4 Things That Make the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid-Connected Worth Buying

 Yamaha Indonesia provides a retro-looking scooter option after launching the Fazzio Hybrid-Connected. 

Although carrying a 125cc engine, its presence cannot be equated with other Yamaha entry-level scooters. Call it the Yamaha Mio series, X-Ride, Soul GT, Gear and even FreeGo though. The differentiation can be seen from the advantages that Fazzio has, especially regarding the advanced technology that is carried. So what makes this scooter in the Classy Yamaha category worth buying?

Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid-Connected
Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid-Connected

Have an Attractive Design

Yamaha Fazzio has a much different look from other Yamaha products. In the past, the retro segment was filled with the Fino series, now its role seems to be replaced by Fazzio. It carries a simple but classy design. Given a minimalist body striping, thus making it look cleaner.

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This uniqueness from the visual side is one of Fazzio's main treats. In general, when consumers want to bring a vehicle, they always look at the design sector first. Jelly manufacturers see this opportunity by applying a classic nuanced scooter look.

The fascia design is arguably similar to European scooters. This can be seen from the oval head shape plus the glow from the LED. Then the vertical turn signal on the front shield. The front also looks cute with a touch of front tie knick-knacks, especially using a three-dimensional accent in the middle. 

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The sides of the body are reminiscent of the Yamaha QBIX which was excited in Indonesia last year. The rear body panels are boxy on the left and right. Even though Fazzio's style is like a retro scooter, he still conveys a sophisticated impression with the design of the stern lamp. The footrest area also has a flat layout for storage accommodation. 8:30

The classic design is also stronger thanks to the embedding of 12-inch rims wrapped with 110/70 R12 tires from the Dunlop brand, front and rear. Despite the appearance of compiling a minimalist and compact design, this motorbike has a larger size than the Mio M3 and Fino.

On paper, the Fazzio has dimensions (LxWxH) of 1,820 mm x 685 mm x 1,125 mm, and a wheelbase of 1,280 mm. With a seat height of 750 mm, this scooter is still quite comfortable for consumers with a height of 165 cm. Moreover, Fazzio is also quite light, with a weight of only 95 kg, which is followed by a fuel tank capacity of 5.1 liters and a trunk of 17.8 liters. With these specifications, it can be seen that this scooter can be a motorbike that supports daily activities.

Not to mention, support for color options that support today's display. Fazzio offers a variety of bright and cheerful colors, in addition to the basic colors of silver and black. Fazzio Hybrid Connected Neo offers a glossy color display, suitable for young people. The choices are Cyan, Red, Beige, and Black. Meanwhile, the Fazzio Lux comes with more elegant color options, namely Prestige Silver and Matte Black.

Advanced Features in Class

In terms of features, of course, it has followed the times. Headlights already use LEDs. More durable, the light produced is brighter and tends to be more stable. The design is unique, oval in shape with a divider in the middle, to separate the near and far lights. Combined with stylish taillights, as well as separate turn signals on the body cover, it gives a modern image and optimal lighting.

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Then when I looked at the panel meter, it was fully digital. Suitable for urbanites. In it is embedded Y-Connect. Yes, Yamaha really understands the need for young people to always be connected to smartphones. The rider's device can be connected to the motorcycle. This device has also been used in other products. Such as the All New Aerox Connected, All New NMAX Connected and All New R15 Connected. The features in Fazzio are arguably the most advanced in their class. Because until now he has only had connectivity technology in the 125cc scooter segment.

Through the Y-Connect application, riders can easily get information regarding phone notifications and incoming messages on the motorcycle dashboard, fuel consumption information, information on the latest parking location, maintenance recommendations that show battery and oil conditions, monitoring fuel consumption, notification of malfunctions up to Revs. Dashboards. That's all offered by Yamaha Indonesia in order to captivate the hearts of today's young generation.

Others have security features Answer Back System and smart key (keyless). There are also Electric Power Sockets, Double Hook carabiner models, One Push Start, Smart Lock, and Hazard Lamp.

Hybrid Labeled Mechanical Heart

It comes with a hybrid label. But not like the hybrid system in the Honda PCX e: HEV or in most cars. Fazzio also does not have a lithium-ion battery, so there is no need to charge the battery like in a Plug-in-Hybrid (PHEV) electrical system. Oh yes, Fazzio's internal engine also continues to work, unlike the hybrid system on the car.

The hybrid mechanism in Fazzio focuses on two interrelated power sources, namely the power from the conventional engine and the power supplied from the Electric Power Assist Start (EPAS). To support the two sectors, there are a number of components that support each other, including the Smart Motor Generator (SMG), the battery (battery), and the Starter Generator Control Unit (SGCU).

Under normal conditions, the battery or battery functions like a motorbike in general, namely to start the vehicle. After the motor turns on, the battery is immediately charged again by the SMG component. Then the EPAS sourced from the battery serves to provide additional power in the first 3 seconds when the gas lever is turned. That power is the result of the conventional engine and its EPAS, so the initial acceleration is more powerful and smoother when on an uphill or riding field.

After releasing from the first 3 seconds, the EPAS automatically turns off and only conventional engines work. However, when it stopped again, then turned the lever again, the EPAS system and the conventional engine reactivated for 3 seconds. And so on.

At its core, the Fazzio hybrid technology focuses more on improving initial acceleration and fuel efficiency. Because, at the first opening of the gas, especially when riding together and devouring the incline, is the heaviest momentum for the engine, so it requires a larger supply of gasoline. Now, coupled with the Blue Core Hybrid technology, the symptoms of a lazy or wasteful motorbike can be minimized. Unfortunately, during the launch process, there was no claim on the number of additional power produced and the efficiency obtained from this Yamaha-style hybrid circuit.

In addition, to maximize fuel efficiency and its hybrid system, Fazzio is also equipped with a Stop Start System (SSS). When activated, the engine can turn off automatically when paused (5 seconds) or at a red light. This feature is actually designed to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and reduce exhaust emissions.

You could say the hybrid technology on the Yamaha Fazzio is a mild category. It can still be called a family of electric motors because there is other power assistance that comes from the battery or what they call Electronic Power Assist Start. It's just that the circuit is simpler and the engine does not work in parallel like in a hybrid system in general.

Questioning the mechanical heart, carrying the engine capacity of 125cc, 1-cylinder, SOHC, air conditioning, and injection foggy. Maximum power is 8.3 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and a peak torque of 10.6 Nm at 4,500 rpm. They use an electric starter system following 0.80 liter engine lubrication. This format is enough to move Fazzio.


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