Motorcyclist Fatality at Santa Rosa Intersection

Motorcyclist Fatality at Santa Rosa Intersection


Rider Loses Control of His Motorcycle on Bicentennial Way

A motorcyclist fatality was reported in Santa Rosa recently after a collision into a light pole. The accident occurred around noon along Bicentennial Way at its intersection with Mendocino Avenue. When officers with the Santa Rosa Police Department arrived, they discovered a motorcyclist in his 50s lying near a Harley-Davidson in the road. Although he was transported by medics to a hospital, he was declared dead after a short while. 

Rider Was With a Large Group of Motorcyclists When Fatal Accident Occurred

The investigators into the crash determined the rider was with a large group of bikers who had gathered for a ride or unknown event. The motorcyclists were riding along Mendocino Avenue northbound and then turned east onto Bicentennial Way. This is when the deceased rider lost control of his cycle and struck a light pole. Police say that alcohol consumption didn’t appear to factor into the fatal crash. 

Police Seek Second Rider at Scene of Motorcyclist Fatality

Investigators into the cause of the motorcyclist fatality accident say another motorcycle might have been involved in the collision, but the rider left the scene. They are seeking this man, described as white and husky to medium build. He was last seen in a black helmet with a silver design, backward hat, tan vest, and brown camouflage shirt and was riding an Enduro motorcycle with a white front fender and yellow gas tank. The rear fender may have been a faded blue.

Information Sought From Public

The deceased motorcyclist’s identity was being withheld until notification of the family. Police in Santa Rosa urge community members who might have information to contact Officer Ferrigno (707) 543-3636, who is an investigator into the incident, or use the tip line at

A Motorcyclist Fatality or Injury Accident Doesn’t Just Happen

Motorcycle accidents always happen for a reason, especially when it involves an injury or fatality. In some cases, the rider has been negligent by being distracted, speeding or for other causes. In others, an outside influence led to the motorcyclist fatality, such as those below:

  • Defective parts: A cycle that has a defect such as in the brakes, steering or acceleration can lead to a motorcyclist fatality. This is why it is important to retain the motorcycle following a collision. In this way, it can be examined to determine if a defective part was the cause. If it was, a product liability lawsuit can be placed by the injured party or grieving family against the manufacturer and others in the production line.
  • Roadway hazards: Because motorcycles are more sensitive to road conditions, poor maintenance of the roadway can cause a serious or fatal crash. Anything from gravel or debris in the roadway to a pothole or upheaval in the pavement can cause a serious collision. The government entity charged with maintenance may be liable in these cases. However, because the timeline to file is short, looking for help from an injury attorney may be a good idea. The initial claim must be filed within six months. The government entity has up to 45 days to respond. If the claim is rejected, the injured party has an additional six months to file a lawsuit. Should no answer be received, they have up to two years to file.

Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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