Female Truck Drivers Appreciate Hino Training Center and Safety Driving Competition

 Driving a large truck is not uncommon for women in Indonesia. But not for Devi Nuraisyah Stephani (30), from Wonogiri, Central Java. He even unfortunately transversely delivered goods between provinces even outside the island. 

When it comes to the opening of the driving training center facility or Hino Total Support Customer Center (HTSCC). He welcomed the program. Because it can provide good benefits for the driver. This includes the appreciation of the Hino Safety Driving Competition.

"It definitely needs adjustments for women driving big trucks. At first the fear must be there, the fear of rape, the fear of nabrak. But as long as you try, you get used to it for a long time. Therefore, with the Hino service (driving course) for drivers it is very good. Because it can hone the skills of drivers until they understand and the safety side is given to know. The woman's distress in driving the truck if it retreats far away. Especially on the narrow track, it's hard. But now it is smooth because it dares to try," said Devi Nuraisyah Stephani, at Hino Total Support Customer Center, Purwakarta, West Java (27/1).

Female Truck Drivers Appreciate Hino Training Center and Safety Driving Competition
Female Truck Drivers Appreciate Hino Training Center and Safety Driving Competition

Devi claimed to have been in this profession for four years. Trayek passed starting from Central Java, Bali, Jakarta, Padang to penetrate Aceh. The profession as a truck driver is cool. Because it can carry large vehicles on the highway while traveling, while filling the Youtube content of Driver Shadow17. He also admitted, on the road to more friends, a new experience. "If the grief is there. In the past, once 'flooded' had to change tires in the Semarang area. Kapok, no more. If the other trouble in Hino's truck has never been. Because I brought a new unit so minimal problems, "he said again.

Hino Safety Driving Competition

Then about the Safety Driving Competition conducted by Hino, he claimed to be interested if the car was installed telematics system. "Yes, I want to follow, but later if the vehicle is installed telematics," he added. 

To note, HMSI is so vociferously campaigning for driving safety. Hino Safety Driving Competition (HSDC). In total there were 31 events in 23 major cities throughout the country. When accumulated, there were 2,275 truck and bus driver participants from 1,687 companies who took part in the activities. HSDC itself is held divided into two capability tests.

The first day the driver must take a written test on driving safety. Proverbs, daily inspection, proper driving, economical driving, safety driving and traffic signs. After the written test. Then the 10 best representatives undergo the next test, namely skill test and inspection test. The driver will be assessed how to carry a large vehicle through a zig-zag road. Both forward and parking backwards. But because of the pandemic, Hino changed the race online.

This year Hino Safety Driving Competition was held by utilizing telematics features. For drivers who enter the competition. They can see for themselves the results of the score card evaluation whether the driver is driving safely and according to the rules. Because if they bring a good and safe vehicle. Will get a good score card points, and potentially a winner. But still, the main corridor of the Hino program is to improve safety and road safety.

"When participants know the results of driving assessment, whether it is safe or not from the score card data. Of course, this is an evaluation material for them in driving. Driving is safe and according to the rules. Besides being able to maintain security for yourself, it also maintains security for others on the road," said Santiko Wardoyo, COO - Director of HMSI.


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