First Ride Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid: The Fun Friendly One

 The Yamaha Fazzio has become a model that has been widely discussed in recent weeks.  

Yep, understand that, because it's the latest model that Yamaha has presented in Indonesia. What makes it interesting, especially if it's not a mild hybrid title machine. Either to follow the electrification trend or indeed Yamaha is ready to enter this market. At least the thumbs deserve to be given to Yamaha.

Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid
Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid

Entering a different category (Yamaha Classy), Fazzio was deliberately prepared to capture the market for the younger generation who likes urban scooters.  Zigwheels had the opportunity to try the automatic scooter around the city of Bogor for 19.8 km. Of course, the way to feel driving and the point of view remains in the value for money corridor at this level. To note, it was sold for IDR 21.7 million for the Neo model up to IDR 22 million for the Lux type. Prices listed are on the road Jakarta.


Before we talk about driving performance, it's good to start with the design. Because consumers often look at the design of a motorcycle first, then think about performance and completeness of features. Now, because Fazzio is prepared for young consumers, it has become the right path when Yamaha offers a beautiful color game. From the examiner's point of view, the neo cyan or turquoise green body color is the most eye-catching choice, aka attracting attention. So it's very linear when invited to style, hang out in cafes or daily mobility 

Fazzio has a very classic look as well as simple, so it is easy for consumers to "digest" it. Starting from the shape of the top shell to form an oval plus a light with LED technology. Bright yet energy efficient. Then the vertical patterned turn signal is directly below it. The shape of the front wing also looks cute plus a touch of black paint in the middle for the Neo variant. While the Lux type has a layer of chromium on the chest plus brown synthetic leather on the seats. Other specifications remain the same.

Although Fazzio's style is like a retro scooter, it still seems to imply a sophisticated impression with the LED layout. Likewise, the appearance of the slim body to the design of the stern lamp. When looking at the panel meter is also fully digital. Suitable for urbanites. Regarding dimensions, it measures 1,820 mm in length, 685 mm in width, 1,125 mm in height and has a wheelbase of 1,280 mm. The seat height is 750 mm, just right for Asian people.

The tester has a height of 173 mm. When riding the wide seat Fazzio feels supported just right. Feet can be perfectly tread on the ground as long as the position is slightly forward slightly. Driving is also quite comfortable with the condition of both knees and arms very relaxed. Even better, it has a smart key system, so without holding the key, we can immediately step on the gas. Then the panel meter is fully digital, according to current trends.

Machine capability

OK, on to the technical specs. With an underbone frame, it carries a 125 cc engine. slightly larger than the Honda Scoopy's. The Fazzio engine has a compression ratio of 11:0.4. By a single piston spewing a maximum power of 6.2 kW at 6500 rpm. While the peak torque reached 10.6 Nm since 4500 rpm. They use an injection combustion system, electric starter, following 0.80 liter engine lubrication. This figure is enough to move the tiny scooter Fazzio.

Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid
Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid

Talking about hybrid technology, it actually refers more to Electric Power Assist Start. Well, this device helps the initial acceleration to be more powerful and smoother. Especially when we carry passengers, goods and roads uphill. The location of the test was deliberately carried out in the city of Bogor with quite a lot of incline terrain. Sure enough, Fazzio was not too bothered to navigate the road landscape like that. But still, maintaining the upward momentum must also be considered.

The initial pull is arguably responsive for the 125 cc scooter class. CVT does a good job of processing power flow until it is channeled gently to the rear wheels. According to Aji Handoko, Technical & Education Manager at Yamaha Indonesia. Fazio's CVT position was deliberately shortened so that it has agile pull when the accelerator lever is rotated quickly. The result was indeed the case when tested it directly. Then the position of the machine is made slightly backwards so that the middle deck can be wider to accommodate legs or light items.

Handling & Y-Connect

Honestly, Fazzio's control is impressive. Initially by looking at the shape of the big head and wide chest, it will make handling a little stiff. But that's not the case. With a tire profile of 110/70 12 inches. When the scooter is invited to maneuver sharply, surf fast, everything is positively fun. Very precise and easy to control. This can be a valuable asset for Yamaha Fazzio, when used by consumers to split urban road congestion.

Apparently, there is one thing that is sacrificed, namely the rear shock absorbers feel hard when ridden alone. Spring rebound is very instant, so it is less able to absorb strong shocks when the Fazzio runs over uneven terrain or road embankments. Maybe the solution, if you really are a comfortable scooter lover, you can replace it with some aftermarket brands that can adjust the level of violence.

But there is still something else that can be relied on, namely the Y-Connect application. Riders can connect to get phone notification updates and messages. Then the parking location, maintenance recommendations (engine oil and battery / battery), monitoring fuel consumption and notification of malfunctions. That's all offered by Yamaha Indonesia in order to captivate the hearts of today's young generation. Then it became the only 125 cc scooter with this technology.


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