Anti-Reverse Driving a Manual Car on an Incline, Note the Powerful Kick

 Driving a car with a manual transmission does require more expertise than an automatic car. 

Especially if you are a beginner, the incline can be the scariest thing, if you operate it wrong, it can be dangerous for yourself and other drivers.

The occurrence of a manual car turning back when on an incline is generally because the driver is unable to adjust the clutch and gas openings. While on the car there is a backward pull force due to the resulting load.

Anti-Reverse Driving a Manual Car on an Incline, Note the Powerful Kick
Anti-Reverse Driving a Manual Car on an Incline, Note the Powerful Kick

For those of you who are novice drivers of manual cars, don't be afraid anymore, Director of Training Safety Defensive Consultant (SDCI) Sony Susmana tries to share safe and effective tips. The key is to train the feeling of the clutch opening and the gas.

"On an incline without obstacles (congestion) pay attention to the momentum of both steep and sloping climbs, you have to read the vehicle's capabilities. You have to read the car with what kind of power it has and what the manual system is like. Initially, you have to know the character of a new car going uphill,"

Sony continued, novice drivers if driving on an incline should not be too quick to remove their feet from the clutch lever. This causes the car engine to die. Now to make it easier, here are the operational steps for driving a car on uphill road conditions.

Really understand the character of the car

Okay, here's the first one. As explained above, the most basic thing to smoothly drive on uphill roads with a manual car is to understand the character of the car. 

"We know that cars are made with various cc as well as power and torque. Note, if general manual cars are 1,200 to 1,500 it means that it needs more momentum. Meanwhile, if a 1,500 turbo car or 2,000 cc and above will generally be easier to bulldoze uphill," he said.

Correct Clutch and Gas Aperture

To find this out, look at the RPM opening on the car engine roar rule meter panel. step on the gas slowly to 2,000 to 2,500 RPM.

Release the clutch pedal slowly, taking care not to let the engine die. You can do this while adding gas pressure.

"This is an operational talk, we have to maintain RPM. Don't get used to following the car in front, don't keep your distance. When you want to go (on an incline) step on the clutch into 1st gear then release the clutch slowly and when the RPM has started to drop and the car has moved off the brake pedal, move it right foot to the gas pedal while slowly releasing the clutch.

Keep 2 Vehicles Distance

When driving, get rid of the character who doesn't want to give in or is selfish. Usually, said Sony, for fear of being overtaken the driver ignores the safe driving distance.

On an incline, the ideal safe distance from the driver in front is 2 meters or it can also measure 2 vehicles (cars). This is important so that we have space to guard the vehicle in front of the back.

"Don't get used to following the car in front of you. Give him a distance of 2 cars then stop and walk. We have to consider if the car in front sag, also have to consider the escape room in case of an emergency."

Change Gear

Another case when bulldozing the incline but the car feels like it's out of breath. According to Sony, the most correct thing is to keep it in 1st gear position. However, understand the correct technique so as not to lose power.

"If the incline is not finished, then just keep 1st gear at 2,500 RPM, that's okay. Don't gas until 3,000 RPM to 4,000 RPM, the engine will automatically ask for a gear change," he said.

But when indeed if the condition of the car has asked for a gear change, do the transmission change correctly. The trick is to step on the gas a little deeper, then do the gearshift step. By adding the gas earlier, it is a method so that acceleration is maintained when the momentum is shifting gears.

Handbrake Function

You must be asking why there are no tips on using the hand brake (parking brake) when on an incline. According to Sony, the use of the handbrake when on an incline is inappropriate for manual car drivers in Indonesia. According to its name and function, the parking brake is only used when the car is parked.

Sony said, the use of the handbrake is not entirely wrong. But if you look at the safety driving point of view, the use of the handbrake to assist braking is not quite right. So, according to him, get used to using the foot brake alias pedal and adjust to the clutch and gas openings.

"It's not wrong, yes, but we will never learn that we are actually not capable. Once again, this is a parking brake, not a stop brake," he concluded.


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