AHM Aims for Opportunity to Export Honda Genio Facelift

 PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) officially launched the Honda Genio facelift for the domestic market on Monday (14/3) yesterday. The entry-level scooter has now been found to have minor changes to the appearance, revision of the set of legs, and the addition of supporting features.

AHM Aims for Opportunity to Export Honda Genio Facelift

AHM claims that the Honda Genio is one of the scooters favored by novice riders, especially the youth segment. Stylish appearance, modern features, easy to drive and a reliable engine are called its selling points.

President Director of PT AHM, Keiichi Yasuda revealed that for now the new Honda Genio 2022 is only being traded for the Indonesian market. It is hoped that with all the changes that have taken place in this scooter, the Genio will increasingly be absorbed by the market.

"Every launch for our new model, AHM focuses first on the domestic market, especially this model. We plan to sell higher than the previous model, so we focus on the domestic market," said Keiichi virtually.

However, if there is demand from other countries, this motorbike can be exported and become a global product. Keiichi ensured that his party would continue to study export opportunities from the entry-level scooter.

"But of course if later there is a need for another country, we will study to meet the demand of that country," he added.

Changes in Honda Genio Facelift

Visually, the latest Honda Genio still maintains the same design lines as the model that was launched for the first time in 2019. The design is built on the basis of the G-Concept that was exhibited at the 2018 IMos and IIMS 2019 exhibitions.

The first revision is on the cover and front fender. The difference with the previous version is in the grille under the lights. If previously it had a 2-hole design resembling the letter 'V', it has now become more dynamic with a more dynamic visual.

Then the second change is to use the new wheel design and size. If the previous model used a size of 14 inches, then this facelift model packs a 12-inch wheel size with a thicker tire profile, namely 100/90 at the front and 110/90 at the rear. 

Honda Genio
Honda Genio

So of course to compensate for the new rim diameter there is a change in the suspension settings so that it helps fuel consumption. Then the driving speed is also maintained with fuel economy remaining the same," said Tetsuya Komine, Marketing Director of PT AHM.

And the last is changing the position of the smartphone battery charging dock. Now placed to the right of the deck which looks more presentable and practical. The model has now changed to no longer using a power outlet but already using a USB port type. However, from the revision there is something to make up for, the item storage console on the right has become smaller.

The eSAF frame carries a 109.5 cc SOHC (enhanced Smart Power) engine. This engine promises a maximum power of 6.6 kW or 8.85 horsepower at 7,500 rpm, and a peak torque of 9.3 Nm at 5,500 rpm.

Regarding the selling price, the latest Honda Genio is released with a tag of Rp. 18,050,000 for the CBS variant and Rp. 18,650,000 for the CBS-ISS variant. The price is already OTR Jakarta status, which means that in other areas it may have a different price tag.


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