Rumors honda Vario 160 will debut on February 2, 2022 in Indonesia

The Signal Honda Vario 160 will soon launch seems to be realized soon. The news comes after Astra Honda Motor (AHM) released the PCX 160 in early February last year which is known if both motorcycles are built from the same engine platform.

About the rumors of the launch of the Honda Vario 160, actually this bike is expected to debut in Indonesia at the end of 2021, but at that time it was the CB150X that was launched by AHM on the GIIAS floor.

Honda Vario 160
honda Vario 160

But wait a minute, hopes vario 160 soon reappeared after Honda informed if it will launch a new product on February 2, 2022. Through an official invitation, the new motorcycle will be introduced at 09.00 WIB at AHM Safety Riding & Training Center in gicc area, Kota Deltamas, Cikarang West Java.

It does not mention the name of the Vario 160 that will be reported, but based on information from one of our sources who work at the component manufacturing vendor company for AHM mentioned if they are receiving an order of Vario 160 parts.

"It should be in the near future (Vario 160) between January or February already launched. The information is from AHM, but for the date is still completely undisclosed there is no join trial. Unlike the PCX 160 which has been released before launching," said a source who declined to be identified.

Furthermore, he explained, the components in question use the BASE PCX 160 but will have differences in some parts that are called more sporty.

"The overall form of the bike I have not seen, until now there has been no leak even the vendor of the tier 1 AHM only info to me has not been able to form," he concluded.

Thailand and Vietnam

Lately the Thai and Vietnamese automotive media are also quite massively reporting the chances of honda Vario 160 or Click 160 launch. Quoted great biker, this bike is planned to be introduced in Thailand in February to March 2022.

The information will get a significant design revision but does not change the identity and main character of the previous model. Some predictions have sprung up, Vario 160 will reportedly carry disc brakes at the back, the use of ABS brakes, traction control, and the application of new engines. 

Unfortunately, there are no details about the specifications of the engine that will be used. But if it is true to use the 160 frills does not rule out the possibility of using a pacemaker similar to the all new PCX, namely eSP + 157 cc configured 4 valves.

A common strategy carried out by manufacturers using the same machine from several products. Generally will be distinguished in terms of output and the character of the engine adjusts to the appearance of the motor. Yes, the company so no longer need a large investment to present a new engine.

However, until now, the AHM still rejects the news of the launch of Vario 160. General Manager of Corporate Communication AHM, Ahmad Muhibuddin explained that they are still focused on the Vario model now and said that sales and demand are still good.

"For the Honda Vario 160 looking forward to it, for a while we have no plans to go there yet and we are just using that engine for the Honda PCX. The Indonesian market with a 160 cc engine is still to PCX first," muhib said.

Do you think the Honda Vario 160 will launch on February 2, 2022? Stay tuned continuously, yes to find out the new motor information from AHM!


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