Rainy Season, Don't Underestimate Your Car Tire Care

 The rainy season has begun to greet most parts of Indonesia. The intensity ranges from low to dense which makes driving in these conditions require extra attention when driving. Driving a vehicle when it rains is different from hot conditions. It takes extra concentration.

One of the factors that play an important role in driving safety in the rain is the condition of the tires. As part of the vehicle that is in contact with the asphalt surface, vehicle owners are obliged to pay attention to the condition of the tires during the rainy season. The vital role of tires includes supporting the weight of the car, controlling the direction of the car on the road and dampening the vibrations received along with the suspension.

Rainy Season, Don't Underestimate Your Car Tire Care
Rainy Season, Don't Underestimate Your Car Tire Care

The type of vehicle that is widely used in Indonesia is the low MPV. Specifically, vehicles such as the Avanza, which has a large carrying capacity, make attention to the condition of the tires requiring extra attention. Moreover, most Avanza owners are first time buyers of four-wheeled vehicles, this requires separate education in tire care.

Well, here are the steps for tire maintenance that need to be done:

1. Check Tire Air Pressure

This is the easiest step. Check tire pressure at least once a week. Tire air pressure in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations ensures that the tread of the car's tires gets optimal grip or treads on the asphalt in the rainy season. Can't be less or more. The right grip makes car tires able to carry out their duties well on slippery roads or waterlogged due to rain. 

2. Check Tire Tread

Steps to check the tire tread can be done together with checking the tire air pressure. The depth of the tire tread is indicated by a bulge in the tire groove called the Tread Wear Indicator (TWI). The owner must replace the tire when the mark is parallel to the tread height. The location of the TWI at several points on the tire is an illustration of the level of tire wear. If it is uneven, there may be a problem in the suspension or steering sector.

3. Tire Wall Inspection

Check the tire walls for potential damage such as rips or lumps. There is no tolerance, car tires whose walls are damaged must be replaced with new ones immediately. Usually car tires bulge due to insufficient air pressure and then hit hard objects such as rocks, pavement, and holes so that the tire wall bends causing the thread on the side of the tire to break.

4. Beware of Car Rims

The task of the rim is quite heavy because it supports the performance of car tires. If a problem is detected such as a cracked rim lip, it is almost certain that the car tire has been under very heavy pressure and has the potential to be damaged. A damaged rim also changes the balance of the tire, even if it is too heavy to have to replace the car rim.

5. Car Tire Rotation

Rotation allows all tires to 'feel' the same task so that the tire wear rate is even. In particular, there is a tendency for the front tread to wear out faster because it holds the greatest task when the car is moving. In low MPVs such as the Avanza, the tire rotation process also involves the spare tire because it is the same size as the standard tire. The owner can easily rotate the tires during regular service every 6 months at the Auto2000 repair shop.

6. Spooring and Balancing

Spooring restores the geometry of the entire tire to match the manufacturer's requirements and ensures the car's legs, both suspension and steering, work properly. While balancing balances the four wheels so that they can rotate properly without vibrations that reduce driving comfort. This task should be left to an authorized workshop technician who has modern and complete spooring-balancing facilities.

"Although known to be reliable and tough, it doesn't mean you can ignore Avanza tire maintenance when entering the rainy season. Do a light inspection and make sure the tires are in top condition. For rotation and spooring-balancing, it can be submitted to the Auto2000 workshop staff so that the results are optimal and maintained. Book immediately regular service and take advantage of the Toyota Flexy Service Promo for your favorite Avanza through Auto2000 Digiroom," explained Nur Imansyah Tara, Aftersales Business Division Head Auto2000, in his statement.

One of the things that can be used for tire maintenance is regular service at an authorized repair shop. Auto2000 offers Brake Service Packages starting from IDR 226 thousand, Tune Up Packages starting from IDR 336 thousand, AC Service Packages starting from IDR 215 thousand, and Wiper Set + Wiper Fluid Packages starting from IDR 118 thousand.


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