Check out 7 Interesting Facts about the All New Honda Vario 160

 The All New Honda Vario 160 has made its global debut in Indonesia. Precisely he officially launched on February 2, 2022. He got a complete change to the engine, frame, design and features that are increasingly sophisticated. This motorbike produced by the nation's children is present in the country as an answer for lovers of high-performance sporty premium scooters. Here are interesting facts about him.

All New Honda Vario 160

1. World Premier

The All New Honda Vario 160 officially launched in Indonesia in early February 2022. This launch is also the first in the world, aka World Premiere. Comes with a larger and similar engine to its brother, the All New Honda PCX 160.

The All New Vario 160 is marketed in two types, namely CBS and ABS. For the CBS type, there are Active Black, Grande Matte Black, and Grande Matte Red colors. While the ABS types are Active Black, Grande Matte Black, and Grande White. Each is priced at Rp. 25.800.000 (CBS) and Rp. 28.500.000 (ABS). All prices on the road (OTR) DKI Jakarta.


2. Landing in Vietnam

After sliding first in Indonesia, the All New Honda Vario 160 was exported to other countries, namely Vietnam. The first batch that appeared there was only available in limited quantities. There are only about 20 units with two complete versions, namely ABS and CBS.

Interestingly, this big scooter seems to have quite a striking price difference. Launching Motosaigon, the price of the All New Honda Vario 160 in Vietnam penetrated Rp. 50 million. For the CBS type, the price is 80 million VND or the equivalent of Rp. 50 million. While the ABS type costs up to 85 million VND or the equivalent of Rp. 53 million. So when it is calculated, the price offered has a very large difference from that in Indonesia.

3. Used by MotoGP racers

Astra Honda Motor (AHM) presents the All New Honda Vario 160 with the Repsol Honda Team (RHT) livery. The new model scooter was lined up as an RHT paddock vehicle in the Mandalika MotoGP series. With a special appearance, Vario 160 is used to support the activities of Marc Marquez and Pol Espargaro, as well as the team from RHT while at the pride of Indonesia, Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit.

All New Honda Vario 160

A total of 4 units were provided, including number 93 for the 8-time world champion Marc Marquez and 44 for his teammate Pol Espargaro. The other two units are used by the paddock crew for mobilization while in the circuit area.

4. Different Engine Power with All New PCX 160

According to data on paper, even though it uses an identical PCX 160 engine, the power output is different. The All New Honda Vario 160 produces a maximum power of 15.4 PS at 8,500 rpm with a peak torque of 13.8 Nm at 7,000 rpm. The PCX 160 is bigger, which is 16 PS at 8,000 rpm and 14.7 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm.

The difference in the data in the specification sheet occurs because the test is different from the PCX 160. His party tested the Vario 160 engine using Ron 88 fuel because this is the fuel that is mostly used by Vario 160 users in various regions in Indonesia. While the PCX 160 test uses RON 90 BBM.

5. Use eSAF (enhanced Smart Architecture Frame) technology

The All New Vario 160 gets improvements in the frame, now carrying eSAF technology (enhanced smart architecture frame). The claim can make him more agile and easy to ride.

But the use of this frame model does not have a positive impact on other sectors. Whereas the application of eSAF on its two smaller siblings (Scoopy and Genio) can reduce total weight and is able to provide more storage space. The weight of the All New vario 160 actually increases. Previously 112 kg is now 117 kg (ABS). The volume of fuel and luggage space under the seat is also still the same as the previous model, respectively 5.5 liters and 18 liters.

6. Pulse Ring Sensor Integrates with Disc Disc

Especially for the All New Vario 160 ABS, the front disc has a diameter of 220mm or larger than the CBS model. Because the pulse ring sensor or wheel rotation speed reader is needed by the ABS sensor to be integrated with the disc disc. In addition, the calipers use Nissin alerts, while the lowest variant uses Tokico.

7. Cheapest Installment Starting from IDR 1.039 Million

Honda Vario 160 is offered with 2 different options, the Jakarta OTR price from the salesperson for the CBS type is Rp. 25,962,000 and Rp. 28,662,000 OTR for the ABS variant. When calculated with a credit simulation, the cheapest installments are at Rp. 1.039 million/month. Of course, this amount is obtained if you take the CBS type unit.

The calculation takes the tenor of 11 months, 23 months, and 35 months. Down payment must be deposited at IDR 3,900,000 with installments of IDR 2,606,000 for 11 months, IDR 1,493,000 for 23 months, and IDR 1,163 for a tenor of 35 months.

If it's too heavy, you can pay a DP of IDR 6,400,000 in installments of IDR 2,336,000 for 11 months, IDR 1,325,000 for 23 months, and IDR 1,039,000 for 35 months.

Meanwhile, for the highest type with a price of IDR 28,662,000, you must deposit a minimum down payment of IDR 4,300,000 with installments of IDR 2,861,000 for 11 months, IDR 1,639,000 for 23 months, and IDR 1,276,000 for a tenor of 35 months.

Meanwhile, if you want something lighter, you can deposit a larger down payment of IDR 7 million with installments of IDR 2,569,000 for 11 months, IDR 1,457,000 for 23 months, and IDR 1,143,000 for 35 months.


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