All New Honda Vario 160 with All New Aerox 155 Connected/ABS from All Sectors, Which is Better?

 Astra Honda Motor (AHM) finally gave a refresh to the Honda Vario. Now its status is All New after it was last updated in 2018. In terms of price, the All New honda Vario 160 is practically close to the All New Yamaha Aerox 155 Connected/ABS.  

When referring to the highest variant of each, the difference is Rp. 1.4 million or more expensive Yamaha scooters.

However, these two scooters both carry a sporty design. Seeing the new features and technology of the Vario 160, it's appropriate when juxtaposed with the All New Aerox 155 Connected/ABS. Then what if the two are pitted from all sectors, which one is superior?

Vario 160 vs Aerox Connected
Vario 160 vs Aerox Connected

Design Sector

As a newcomer, visual treats are certainly the main thing. Although still adopting a sporty element, the All New Vario 160 has firmer design lines. She is no longer slim like the previous model. The body is densely bulged at the front and back. Especially now that the fascia has changed completely. Still using two LED headlight housings, but the difference is that the daytime running light (DRL) eyebrows in the form of an LED line are now separated into two. Given a barrier with the pull of the headlamp cover line. Looks aggressive and classy. 

Adjusting to the front view, the center panel body looks a little bloated. On the side there is a 3-dimensional (3D) emblem that reads Vario 160. While the tail applies a modern impression. Supported by a stop lamp design with an X-patterned cover. The turn signal is also a separate model that integrates with the fender. Then the end of the aluminum muffler cover is made the same as the PCX 160. The sporty impression becomes even more pronounced.

Honda Vario 160
Honda Vario 160

While the All New Aerox has a design that is no less interesting. He still maintains his identity as a big sporty scooter. The front has a wide body with a full fairing concept on both sides. Has a large headlamp model with DRL (Daytime Running Light) accents on the top edge. The curve of the lamp rises and the shape is aerodynamic.

Extending to the side area, there is a motif that forms an "X" and this is one of the characteristics of Yamaha scooters. There seemed to be separated into two panels. The design is inspired by a motor sport fairing. The back is also made more minimalist but still looks sharp and sporty.

Design Sector

The design changes received by the All New Vario 160, made the manufacturer revise the design. Improvements are in the frame, now carrying eSAF technology (enhanced smart architecture frame). The claim can make him more agile and easy to ride.

But the use of this frame model does not have a positive impact on other sectors. Whereas the application of eSAF on its two smaller siblings (Scoopy and Genio) can reduce total weight and is able to provide more storage space. The weight actually increased. Previously 112 kg is now 117 kg.

Honda Vario 160
Honda Vario 160

The volume of fuel and luggage space under the seat is also still the same as the previous model, respectively 5.5 liters and 18 liters. Medium dimensions are 1,929 x 679 x 1,088 mm (LxWxH). Seat height 778mm. The wheelbase is 1,277mm and the lowest distance to the ground is 140mm.

His opponent still relies on the underbone framework. This frame utilizes an iron frame with a pipe-like model. It has a very sturdy and simple construction. On the other hand, this structure has a degree of elasticity, so that the impact due to road conditions has been partially suppressed by the pipe frame components. It weighs 125kg and has a tank capacity of 5.5 liters.

Design size 1,990 X 700 X 1,125 mm (LxWxH). The wheelbase is 1,350mm, the lowest distance to the ground is 143mm and the seat height is 790mm. While the trunk is quite spacious, reaching 25 liters, it can store a full face helmet or driving equipment such as raincoats, gloves and others.

Machinery Sector

Honda Vario 160 is equipped with a brand-new engine with an exact 156.9 cc (rounded off 160 cc). The engine is now configured with 4 valves and has PGM-FI and eSP+ technology. From the technical data presented on the official AHM website, the construction or design of the bore and stroke is the same as the PCX 160, which is 60 mm x 55.5 mm. Even for the amount of engine compression at 12:1.

However, for the amount of power and torque output, it is not like the PCX 160. Vario 160 is smaller, which has a maximum power of 15.1 hp at 8,500 rpm and peak torque of 13.8 Nm at 7,000 rpm.

Meanwhile, the All New Aerox, when referring to the technical data on the official Yamaha Indonesia website, carries the Total New Engine Blue Core with an exact 155cc, SOHC, liquid-cooled capacity. Configured 4 valves with a concoction of 58 mm x 58.7 mm (bore x stroke) and engine compression of 11.6:1.

It is capable of spitting out a maximum power of 15.1 hp at 8,000 rpm and a peak torque of 13.9 Nm at 6,500 rpm. The engine is supported by VVA (Variable Valve Actuation) technology whose function is to adjust the valve opening and adjust the fuel supply to the combustion chamber. As a result, the power is evenly distributed throughout the engine speed but still economical in fuel consumption. In addition, he has the status of a scooter with the best Power to Weight Ratio (PWR) in its class.

Feature Sector

For the highest variant, the All New Vario 160 and All New Aerox 155 have one-channel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) embedded. But for Honda scooters, rear braking is equipped with discs. His opponent is still a drum.

For other features Vario 160 is still identical to the previous type. Like a USB charger type A with a maximum power of 5V 2.1A. It is located on the left side of the front deck and is complete with a cover. The entire lighting system has LED technology, Side Stand Switch, Smart Key System integrated with Answer Back System and Anti-Theft Alarm as well as a full digital instrument panel with a negative display model. The shape is still the same as the old version, it's just that for the most expensive variant there is an ABS indicator.

The Vario 160 engine is integrated with the Alternating Current Generator (ACG starter). The system is what makes the engine sound smoother when turned on. The ACG starter is also the basis for the application of the Idling Stop System (ISS) feature since the Vario 150.

The All New Aerox 155 already uses LED lighting technology, headlamps and stop lamps. With the addition of DRL (Daytime Running Light). Then the instrument panel has a full digital negative display with a Multi Information Display (MID). It is also equipped with the Y-Connect feature which is able to connect the rider's smartphone with a motorcycle via Bluetooth.

With this connectivity feature, drivers can easily get information related to phone notifications and incoming messages on the motorcycle dashboard, fuel consumption information, information on the latest parking location, maintenance recommendations that show battery and oil conditions, malfunction notifications up to the Revs Dashboard.

Others have Handlebar Switch Control to select the display of information and settings on the speedometer. Smart Key System & Answer Back System, Electric Power Socket located in the front compartment, spacious trunk, Stand side switch, Twin Sub-tank Suspension and hazard lamp.

For the features in the All New Aerox engine, there are Stop & Start System (SSS) and Smart Motor Generation (SMG). The technology was created to save fuel. SSS working system, the machine turns off automatically when the stop position is more than three seconds. The engine starts again when the gas handle is turned. So the fuel is not wasted. To activate it, make sure the button with the 'A' logo on the right of the handlebars is On.

With regard to fuel efficiency, SSS technology is in synergy with Smart Motor Generation (SMG), the engine sound becomes smoother the first time it is turned on. After the engine starts, the generator functions to charge the battery or battery.

Sector Legs

Affairs of the legs, Vario 160 still entrusts telescopic front suspension and rear swing arm maximized using a single shockbreaker. However, it is believed to be able to dampen vibrations and still feel comfortable to wear even in rough terrain though.

While the wheel diameter is still identical to the old model, which is 14 inches. However, the size of the rear rim is wider, namely 3.5 inches before 2.5 inches. The round skin is also now wide-profile. Previously, I used 80/90 and 100/80, now it is 100/80 (front) and 120/70 (rear). Both tires are tubeless. Even so now using a new model of crossbar.

The All New Aerox also still relies on telescopic front and rear suspensions using a dual model in an upright position. For the highest variant, it is equipped with a small tube with gas in it. Serves to keep the oil pressure high and prevent the oil from turning into small bubbles. The goal is to make the motorcycle more stable and comfortable when driving.

While the wheels use wide-profile tubeless tires. Front uses 110/80-14, and rear 140/70-14. In addition to making it look dashing, it also provides a more stable and stable driving experience.


Regarding the price of the All New Aerox 155 Connected/ABS, it is more expensive, which is Rp. 29.9 million, while the All New Vario 160 is sold for Rp. 28.5 million OTR DKI Jakarta. There is a difference of IDR 1.4 million. Even so, both are scooters that adopt a sporty style.

The performance sector on paper, Aerox is arguably slightly superior to the latest Vario. The amount of power and torque released is similar, but the output of the Yamaha scooter is faster because the engine speed is lower. Meanwhile, based on dimensions and weight, Vario is more advantaged because it is smaller and lighter.

The difference is quite significant in the features offered. All New Aerox has entertainment technology from Y-Connect. Riders can compete with fellow users of the Communication Control Unit / CCU system (Yamaha motorcycles that have the Y-Connect feature) in terms of distance traveled and eco riding points. Then the Twin Sub-tank Suspension and the trunk is also wider. While the newcomers offer a USB port, Anti-Theft Alarm and a proven eSAF technology frame that adds agility when maneuvering. So, what do you think?


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