This is the New Honda Genio Modification Reference, the Tongkrongan is More Stylish!

 The New Honda Genio has launched for the Indonesian market some time ago. As usual, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) tried to tempt consumers by displaying its modification reference on Wednesday (23/3) at the Jakarta Honda Center, Cawang, East Jakarta.

This is the New Honda Genio Modification Reference, the Tongkrongan is More Stylish!

For the Honda Genio this time, AHM only shows 1 example of the modification. The focus of the changes made is to boost the visuals so that the Genio looks more fashionable. Meanwhile, this project is being carried out by Katros Garage in South Tangerang.

In appearance, the graphics put forward the feel of a young motorcycle. The design is simple, but catches the eye with the use of a bright yellow body color combined with chrome accents. Well, to make it look more attractive, the main color was also harmonized with the brown color on the inner deck and modified leather seats.

"Actually, this is a modification concept that leads to a medium level and the addition of several custom parts that are already sold on the market. We can say this is stylish, to enhance a more retro impression with fresh accents and colors," said Agusta Yuono as the AHM Custom Bike division, Wednesday (23/3) in Jakarta.

In addition to the main body color being reworked, this Honda Genio also uses several official accessories traded by AHM. Starting from applying garnishes to the panel meter, garnishes on the exhaust cover, garnishes on the air filter box, to garnishes on the component part of the fan cover. Accessories were also painted chrome to match the concept of changes to the motor.

For the use of aftermarket components, Katros changed the brake handle with the RCB brand both on the left and right levers. Then use a brown handgrip to install the top box made by Shad SH29 (29 liters) which is painted in the same color as the body.

As for the top box holder at the back, Katros chose to use the bracket he made himself. Including the components of the side guard (iron protector on the side body), and the front guard under the headlights. This section is said to be the most time-consuming.

New Honda Genio

"The most complicated part is making the guard components, usually the front and side guards. The problem is that this requires fittings with body curves, then welding and bending are also needed," Agusta explained.

Simple Modifications on the Feet

In this section there are actually no major changes, the only modifications made are changing the two colors of the wheels with a chrome color. Then use tires with a more sporty thread, the size remains the same as the standard version, namely 100/90 ring 12 at the front and 110/90 ring 12 at the rear.

Next is to change the color of the front suspension tube with a lighter pattern, this is also done on the rear suspension. In general, the modifications carried by the Genio are indeed quite simple. 

For your information, the new Honda Genio has undergone several changes when compared to the previous model. There aren't many, for example, minor revisions to the front body cover, the use of ring 12 wheels (previously 14 inches), moving the power outlet position to the front deck, and presenting a new color stripe.

The latest Honda Genio is sold in 2 different variants. First, the CBS type is offered for Rp. 18,050,000 with a choice of 3 colors, namely Radiant Red Black, Radiant Brown Black, and Radiant Black. The second CBS-ISS variant is sold for Rp. 18,650,000 and also gets 3 color choices, namely Fabulous Matte Black, Fabulous Matte Brown, and Fabulous Matte Blue.

New Honda Genio Modification Details

     Garnish Panel Meter
     Garnish Muffler Cover
     Garnish Air Filter
     Garnish Fan Cover
     Brake Lever RCB
     Front Caliper RCB
     Topbox Shad SH29
     Front Tire 100/90 R12 Corsa Platinum MS
     Rear Tire 110/90 R12 Corsa Platinum MS
     Aftermarket Bar End
     Airbrush Body Painting
     Chrome Spray 2 Rims
     Custom Visor
     Custom Seat
     Custom Rack/Rear Bracket
     Custom Side Guard
     Custom Front Guard.


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