Suzuki Ertiga and XL7 Will Have Facelift, Using New Matik Transmission

 Maruti Suzuki in India is being widely reported. A number of new models are predicted to be worked on. Like the new SUV that gossip collaborates with Toyota. There is also a new generation Vitara Brezza and Baleno facelift. One of the most interesting, about the refreshment of Ertiga and XL6 (XL7). 

Launching gaadiwaadi, Ertiga facelift will launch in April 2022 with a new automatic transmission. Also mentioned, the transmission will be the same as that used by the new generation brezza. It is believed that the matik used is no longer conventional 4-speed. But the gearbox used by the Suzuki Vitara version of the global market. If true, it could be using an automatic 6-speed plus paddle shifter.

Considering that 4-speed matik is already classified as outdated technology, refreshment in the sector is quite reasonable. The proof, too, began many manufacturers who switched to CVT. The Toyota Avanza, Veloz and Daihatsu Xenia, as well as the Mitsubishi Xpander facelift. All switch from automatic 4-speed to CVT.

If the Ertiga and XL7 dead transmission turns into 6-speed, it is certainly no less interesting. Although still conventional, the number of more teeth will maximize engine performance. The tighter ratio creates a swift acceleration response and efficiency can also be maintained. Moreover, matched manual mode plus paddle shift, it will be more exciting

Talk about Suzuki's 6-speed automatic transmission, not foreign stuff. In Indonesia there is a Suzuki SX4 S-Cross that uses it since 2016. It is in charge of delivering power from the 1.5-liter M15A gasoline engine. If adopted to Ertiga and XL7 facelift later certainly not paired with the same engine.

Ertiga Minor Facelift, Mild Hybrid Plus Matik 6-Speed?

Suzuki Indomobil Sales has stated that it welcomes the era of electrification. Mild hybrid technology will be chosen as a breakthrough against competitors. The contestants are already there. Even appeared during the electric car show in Monas 2019 ago. Ertiga uses an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) system. Similar to the technology used by the first generation Ertiga diesel hybrid.

Suzuki Ertiga and XL7 Will Have Facelift, Using New Matik Transmission
Suzuki Ertiga and XL7 Will Have Facelift, Using New Matik Transmission

ISG work system is more instrumental in increasing efficiency while reducing emissions. Especially for automatic start and stop functions. It starts when the vehicle is in a stop position and the driver does not step on the pedals and gears in the 'N' or neutral position. Automatically the car performs an Engine Auto Stop that serves to turn off the engine. But the electrical system remains on. Then when the pedal is stepped on, ISG again starts the engine.

Regarding the look of the Ertiga facelift may not be able to expect much. From the leak of spy shots in India, it appears minor change from its outward appearance. Change only dwells on the grille. Possibly switching from chromium-clad bars to honeycomb. The stern even seems to experience no touch at all. If later there is, most only in the form of chromium garnish cosmetics for just the latest model suppressor. It is not yet known what is new about the interior.

Even so, there is still hope suzuki in Indonesia presents a different. But revamping the Ertiga and XL7 is a must. Because its opponents are increasingly advanced, related to the presentation of technology and features. According to our initial conclusions, the Ertiga facelift will change more in terms of mechanics and feature additions. Mild hybrid engine plus 6-speed matik can be enough provisions to win the competition. Do not forget the safety features can be further improved


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