Honda Ready to Release a New Model Named Hawk 11, Using the Africa Twin Engine?

 Honda announced that it is ready to release a new roadster called the Hawk 11 on March 19, at the 2022 Osaka Motorcycle Show. The teaser video that has been spread shows a brand-new unit that looks like a cafe racer with a half fairing. The model is allegedly a realization of the Honda CB4 Interceptor concept motorbike that was shown in 2019.

Honda Ready to Release a New Model Named Hawk 11, Using the Africa Twin Engine?

A new teaser video published on the micro-site of the Honda Osaka Show shows a close-up of the nose section of the Hawk 11. It shows the fairing, bottom mirrors and near-perfect circular headlights, similar to the Honda CB4 Interceptor concept. The images are dark and mysterious, usually done to attract consumers. The manufacturer also deliberately kept all the specification information before launch.

If the CB4 style theme is continued further back, we can expect to see a fairing that blends into the fuel tank, blends into the seat unit at the rear, with the mechanical parts all exposed at the bottom. Like the CB1000R and CB650R, this is a look that harks back to the past without degrading any particular model.

According to Honda, the Hawk 11 was developed with the concept of a big motorcycle that provides new value and life that can satisfy customers, especially experienced riders. The body package is designed with minimalism, creating a light ride combined with elegant styling to express the depth of taste as a motorcycle that is not bound by mere specifications.

Hawk 11

When the Interceptor first appeared, it used the engine base of the Honda CB1000R. It has a four-cylinder engine that comes from the old Fireblade unit and a single-sided swingarm. But now the Hawk 11 seems to have a similar look but uses a completely different foundation. Seems to borrow from the Africa Twin. If it is realized, the steps are similar to the Rebel 1100 and NT1100.

The engine is expected to be mostly the same. 1,084cc, 4 stroke, SOHC parallel twin-cylinder configuration, liquid-cooled. It claims to produce a maximum power of 101 hp at 7,500 rpm and a peak torque of 105 Nm at 6,000 rpm. But most likely use a lighter engine, but can provide stronger acceleration, with better aerodynamics for an increase in top speed. If the Hawk 11 uses that engine, it is expected to be available with Honda's Dual Clutch Transmission.

An interesting note about the "Hawk 11" (or "Hawk Eleven") name is that it doesn't share the same "1100" nomenclature as other models that use the Africa Twin engine. In addition, the number 11 also has a possible callback to the 1977 Honda CB400T, also known as the Hawk II (Roman numeral for two). While the Hawk II lacks a fairing, it may give an idea of where Honda's designers got their inspiration for some of the styling elements.

The Honda Hawk 11 is also rumored to be filling the void in the 1100 series family following the discontinued CB1100, with the Final Edition model currently being marketed in Japan.


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