Should I Talk to a Lawyer Before the Auto Insurance Agent?

 Hiring a lawyer is not something everyone might think of right away after a car accident. However, not everyone realizes how many insurance agents take advantage of customers who are unaware of their legal options. Some insurance companies will wrongfully deny or delay compensation. If this happens to you, consider asking a Jackson car accident attorney for guidance.

Should I Talk to a Lawyer Before the Auto Insurance Agent?

Reasons to Consult a Lawyer

Many people wonder whether they should consult with a lawyer before contacting the auto insurance company. This often depends on the complexity of the car accident.

When it comes to taking certain steps following a car accident, some accidents are straightforward and pose no issues. Clear evidence does not often require legal assistance.

However, complex car accidents with less evidence may lead to various difficulties with filing your claim. In other instances, people may find themselves dealing with an insurance agent who is using deception. Some auto insurance agents will attempt to confuse customers, delay claims, or deny compensation for unwarranted reasons.

The most common reasons to consult with a lawyer include:

  • When the auto insurance agent offers little to no compensation
  • Negotiations with the insurance company have failed
  • Questions about the car accident claim are left unanswered
  • Evidence is lacking for your claim
  • Severe property damages were involved

There are several benefits to working with a skilled lawyer. By contacting a Jackson car accident lawyer, you will have access to someone who can collect evidence and file your claim on your behalf. Your lawyer can also explore various alternatives to taking the case to trial and can negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance agent.

A lawyer can communicate your needs from the settlement in effective ways. Lawyers are trained on how to negotiate with insurance companies to maximize the compensation offered to their clients.

Options for Your Personal Injury Claim

Do not panic if the auto insurance company denies your car accident claim. You can file a personal injury lawsuit in response to a denied claim. This is when an experienced lawyer can be extremely helpful. Not only can a lawyer conduct most of the investigation and paperwork for you, but they can also speed up the process.

An experienced lawyer will be able to help you prepare for each stage of the personal injury case, including:

  • Filing an initial complaint
  • The summons process
  • Discovery

In some cases, your lawyer might be able to help you avoid trial by filing a motion. A lawyer can file a motion to dismiss, a summary judgment motion, or a motion for default judgment. Alternatively, a lawyer can negotiate a settlement with the insurance agent before the case goes to trial. Mediation and arbitration are other options.

Multi-Vehicle Accident Attorney in Jackson

You may not have to fight for your personal injury claim alone. Contact the Germany Law Firm, PLLC today at (607) 487-0555 to talk to a Mississippi auto accident lawyer for a consultation. Our legal team might be able to help you obtain compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.



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