Yamaha E01

Yamaha Electric
Yamaha Electric

Indeed, in the data specifications there is no more complete information to describe. However, Yamaha says that the E01 has an electrical construction equivalent to a 125 cc automatic motorcycle.

In early January, explained that the Yamaha E01 would first be sold in the European and Japanese markets, then spread to the United States and China. Even the good news is that this electric motorbike has the opportunity to enter the Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia markets. At that time the information came from the Chief Executive Officer & Representative Director of Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd., Yoshihiro Hidaka. 

Yamaha EO1 has similarities with the gasoline engine Maxi scooter that has been commercialized first. The front is slightly sloping, with the placement of two projector lamps under the front shield.

If you look in more detail, it's not wrong if the face of this electric scooter has similarities to the design of the latest Yamaha YZF-R1 superbike. To make it appear more sporty, there is also the use of a large-dimensional windscreen component on it.

Turning to the side, the most visible footrest layout is that there are two choices of rider foot placement styles like the Yamaha NMax. The portion of the seat between the rider and the pillion is also slightly different, the impression of sport is increasingly appearing thanks to the 'trondol' rear view, there is no conventional fender but has been replaced with a mudguard model which also serves as a number plate holder.

Yamaha Neo's

Yamaha Electric
Yamaha Electric

Yamaha Neo's looks more elegant, it has a slim body shape and its performance is claimed to be equivalent to an automatic motor with an internal 50 cc engine. The overall design leads to the entry-level automatic tuning fork that we know in Indonesia.

The fascia is quite interesting, the lamp design uses a double headlamp model which, when viewed more closely, looks like a robot eye. While the stop light at the back uses a minimalist model and has anti-mainstream visuals, look at its thin shape but has a futuristic aura.

Unfortunately, there is no further information regarding power output, torque, battery usage, converter, electric dynamo, and other features embedded in Yamaha Neo's, including the Yamaha E01.

How's the Yamaha E-Vino in Indonesia?

Ever remember the Yamaha E-Vino which was introduced a few years ago by PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing? Until now there has been no sign of them officially selling it to the public.

It's been almost 5 years since its introduction, Yamaha says it still takes time to actually release it to the domestic market. Although various legal umbrellas and incentives have been issued by the government, the company believes it still needs to study consumers.

"Even though the government has issued (legal umbrellas & incentives) there are still many other consider points. How do we build a charging station, elements of safety tools, and the rules on whether it is called a motorcycle, a bicycle, or an electric vehicle. Indonesia still needs time, " said YIMM's Public Relations Manager, Antonius Widiantor, some time ago.

For your information, this electric motor was developed from a retro 50 cc Vino Molfe scooter with the support of an electric dynamo and a 50 volt Lithium-Ion battery. At that time, Yamaha Indonesia claimed that when the battery was fully charged, he was able to explore up to 30.1 km with an average speed of 30 km per hour. Its relatively close cruising range was circumvented by the manufacturer by embedding one more battery as a backup, if at any time the main battery ran out in the middle of the road.

Furthermore, it was reported that the Yamaha E-Vino was handed over to be studied by 4 of its colleague companies, namely the Bogor Botanical Gardens, The Breeze BSD, PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha and Pelita Harapan University.


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