Get to know more about the Bluelink Features in the Hyundai CRETA

 Hyundai's Bluelink technology is present exclusively in Indonesia through CRETA. Yes, the first product made in Indonesia became a bridge to introduce Bluelink, before it was adopted on other models. Bluelink itself is a service technology that establishes a relationship between vehicles and users. Commonly known as connected car service, users can continue to be connected to the Hyundai CRETA via a smart device or smartphone.

Hyundai Creta
Hyundai Creta

The functions and benefits that Bluelink has are many. Then provide more comfort and safety while using the Hyundai CRETA. How to use it? Quite simple. Owners of the Hyundai CRETA can register themselves through the vehicle head unit. For more in-depth functionality, connect with a smartphone by registering through the app. If you have successfully registered, then you can enjoy the maximum advantages of Bluelink.

Only from a smartphone, users can access various information related to their CRETA. There is a vehicle diagnostic feature, to ensure that it is always in excellent condition. The Manual/Automatic Diagnostic Report feature will diagnose if something goes wrong with the car, either automatically or manually depending on the settings.

Other features for health identification on cars include Driving Information and Vehicle Health Report. Allows for access to information related to driving habits, such as the number of times the engine is running, distance traveled, fuel consumption, average maximum speed. Then there is the Vehicle Status Check/Notification for direct information about conditions. Like the AC is on or not, the tire pressure and the fuel indicator. All can be seen from the Bluelink application.

Not limited to car health information, a number of remote commands are also possible with Bluelink, including:

  • Remote Engine Start/Stop
  • Remote Climate Control
  • Remote Door Lock/Unlock
  • Remote Horn & Light Control
  • Find My Car

There is still more to do with security, Bluelink also has a Geo-Fence Notification feature. In the form of digital perimeter settings or car movement restrictions. If the car goes out of the perimeter, a notification will be sent to the phone. Other similar features are supported, namely Speed Notification, Time Fencing Notification and Valet Mode. 

Bluelink Hyundai CRETA
Bluelink Hyundai CRETA

The most powerful Bluelink has to offer includes a safety guarantee. Starting from the ACN (Auto Collision Notification), which as the name implies, will automatically activate when an accident occurs. The system will send a notification to the Hyundai Bluelink call center. The operator quickly contacted through the mic and speakers in the car to ensure conditions. Then contact the police and medics for help.

Still related to safety on the trip. Also presented is the SOS button on the overhead console in the car. When pressed, it will contact the call center and send the needed assistance to the location. There is also Road Side Assistance (RSA) if the vehicle breaks down on the road, whether it's just running out of fuel or a flat tire, RSA can be assisted directly.

Meanwhile, for car security from theft, Bluelink offers a number of mainstay features. Starting from notifications to smartphones if there is a forced opening of the vehicle to live tracking features. Through the Hyundai Bluelink call center, you can also turn off the car engine remotely in the event of a theft.

With Bluelink, clearly PT. Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) shows its concern for the safety and security of its customers. Meanwhile, the Bluelink connectivity feature is available first and exclusively on the Hyundai CRETA. Later, it will be explored more to be available on other Hyundai models in Indonesia.


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