Eagle Grip by Malco LP10WC 10 in. Curved Jaw Locking Pliers with Wire Cutter


Eagle Grip by Malco LP10WC 10 in. Curved Jaw Locking Pliers with Wire Cutter


  • Patented PowerRing provides increased thread strength, providing increased clamping force
  • Pinned and brazed upper jaw ensure a superior bond between the upper jaw and the pliers body; even under extreme use conditions.
  • Jaws feature sharpest teeth with best-in-class grip, durability, wear resistance, and life.
  • Larger, more comfortable hardened adjustment knob with an exclusive coating for increased lubricity and smooth operation. 

From the manufacturer


Malco Products, SBC was started in 1950 by Mark Keymer, a young steel supply salesman who manufactured and marketed a pipe crimper he had invented for installing sheet metal ductwork in heating systems. He insisted on quality construction, setting the benchmark for the new company. To this day, Malco strives to uphold our founder’s legacy of quality and innovation.

Our story

For over 70 years, Malco has been dedicated to producing innovative, dependable, and high-performance hand tools for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) industry; exterior remodeling field, including roofing, siding, and gutter installation; fence, deck, and rail installation; and auto body repair. The introduction of Malco’s new Eagle Grip line of professional locking tools will also cater to the welding and agriculture industries. We believe in top-quality products that work hard, enhance performance, and stand up to years of real-world use on the job. Our corporate headquarters and main manufacturing facility is located in Annandale, MN. Malco is proud to offer American-made tools that Work. Perform. Outlast.


In 2018, we opened up our second manufacturing facility located in DeWitt, NE to start producing USA-made locking pliers. For nearly 60 years, the best tools ever made were crafted in DeWitt and forged from American steel. Unfortunately, that manufacturer decided to move production to China in 2008 to save a few bucks per unit at the expense of American jobs. Since bringing manufacturing back to the nation’s heartland, Malco is committed to producing the toughest and highest quality tools in the world. Verified by third-party testing, the LP10WC Eagle Grip Curved Jaw Locking Pliers w/Wire Cutter are officially the strongest locking pliers available on the market.


Making Malco’s Eagle Grip locking tools take more than equipment; they take the talent and devotion of skilled artisans who live and breathe hand tool manufacturing every day. Employees of Malco’s DeWitt facility uphold Midwest values of hard work and ownership that get baked into every tool. This dedication to craftsmanship is one of the factors that set Eagle Grip apart from the competition.



Product Description

If you think all tools are made equally, think again. Eagle Grip 10″ Curved Jaw Locking Pliers possess all the toughness and quality of our straight jaw pliers but also provide full gripping power on a variety of shapes and applications. The strong 10″ jaw has the strength to grip, clamp, and tighten just about anything so you can get the job done. These curved jaw pliers also feature an integrated precision ground wire cutter for added versatility, sharp enough to cut through a variety of wire with ease. Built for the toughest jobs and designed for every job, Eagle Grip is American innovation at its finest.

Product information

Technical Details

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