Entering the Fifth Series, Honda Brio Virtual Drift Challenge Find the Best Gamers

 The world of simulation games to date attracts many enthusiasts and lovers themselves. One of them is a racing game that comes with the dream vehicle of gamers in the virtual world.

One brand holder who consistently supports gaming enthusiasts is PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM). Hpm will again hold the fifth Brio Virtual Drift Challenge (BVDC) 2 series with a new track design set against the backdrop of the PKK Monument landmark, Banjarmasin. The series will be held from January 19 to 25, 2022 which will screen the 10 participants with the best time to earn cash prizes.

Honda Brio
Honda Brio

Gamers who want to participate in this competition simply download the BVDC2 game application on a mobile phone device. To start the competition, the participants only need to choose the Competition mode that will be opened at the time of the competition. The Slalom challenge will be carried out by participants who will then have several arrow directions that will be directions to follow.

The winner will be seen from the participants who managed to finish with the fastest time record. The results of this time will be recorded on the leaderboard which will be closed at the end of the competition period. The ten selected winners will automatically go into the final round against the winners of the previous series in the 8th series to snatch the bigger prize.

There are a few things that gamers should follow before starting the competition. First, participants can try to do a slalom challenge in Slalom mode to find out how to play or do exercises first. In each series, the 30 participants with the fastest, best time records will get interesting merchandise from Honda and earn a total of Rp8,550,000 in cash for the top 10 participants. The total cash prize throughout the competition reached more than Rp75 million.

"We see the enthusiasm from series to series continues to increase, this proves that this game can be an attractive entertainment alternative for gamers. We hope that the enthusiasm from the participants will increase and provide new challenges for the players until the final series," said Yusak Billy as Business Innovation and Sales & Marketing Director of PT HPM in his statement, Wednesday (19/1/2022).

Carrying the spirit of 'Everyone Can Race', this game will be presented using Honda Brio Urbanite RS, Honda Brio RS and Honda Brio Satya that can be modified and selected according to the wishes of participants. Furthermore, Honda will hold the 6th series BVDC using the background of makassar city in the period 2 - 8 February 2022. To date, the BVDC 2 game app has been downloaded 107,060 times.


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