Don't Panic, Here's a Guide to Overcoming The Answer Back System Yamaha Does Not Make a Sound

 The latest motorcycles are equipped with advanced safety features. One of them is the keyless feature, a motor key system without a key. 

On two wheels, this device is also equipped with an Answer Back System whose function makes it easier for owners to find motorcycles when in the parking lot.

Especially in Yamaha products, Answer Back System there are 2 settings, namely 'beep' with sound and blink of sein lights, and 'silence' without sound (only sein lights). Then, what if the remote is pressed Answer Back System actually does not make a sound?

Don't Panic, Here's a Guide to Overcoming The Answer Back System Yamaha Does Not Make a Sound

Because of ignorance some owners immediately punish if the remote or motor is damaged. From now on do not panic let alone directly come to the workshop, you can arrange it independently at home.

According to Senior Technical Advisor of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM), Slamet Kasianom, there is no sound when the remote is pressed just because the Answer Back System setting changes.

"Actually, it is not broken, but the Answer Back System settings have changed. Simply squeezed on the remote or for keyless presses on the contact button near the deck," Slamet said, not long ago.

Yamaha's Answer Back System Set Guide

To make it easier, we try to help summarize from Slamet's explanation as below.

  • First approach your remote key with a motorcycle at least 60 centimeters away.
  • Then, if the motorcycle is in a handlebar locked position, move it to a free position (unlocked and the instrument panel is not on).
  • Then press the contact return button for about 2 seconds until it says 'click'.
  • If you have pressed the lock lock again for a while until the motorcycle reads 'beep' once.
  • Finally, check if the 'beep' sound is active. How to press the button on the remote, if the sound of 'beep' is heard followed by the blink of the lamp sein means the Answer Back System setting is already in a sounding position.

Tips for Caring for Keyless to Stay

Behind the sophistication and practicality of keyless keys on the motor there are several things that must be considered. The main thing is the condition of the battery in the remote and how to store components so that they are not damaged quickly let alone lost.

If lost, the process of making keyless requires time and cost is not small. Therefore, the most correct way is to know the mechanism of use and keyless maintenance in the motor.

Yamaha Indonesia tries to provide 8 tips on caring for keyless on the bike. Let's go ahead and do it from now on.

  • Avoid pressing the knob forcefully if the smart key is not near the motor. Make sure to operate the knob instead of the ignition normally preventing mechanical damage to the knob. In addition, considering the motor can only turn on if there is a remote, then make sure the remote is always near the motor when pressing the knob.
  • Make sure the remote doesn't fall off and is always dry. Remote as a signaler, even though it is equipped with an anti-water seal, make sure the remote is always dry from the water before it is turned on to prevent damage due to short circuits.
  • Avoid electromagnetic radiation. Avoid the habit of placing credits around objects with high electromagnetic radiation, such as mobile phones, televisions, signal transmitters, and the like. This has the potential to disrupt the signal on the remote SKS.
  • Always make sure you have pressed the off button on the remote after turning off the motorcycle. If the remote is not off or still on after the motor dies, the signal from the remote will continue to radiate thus draining the remote battery.
  • Always check the remote battery. If the radius of the remote with the motorcycle is too short when used then it is advisable to immediately replace the battery on the remote.
  • Make sure to always remember or save the pin number of the smart key. This makes it easier for consumers to inform the dealer in case of a key loss.
  • Avoid storing remotes in the trunk of the motor or racks on the motor. This is so as not to be left behind or lost. If you lose the key, the consumer will have to replace the smart unit, SGCU, and remote control.
  • Always check the cleanliness of sockets and cable lines on the smart unit as a signal receiver to avoid shorting. Motorcycle maintenance with the Smart Key System (SKS) feature is quite easy, because it starts from the discipline of the rider himself.


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