Test Drive BMW 430i Coupe M Sports Pro

BMW 4 Series. When this model officially appeared to the public, it immediately sparked debate. There are pros and cons. Especially if it's not because of the design. About this look does cause a strong reaction even since it comes as a concept model. Yep, for Bayerische Motoren Werke fans, the new design of the 4 Series is out of the pack.

The front face with its large and provocative grille was considered too strange. Actually not only in the company, most automotive lovers object to this new design style. Many memes later appeared, mocking the design of BMW's grille that is getting bigger so that in the future the German manufacturer's car only leaves the grille alone.

BMW 430i Coupe M Sports Pro
BMW 430i Coupe M Sports Pro

The second generation of the 3 Series Coupe replacement model is also the model that became the basis of BMW's then flagship sports sedan, the M4 Coupe. The beginning of the new generation of 4 Series Coupe introduced has attracted controversy, through the BMW 4 Concept in 2019. Then the production model launched in mid-2020, which then in Indonesia landed in June 2021.

Actually BMW does not only pair this new design style in the 4 Series Coupe only. They also use it in the 4 Series Gran Coupe, i4 electric cars, iX, and other potential new models that have been promised. If you look back a little, this large grill style has been started by the birth of the first X7, then the facelift or LCI version of the 7 G11 /G12 Series.

But maybe it was the manufacturer's intention in designing this car, a sportscar that is not only exciting to drive, but also able to steal the attention of anyone who sees it. And evidently, until now people are still talking about this latest BMW design, although not entirely positive.

BMW 430i Coupe M Sports Pro
BMW 430i Coupe M Sports Pro

It's hard to talk about the latest BMW 4 Series without mentioning the design. Even Carvaganza to create a special segment Colonial vs Millennial discusses this latest BMW design. But is his performance also as aggressive as his performance? Therefore we were curious and found out directly by trying the BMW 430i Coupe M Sports Pro, which now carries the code G22.


Yes, it would be nice if we start the review directly about the design of this 4 Series Coupe. BMW reasoned that this front grille design style takes reference from classic models such as the iconic 328 or 3.0 CSi E9, also having a transverse grille down. The 328 does follow the slender and tall shape of the bonnet, while the E9 is still as dimensional as the height of the bonnet top line and lamp.

Subjectively I think BMW is a bit outrageous in translating this reference. The new grille dimensions dominate the front fascia, although the design still plays its role as a fresh air induct to the engine cooler. But the aggressive shape of the grille is not followed by most others on the exterior. 

BMW 430i Coupe M Sports Pro
BMW 430i Coupe M Sports Pro

Like the headlights are still one area with a grille in the front fascia, the shape tends to be calm and smooth. Though it could be BMW adopts the headlight design of the 3 Series G20 which is more notched and emits a sportier character. Then the overall body design is also arguably too smooth for the 4 Series whose segment will be more looking for a sensation of toned and sporty while driving it.

Visual exterior side of the 430i Coupe looks clean from the curves of the body, unlike its predecessor, the F32. Not to mention with its very sloping roofline backwards, almost without faults that limit the roof and luggage. The impression is as if BMW has spent aggressive energy to design the front grille, so that the side and rear sculptures look more polite. The overall silhouette of the 4 Series Coupe makes it like the junior 8 Series. Whereas as a model 'Even Series' actually all made aggressive.

Then if you look at the interior, it is not wrong if we call Series 4 is just a plagiarized from the 3 Series. The design, layout, even the location of each button for the function and features of the interior is exactly the same. Most only the trim alone distinguishes between the Series 4 and 3. Through this variant of the M Sports Pro, the 4 Series Coupe has a more sporty touch, with the dominance of black in the cabin.

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But most of the ornaments in this interior are in line with those that BMW presents through the G20 generation 330i M Sport model. Most differ most low rooflines in the rear row seats that reduce cabin relief. Then there is the electric butler that delivers the seatbelt at all times will start the engine, because of the position of the B pillar that reverses on this coupe.


I immediately expected that the new 430i Coupe will have a more aggressive and sporty character than the 3 Series. Especially if you look at the style of a two-door body coupe that has been the benchmark of sports cars for a long time, to be able to have fun with speed. But will this car meet my expectations?

In terms of specifications, Munich equips the 4 Series this variant with a 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder engine, just like used 330i, whose performance figures present 258 hp and 400 Nm of torque. It is quite large for a car targeted to become a daily sportscar, especially turbocharger applications are also increasingly mainstream in the BMW line up today.

Shoulder line high in doors and seats that can be positioned low aka low slung makes the cockpit 430i feel like a proper sports car. To invite him to speed is not difficult, because indeed the machine can respond instantly once the accelerator is stepped in. The output distribution to the rear wheels tends to be linear and non-explosive, although there is a turbo, because the turbo lag effect is minimal. It feels like anyone who just wants to taste a sports car for the first time will not be intimidated by its performance.

In Comfort driving mode, of course, the entire driving character ranging from engine response, gear shift, handling and suspension feels conservative. It feels like a BMW sedan in general, compact like the 3 Series but the comfort is almost as high as the 5 Series. Of course, the quality of cabin comfort, especially insulation has increased compared to the first generation.

Because I want to feel whether the performance is comparable to the fierce look, then I try this car a lot in Sport mode. Yes as in general, the ECU changes the settings of the engine character, 8-speed Steptronic Sport transmission, suspension and steering wheel. The engine instantly changes its tone of voice higher, because the exhaust is more open to overflow the roar of the turbo engine.

Acceleration turns into more fierce of course, accompanying the sound of a hardened engine. The claim, 430i this generation can do sprints 0-100 km / h in 5.8 seconds. Speeding on the motorway with this car feels without worry, because the engine can quickly provide acceleration, a stable chassis to be in the lane, then the steering is also precise and steady. What is clear for the needs of a fast cruiser, the 4 Series is no longer in question.

But when trying to devour a circuit-like track, it seemed like my expectations had to be reset. This 4-time series may arguably be too tame to be a sportscar driven on a winding track.

Indeed the chassis is stiff enough to provide precise and sharp handling, so it is quite easy to read the movement of the body every time it invites it to maneuver aggressively. But it feels like the steering wheel is too light to support an aggressive driving style, even though it's already in Sport mode.

Even so, the front has an incredible grip to accommodate the desire to maneuver quickly when changing direction. And the back is light enough to be thrown if you want to make it dislodged. But yes it was, the steering wheel rotation is still too light and very electronic, although the precision in translating input from the driver.

Too comfortable?

Either maybe my expectations were wrong or indeed bmw's development direction for the 4 Series is indeed a comfortable sports coupe. Because I think during the test of this car, it feels like the 430i Coupe M Sports Pro is too comfortable for a sportscar. My expectations in trying sportscars didn't climax, or were not met to the fullest.

This car I think is too impermeable, smooth, and comfortable, or arguably too polite for its aggressive appearance with its provocative grille. Although in terms of series 4 performance is still tight, but the sensation of pleasure is less thorough. It must be said that the essence of "Sheer Driving Pleasure" that BMW always highlights is not fully enjoyable by speed lovers.

When driven fast, the cabin is too impermeable to be able to enjoy the roar of the turbo engine. Whereas usually a car with frameless windows on the door compromises about reduced cabin efficiency. But it feels like the insulation in the 430i is too impermeable or indeed the engine sound is not so loud. If that is the case it can be understood because now the increasingly stringent emission demands affect the decibel level in the engine sound, in addition to the fact that the turbo is also enough to dampen the engine screams.

Likewise with the character of the steering very light and smooth, becomes another supporting factor why this car is too comfortable as a sportscar. Bakan compared to the MINI trim Cooper S that was both born BMW alone feels much different. Perhaps bmw's development direction in the G22 4 Series is for the wider market and segment, not just speed lovers. So, more and more consumers can enjoy and own this car. Yes, if you want to sell as much as possible, it is not wrong either.

The comfort and smoothness of the ride is more suitable to be a compact grand tourer than a circuit-devouring coupe. Its dimensions are still similar to the 3 Series also make it a sports car that is still comfortable and practical enough to be an everyday race. At least it can be more stealing people's attention when parking in the office or hangout to the mall.

My advice, if you want to have the latest BMW coupe that can meet the desire to adrenaline and have fun, you should just take the M4 Competition option that is already available in Indonesia. But if you want a stylish car and still comfortable to rely on as a daily mobility partner, the 4 Series Coupe can be an attractive choice.


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