Corning Car Accident Injures Two Teenagers

Corning Car Accident Injures Two Teenagers


Accident on I-5 Causes Rollover 

Two teenagers were hospitalized following a rollover accident along southbound I-5 on March 23. The collision occurred in Corning near South Avenue at about 1:55 a.m. when the 19-year-old driver, a Roseville resident, made an unsafe turn which caused the Honda CRV to roll over and crash into a dirt embankment. An 18-year-old female passenger in the vehicle, also from Roseville, suffered major injuries and was taken to Chico to Enloe Medical Center by medical helicopter. 

Multiple Teens Transported to Hospitals Following Car Accident

Another female passenger, age 15, reportedly suffered major injuries in the car accident and was taken to the same hospital by ground ambulance. The driver and a male passenger, age 15, suffered minor injuries. They were transported to St. Elizabeth Community Hospital in Red Bluff for further medical evaluation. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) in Red Bluff is investigating the cause of the accident. Whether drugs or alcohol were a factor in the collision is unknown.

What Are the Causes of a Rollover Car Accident?

Driver error is the main cause of a rollover accident. However, the type of vehicle being driven can greatly increase the risk of a rollover. Light pickups, vans, and SUVS are more likely to experience a rollover due to their high centers of gravity. Other causes include:

  • Speeding is a major cause of a rollover car accident.
  • Distracted driving can include chatting with passengers, texting or reaching for the radio dial.
  • Fatigued driving can lead to a car accident when it is late and the driver is tired.
  • Impaired driving, such as alcohol or drug consumption, can cause a rollover accident. 

Auto Defects as a Cause of a Rollover

Auto defects such as in the accelerator, brakes or steering can lead to a rollover accident. An accelerator that sticks, brakes that fail or steering that locks can be the cause of a car accident. This is one of the reasons it is important to keep the vehicle after a collision. In this way, it can be examined for auto defects. If one is found that caused the rollover, a claim may be placed against the manufacturer through filing a product liability claim

Crushed Roof in a Rollover Car Accident 

One of the major concerns in a rollover is that roof crush may occur. Although automakers are required to provide their vehicles with roof strength to support 3 ½ times the vehicle’s weight, not all of them comply. When a vehicle rolls and the roof caves in, it can result in traumatic brain injuries and other serious trauma. This action also reduces the survivability space inside the vehicle. When roof crush occurs, the manufacturer can again be held liable.

Insurance Can Pay for Injuries in a Car Accident 

Many Californians carry an add-on policy for uninsured/underinsured drivers. This policy may be used by someone who has suffered a car accident injury to pay for their medical bills. If the injured party does not carry this add-on policy, and a family member does, theirs can be used instead. It will not affect the rates in the future. 

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