Price Increases Rp.47 Million from Older Models, Check Out the Details of the Toyota All New Voxy

 The All New Voxy is the latest model offered by Toyota for the MPV market in Indonesia. Officially present on Thursday (17/2/2022), this boxy MPV offers several promising features, especially in terms of safety.

Voxy was first introduced globally in 2001. This latest Voxy model is the third generation which was also introduced in Japan in early January. In Indonesia, Voxy was first present in 2017 as the successor to the NVA1 in the high MPV segment which offers a sporty design, one of the offers for Voxy consumers since then.

Toyota All New Voxy
Toyota All New Voxy

“We are grateful that Voxy can be well received by the Indonesian people and is able to emerge as a market leader in its segment. In total, Voxy has recorded retail sales of more than 13,000 units, and its market share is stable at the level of 70 percent. As a form of appreciation, today we present the All New Voxy with a new platform, engine, design and technology. We hope that the All New Voxy can answer the needs of customers in the High MPV segment and continue its role as a market leader," said Vice President Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM), Henry Tanoto in his speech.

Platforms and Machines

So what are the changes? All New Voxy has used the new Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform which is designed to improve the comfort and basic performance of a vehicle. Armed with a new platform, Voxy is now more aerodynamic with the presence of a slim A-pillar which also affects wider visibility. Problem fuel efficiency and soundproofing is also claimed to increase.

Toyota All New Voxy
Toyota All New Voxy

The All New Voxy uses an engine coded M20A-FKS, which makes it the second Toyota model in Indonesia to utilize Dynamic Force Engine technology. The technology is also used by the All New Camry engine coded F25A-FKS. Kitchen runway 4-cylinder 1,986 cc, 16 Valve, DOHC on the All New Voxy produces higher power and torque. Now the maximum power is 170 PS at 6,600 rpm, an increase of 11.8 percent from the previous 152 PS. Maximum torque is 202 Nm at 4,900 rpm, up 4.6 percent from the previous 193 Nm.

This latest MPV uses front drive via a responsive CVT transmission. Regarding this efficiency, Toyota claims the latest Voxy is at a consumption level of 15 kilometers per liter from the previous 13 kilometers per liter. The new TNGA platform promises a more comfortable mobile experience for consumers.


Carrying the Energetic and Bold themes, the exterior of the All New Voxy is futuristic and aggressive but still carries a premium impression. From the front, the design of the All New Voxy looks more edgy which radiates from the New Resilient Front Bumper & Intriguing Grille Design, a unique bumper and grille design surrounded by a chrome frame and New Bold Headlamp Design that blends seamlessly with the top of the grille.

From the side, the All New Voxy looks even more elegant thanks to the New Stunning 17-inch Disc Wheel which resembles an airplane turbine design and is wrapped in a combination of chrome and gray. While on the back side of the exterior of the All New Voxy, the New Stylish Rear Combination Lamp that stretches from left to right further strengthens the character of the All New Voxy which is modern and stylish.

The All New Voxy has dimensions of 4,695 mm in length, 1,730 mm in width and 1,855 mm in height which makes the cabin spacious and airy. As a Boxy MPV, the square roof without curves provides extra space just like in the atrium. Coupled with the use of the TNGA platform and supported by a wheelbase of 2,850 mm, the floor of the All New Voxy can be made low and flat to facilitate access in and out, movement in the cabin, and increase comfort.

Interiors and Features

Regarding the seating position, the All New Voxy has an easy bench setting feature as needed. The passenger distance, especially in the second row, is now claimed to be more spacious. The third row seat arrangement can also be folded, the second row seats can be pushed back far back for more seating space and can be reclined like a fashion sofa with the third row.

Toyota All New Voxy
Toyota All New Voxy

Regarding cabin features, the latest Voxy presents a New Comprehensive 7-inch TFT LCD MID with Head-Up Display to monitor several important indicators such as speed without the need to take your eyes off the road ahead. Then the Seamless Steering Switch with New TSS button makes it easier for the driver to operate several features on the All New Voxy without having to remove the steering wheel.

Also present are Dual Sliding Door features with New Kick Sensor and New Dashing Power Back Door with Side Button. The Kick Sensor feature makes it easy for users to be able to open the sliding door when carrying luggage, while the Side Button feature allows users to open the trunk door from the side when in a narrow area. Interestingly, the Power Back Door feature on the All New Voxy can adjust its opening in a narrow area, and this is the first feature in the world that Toyota has specially presented in the All New Voxy.

The entertainment feature uses a 9-inch screen that is connected to the Marvelous 11.6-inch Roof Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) so that both passengers in front and behind can enjoy traveling with the All New Voxy. This screen replaces the panoramic sunroof in the previous model which was excellent. In addition, Voxy is also equipped with a New Wireless Charger and 6 Practical USB Ports, and a New Pleasant Air Purifier to freshen the air in the cabin.

Some additional modern features are the new electric parking brake with auto brake hold button, panoramic view monitor and SRS Airbags throughout the cabin. The latest Voxy exterior mirrors are also equipped with a blind spot monitor and heater function to remove condensation on the glass.

Toyota also provides an advanced T Intouch feature that provides a digital connectivity experience by connecting All New Voxy users to all Toyota services to get integrated solutions and benefits.

Toyota Safety Sense 3.0

The main feature of the latest Voxy is the third generation Toyota Safety Sense (TSS). This is the first time that TSS 3.0 is present in Indonesia with four safety features, namely Pre-Collision System (PCS), Lane Tracing Assist (LTA), Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC), and Automatic High Beam (AHB).

How is it different from the previous TSS? TSS 3.0 is claimed to have a wider forward detection distance as well as up, down and left and right sides. Front detection can detect moving objects even at closer distances. Regarding the LTA feature, there is an improvement with detection technology using 3D Recognition so that more objects are detected, such as cars being parked, road dividers and road markings.

In the PCS feature, this feature improvement is in the ability to reduce speed better, including when detecting pedestrians and cyclists during the day or night. The new PCS also detects pedestrians and cyclists crossing its path from the opposite direction. This feature also detects motorcyclists passing at intersections, which is Toyota's first feature.

The DRSCC feature is also improved by setting the distance to four levels. This allows the Voxy MPV to maintain a longer distance from the vehicle in front. There's also a speed setting that can detect a second vehicle farther in front so it can adjust more quickly and accurately.

All New Voxy comes with four color choices, namely White Pearl, Glitter Black, Sparkling Black Pearl, and Metal Stream. The last two colors are included in the premium color and get a longer indent time, which is about 3 months if you place an order. The All New Voxy 2.0 CVT is offered at a price of IDR 558,200,000 and for the premium color variant it comes at a price of IDR 561,200,000. This price has increased by around IDR 47 million from the old model which was offered at IDR 510 million


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