Get to Know the Slow Moving Component Maintenance of Your Vehicle

 Vehicle maintenance becomes one of the obligations that must be done by car owners. Taking care of the vehicle periodically keeps away from sudden problems that interfere with travel when used.

This treatment is related to understanding spare parts. Vehicle parts are widely known as fast moving and slow moving spare parts that consist of different life. Fast moving life is quite short and replaced following a periodic service schedule. Some of them are vehicle filters, brake pads, oil and spark plugs. While slow moving parts have a longer service life, sometimes make you forget to replace them. What is included in the slow moving component?

Get to Know the Slow Moving Component Maintenance of Your Vehicle
Get to Know the Slow Moving Component Maintenance of Your Vehicle

The first is the clutch. The task of the clutch is to channel the power generated by the engine to the car transmission. Clutch problems will make the power distribution can not run smoothly can even make the car break down. The driver will feel when the clutch starts to have problems such as difficulty moving gears on the manual transmission or loss of power on the automatic transmission. The clutch consists of several components but it's good to replace a set to ensure optimal performance and no more problems.

The second component is the legs of the car. This component is in the under the car that makes the owner rarely check on the legs of the vehicle. Whereas there is a steering system and car suspension system that plays an important role in maintaining driving comfort and safety. An optimal steering system will help the driver safely control the vehicle, while a maintained suspension system will ensure the ride feels comfortable. Components that are often problematic in this area are shock absorbers because the task is quite heavy, namely dampening shocks.

The next compenen is a car battery or battery. The task of this component is quite simple, which is to provide electric power to the starter system to start the car engine and channel electric power to components in need when the engine is turned off. If this component is problematic then it can be troublesome, such as the engine can not be turned on due to weak battery conditions. Especially if you like to install additional accessories such as lights and audio that confiscate a lot of electrical power. Normally the life of a car battery is about 2 to 4 years depending on usage.

The fourth component is the car tire. This component calculates the weight of its duties, namely channeling car power to the road, directing the vehicle, providing braking power, helping to absorb impact, to support the large weight of the vehicle. In fact, the contact field of this round rubber is very limited. Plus a hard work environment, such as passing hot asphalt roads, rough concrete, and hitting potholes or through damaged roads. Not to mention if the driver's driving style is quite rough or often passes through damaged roads that make the life of the tire decrease drastically.

"Spare parts of various types, AutoFamily needs to understand some important parts of the car. Not only troublesome when in trouble, some components such as clutch, shock absorber are many directly related to safety and driving comfort, so make sure it is always in top condition," said Nur Imansyah Tara, Aftersales Business Division Head Auto2000, Thursday (1/27/2022).

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