Moge Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP 30 Years Special Edition Officially For Sale, Price Rp1.058 Billion

 PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) has added to its portfolio for its big motorcycle product line (MOGE) in the Indonesian market. Today, Thursday (17/3) they officially launched the Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP special edition 30 years celebration. But without being accompanied by a ceremonial process.

Moge Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP 30 Years Special Edition Officially For Sale, Price Rp1.058 Billion
Honda CBR1000RR-R

Marketing Director of PT AHM Thomas Wijaya revealed, the presence of the Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP 30th Anniversary is expected to meet the needs and demands of consumers regarding full-featured, high-performance sports motorbikes, and also have a long historical value.

"The CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP Special Edition 30 years will provide the highest driving experience. Its presence in the country is supported by the best service in Honda's Big Wing network, which is ready to provide premium services with a trained team to accompany lovers of Honda's flagship big bike,"

For information, the Honda CBR10000RR-R Fireblade SP 30th Anniversary was first introduced at the 2021 EICMA automotive exhibition in Italy. As a special edition, this motorbike carries a livery that is identical to the CB9000RR in mid 1992. The combination of white, red, and blue colors presents a different visual and is full of history.

In appearance, this motorbike is not much different from the regular version of the CB1000RR-R Fireblade SP which was first sold in Indonesia in August 2020. The design still looks aggressive and puts forward elements of aerodynamics, almost all parts are created to get maximum downforce when accelerating, braking, and maneuvering.

Not only that, the DNA of racing motorbikes is also reflected in the application of Air-ram Duct (air holes) on the front which circulates fresh air directly to the airbox. The inside of the intake air duct was redesigned for a more perfect air supply, supporting the overall focus on improving mid-speed engine performance.

Machine Specifications and Minor Revisions

Judging from the design, starting from the chassis and engine, there is no significant difference with the regular version. He still packs a 999.9 cc, inline 4-cylinder engine capable of spewing maximum power of up to 215 horsepower at 14,500 rpm and peak torque of up to 113 Nm at 12,500 rpm.

CBR1000RR-R Fireblade 30th anniversary
CBR1000RR-R Fireblade 30th anniversary

However, this particular model uses a piston made of forged aluminum (Forged Aluminum). Each of these components (4 pieces) is 5 percent lighter in weight than the previous model, while increasing its strength and durability.

Another detail camshaft components are given a special coating called Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) to reduce friction by 35 percent when compared to the same component without the DLC coating. While Connecting rods (konrod) using titanium material, so that this part of the weight is reduced by 50 percent. 

He further explained, the superior technology injected into this superbike is the Built-in Bottom Bypass, a cooling water circulation system that flows directly from the radiator right to the main component "water jacket". Then there is also the New Multi-point Piston Jet, a technology that is able to spray cooling lubricant on the piston from various directions. Its job is to maintain the piston temperature and reduce excess friction.

In order to compensate for the gahar engine output, this motorbike is supported by an advanced braking system. At the front, for example, there is a Brembo Dual Front Disc Brake Radial 4-piston measuring 330mm, while at the back it is supported by a 220mm Brembo 2-piston.


As a motorbike with wild specifications, of course, features and technology are also the focus of the manufacturer. Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP 30th Anniversary is packed with a myriad of fun driving devices and high-level security technology support. To make it easier, we help summarize as below.

  • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) 6-Axis
  • Honda Electronic Steering Damper (HESD)
  • Riding Mode
  • Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC)
  • Wheelie Control
  • Front Suspension Upside Down Ohlins Smart EC
  • Pro-Link Rear Suspension with Gas Chamber Ohlins Smart-EC
  • Rear Lift Control
  • Start Mode
  • Assist & Slipper Clutch
  • Quick Shifter
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS).
30 Years Special Details

For your information, this special livery is the work of Hiroaki Tsuiki. In 1992, he had the task of designing the signature white, red, blue livery on the Honda CBR900RR.

Well, as a differentiation with the standard Fireblade SP, the manufacturer embeds some exclusive details. Starting from the serial number on the right side of the upper triangle, the 'Ring of Fire' animation on the meter cluster, the blue passenger seat, the 30th Anniversary logo near the fuel tank and keyless, and the use of the Akrapovic exhaust has become a sales package.


For the selling price in the Indonesian market, the Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP Special Edition 30 this year is offered at a price of Rp. 1.058 billion OTR Jakarta. Interestingly, the dowry is cheaper than the regular Honda CBR 1000RR-R Fireblade SP, which in February 2022 sold Rp1.118 billion OTR Jakarta.

The presence of this special variant then opens up opportunities if in the future the unit will become a high-value collector's item. Given the limited number of productions and the long history of the livery it carries, it has its own charm for Honda loyalists.


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