3M (5684 Hookit Sanding Block Kit,Various sizes


 3M (5684 Hookit Sanding Block Kit,Various sizes


 About this item

  • Sanding blocks delivers more consistent sanding results
  • Makes sanding challenging locations easier
  • Boosts the efficiency of sanding by hand
  • Blocks are designed to limit hand fatigue
  • 3M Hookit attachment system makes it easy to change abrasionves

  3M Hookit Sanding Block

3M Hookit Sanding Block helps make sanding easier in difficult locations. Use this accessory item with Hookit abrasive products to achieve more consistent, uniform sanding results. The sanding block when used in combination with Hookit abrasion is ideal for sanding filler, primer and other substrates. 

 Get Better Results When Sanding by Hand

3M Hookit Sanding Block is the perfect companion when using 3M Hookit abrasion. This sanding block fits comfortably in the hand to help reduce instances of hand fatigue. The block allows for a more even and consistent application of pressure, which delivers more uniform results. A sanding block also lets you apply more pressure than you could simply with your hand, a benefit that will speed how quickly you can complete your project. 

 Benefits of Sanding by Hand

3M blocks make hand sanding a more efficient task, which helps boost overall productivity when power sanding is not an option. Automotive restoration technicians like power sanding due to its speed and ease, but some applications do not allow for power sanding. In those cases, you can still gain efficiency by using 3M sanding blocks. Use these blocks for areas out of reach of power sanding tools. Hand sanding is also preferred for situations in which you need more precise control. With the speed of power sanders, one lingering pause can result in irreversible damage in certain situations. Hand sanding allows you to work at a pace that's suitable for more delicate work. Hand sanding also produces less dust if that is a concern. 

Two Big Benefits of Using 3M Sanding Blocks

3M Hookit Sanding Blocks serve dual purposes of making the job of sanding go easier and the results better. These auto shop accessories are the product of seeking innovative ways to boost efficiency and effectiveness on the job.

Enjoy the Ease and Speed of the Hookit Attachment System

These sanding blocks use the 3M Hookit attachment system for easy replacement of sandpaper sheets. Simply press on the abrasive sheet to get a secure grip, and then peel it away for easy removal. Hookit is the perfect time-saving answer when you're switching between abrasive grits frequently. Best of all, you can remove and reattach an abrasive that still has a useful service life. Let's say you need to switch to a different grit but the abrarasives on the sheet you're currently using are not fully spent. Simply remove it and reattach later. Hookit ensures that you will get the same secure hold, which is an important advantage compared to pressure sensitive attachment products where the adhesive may be compromised after being removed.

 Product Description

Foam Hookit Sanding Block Kit containing the top seven most popular blocks in a blister pack shipper. These are to be used as an accessory item with our Hookit abrasive products for sanding filler, primer and other substrates. 

 From the Manufacturer

Get Better Results When Sanding by Hand

3M Hookit Sanding Block is the perfect companion when using 3M Hookit abrasion. This sanding block fits comfortably in the hand to help reduce instances of hand fatigue. The block allows for a more even and consistent application of pressure, which delivers more uniform results. A sanding block also lets you apply more pressure than you could simply with your hand, a benefit that will speed how quickly you can complete your project. 

Benefits of Sanding by Hand

Sanding blocks make hand sanding a more efficient task, which helps boost overall productivity when power sanding is not an option. Automotive restoration technicians like power sanding due to it speed and ease, but some applications do not allow for power sanding. In those cases, you can still gain efficiency by using our sanding blocks. Use these blocks for areas out of reach of power sanding tools. Hand sanding is also preferred for situations in which you need more precise control. With the speed of power sanders, one lingering pause can result in irreversible damage in certain situations. Hand sanding allows you to work at a pace that's suitable for more delicate work. Hand sanding also produces less dust if that is a concern.

Enjoy the Ease and Speed of the Hookit Attachment System

These sanding blocks use the 3M Hookit attachment system for easy replacement of sandpaper sheets. Simply press on the abrasive sheet to get a secure grip, and then peel it away for easy removal. Hookit is the perfect time-saving answer when you're switching between abrasive grits frequently. Best of all, you can remove and reattach an abrasive that still has a useful service life. Let's say you need to switch to a different grit but the abrarasives on the sheet you're currently using are not fully spent. Simply remove it and reattach later. Hookit ensures that you will get the same secure hold, which is an important advantage compared to pressure sensitive attachment products where the adhesive may be compromised after being removed.

Two Big Benefits of Using Our Sanding Blocks

3M Hookit Sanding Blocks serve dual purposes of making the job of sanding go easier and the results better. These auto shop accessories are the product of seeking innovative ways to boost efficiency and effectiveness on the job.

iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard


 iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard & Windshield Universal Car Mount Phone Holder Desk Stand for iPhone, Samsung, Moto, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Smartphones


About this item

  • EASY ONE TOUCH MECHANISM: Press the locking side arms with a quick one-handed motion, and place your phone against the trigger button. The mount's arms will close automatically, holding your device securely while you drive. Mount or remove your phone in seconds with the patented Easy One Touch Mechanism.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: New larger Easy One Touch button, with a universal cradle that fits smartphones and cases of any size.
  • MAGNETIC CORD ORGANIZER: Keep charging cables neatly organized with the magnetic tab located near the bottom foot
  • TELESCOPIC ARM: The improved telescopic arm now extends from 5 inches to 8 inches (as opposed to the Easy One Touch 4 which only extended to 6.5inch) and pivots 260 degrees. This enables a myriad of customized viewing angles while you're on the road.
  • ADJUSTABLE BOTTOM FOOT: You can easily and securely adjust the bottom foot by squeezing the spring button.


Product Description

The Easy One Touch 5 Dash and Windshield Mount is the next generation top car mount in the U.S. Featuring the Patented Easy One Touch Mechanism, you can lock and release smartphones quickly with a one handed motion. Recognized for superior quality and sleek design, the new Easy One Touch 5 series features a new finish that complements modern automotive interiors.

Expand Network, Mainstay Motor Inaugurates Flagship Showroom Hyundai Mampang

 The development of Hyundai's business in Indonesia was also followed by Andalan Motor. As a nationally renowned automotive dealer company, Andalan Motor began 2022 by inaugurating the opening of Hyundai's seventh dealer, hyundai Mampang, Jakarta. This shows the optimism of Motor's flagship towards Hyundai's prospects in Indonesia.

Previously, Andalan Motor has opened Hyundai Sholeh Iskandar dealers in Bogor City, Hyundai City Store (Pondok Indah Mall 3), Hyundai Pancoran (South Jakarta), Hyundai Sawah Besar (Central Jakarta), and Hyundai Leuwipanjang (Bandung). In the future, Andalan will continue to add Hyundai dealers, following the development of products from Hyundai Indonesia. 

Expand Network, Mainstay Motor Inaugurates Flagship Showroom Hyundai Mampang
Expand Network, Mainstay Motor Inaugurates Flagship Showroom Hyundai Mampang

Hyundai Mampang is located at Jalan Warung Buncit Raya No.203, Mampang, Jakarta. The area of this dealer's land reaches 1,800 square meters, while the building area reaches 2,500 m2, consisting of four floors and one basement.

Hyundai Mampang carries the concept of 3S or sales, service, and spare parts. At this dealership, there are six units of cars on display and eight service bays. Hyundai Mampang is hyundai's flagship flagship showroom and conforms to the full standards of Hyundai Indonesia. Other facilities include two electric vehicle charging stations, a coffeeshop lounge, and Hyundai's spare parts hub.

Managing Director of Andalan Motor Raynaldi Setiawan explained, his party chose Mampang as the location of Hyundai dealers because this area includes the center of Jakarta. In addition, through this dealer, Andalan wants to reach more fleet consumers, because it is close to the office area.

Raynaldi said, the opening of this dealership also aims to respond to the presence of a number of new Hyundai products, including pure electric car Ioniq 5 and multipurpose vehicle (MPV) segment B. So far, MPV B is one of the best-selling car segments in Indonesia.

Creta Sales

"So far, the sales of Hyundai's dealer network are quite good. This is supported by the presence of Creta SUV," Raynaldi said on the sidelines of the opening of Hyundai Mampang, Thursday (1/27/2022).

Despite being Hyundai's latest product for the Indonesian market, creta's welcome is quite good. Present for the first time at the GIIAS 2021 automotive exhibition in November last year, the SUV produced by Hyundai Cikarang factory continues to get booking letters.

This condition is quite interesting. This is because Hyundai itself only produced Creta in February 2022 which means that since it was shown in November, the public only judged Creta from the news in the media. It is recognized by Makmur, COO of PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia.

At the exhibition we get 670s SPK, late December 1,200 spk. Just two days ago it was now above 1,700 SPK. It continues to increase when there are no display and test drive units. This is a testament to indonesian consumers' confidence in Hyundai's first product in Indonesia. We appreciate the people who believe in Hyundai who previously probably knew Hyundai is a premium CBU product," said Makmur on the sidelines of the Hyundai Creta test drive event in Bali, Wednesday (1/26/2022).

Well, along with the opening of Hyundai Mampang, various promos have been prepared. From Creta free booking until the end of January 2022, then free service, and some interesting rewards.

Previously, PT Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (HMMI) has started mass production of Creta at Cikarang plant, Bekasi, West Java, January 2022. In addition to Creta, the plant, which invested $1.5 billion, will produce electric cars and BPV.

Honda Beat CBS Price Cheapest Rp16 Million, Interesting to Move

 Beat scooter is still a mainstay of Astra Honda Motor (AHM) in the lower segment. It became the best-selling manufacturer in Indonesia. It is sold in three different variants, CBS, CBS-ISS and Street. 

The cheapest, CBS without ISS (Idling Stop System) with an offer of Rp16,815,000. Even without the ISS feature, it still appeals to those who want to save a little.

Honda Beat CBS Price Cheapest Rp16 Million, Interesting to Move
Honda Beat CBS Price Cheapest Rp16 Million, Interesting to Move

Interesting Kelir Options

The colours and stripes on the Beat herd were refreshed last July. Cbs' cheapest variant was also revised. This glossy color variant still has four options, all based on black for the rear body. Consumers can choose between Hard Rock Black, Dance White Black, Techno Blue Black and Funk Red Black.

In addition to the different colors and strips, there is no difference in design between beat CBS and more expensive. Rims, seats and more are exactly the same.

Compact Dimensions

Very compact size is one of the advantages of Beat. Beat dimensions 1,877 x 669 x 1,074 mm (PxLxT), seat height 740 mm and wheelbase 1,256 mm. The size provision is suitable for most Indonesians, even still very friendly for female riders.

Thanks to its size also beat like agile to control. Moreover, it is supported by a new frame that is more sturdy and stable. The use of eSAF (enhanced smart architecture frame) with new technology supports Beat more proficient in its speed and movement. Plus, the empty weight is only 89 kg.


It's no secret that Beat has an economical value. It certainly means the fuel consumption. The new generation eSP (enhanced smart power) engine can give a figure of up to 60.6 km / liter. Based on the results of internal testing of the ECE R40 method. Imagine, with a fully loaded tank of 4.2 liters can cover a distance of more than 250 km. Of course it will be different in everyday use in the real world. But it can give an idea of the iritnya beat sticks.

The 110 cc SOHC engine claims to be more responsive than the older generation. One reason, the piston diameter is 47 mm and the step length is 63.1 mm and the compression is 10:1. Because the character of overstroke makes the initial pull responsive. Maximum power output of 8.89 hp at 7,500 rpm with the highest torque of 9.3 Nm at 5,500 rpm. Even without the help of the ISS, it can still get the most economical results from what Beat CBS offers.

Full Features

Although the last variant, Beat CBS has a completeness that is not much different from the more expensive option. The main difference is only from the availability of power charger sockets, starting from CBS-ISS. The rest is the same, including led headlights that are power efficient and durable.

The meter panel is a combination of digital and analog. Displays the speedometer, odometer and fuel indicator. Equipped with ECO indicators for more fuel efficient driving results. As a sweetener, the blue background color of the meter panel.

Secure key shutter is present to secure from theft. Equipped with an integrated seat opener that makes it practical. Without having to unplug the key, you can access luggage that has a capacity of 12 liters. It is enough to store many essential objects of a driving buddy.

Not to forget the CBS (combi brake system) feature, combining braking between the front brake with the help of the rear brake. It is safer and more practical to use. While the left brake lever is pinned lock. It can be functioned like a parking brake on a car and is very useful for example stopping at an incline or descent.


Honda Beat CBS is the cheapest. Indeed, just add Rp700 thousand can get Beat with ISS features and charger sockets. But as a cheap segment, that differentiation comes in the count. Not to mention the choice of kelir. The glossy look is more appealing to a number of people. So the Honda Beat CBS remains interesting as a choice.

Bag-Friendly Ownership Fee for Mitsubsihi Pajero Sport

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport becomes a medium SUV model that is widely seen by Indonesian consumers. This long-present model offers a qualified driving experience and engine power for the size of an SUV that can be invited to drive daily and in extreme road conditions.

Pajero Sport last got an update in 2021 ago with the presence of the latest design and advanced features. For example grille with a new design, features a power tail gate with kick sensor, active cornering lamp, sunroof and 18-inch two tone rim. There are active safety features such as forward collision mitigation, ultrasonic miss-acceleration mitigation system, blind spot warning-lane change assist, rear cross traffic alert, electric parking brake, and brake auto hold.

Bag-Friendly Ownership Fee for Mitsubsihi Pajero Sport
Bag-Friendly Ownership Fee for Mitsubsihi Pajero Sport

Mitsubishi adds attractive value for potential customers to glance at the Pajero Sport, especially in terms of ownership costs. This Mitsubishi product gets a Smart package for periodic maintenance or service up to 50,000 kilometers or up to four years of ownership.

"Pajero Sport Extended SMART Package is one form of Mitsubishi Motors' commitment as a manufacturer to always provide the best products and services in the entire vehicle ownership process. This program aims to provide optimal convenience and benefits to consumers in terms of after-sales service with alternative vehicle maintenance costs that are more efficient. Through this program consumers also get comfort with the extension of vehicle warranty up to 1 year, as well as other additional program benefits such as special discounts for tire changes and also discount vouchers for battery purchases," said Eiichiro Hamazaki, Director of After Sales Division of PT MMKSI in his statement.

Mitsubishi offers this extended Smart package in three types of packages. The first package is two periodic maintenance consisting of selected periodic maintenance items such as engine oil, oil filter, air conditioner filter, gasket and also chemical items such as engine flush, fuel system cleaner, and disinfectant fogging. This package includes free replacement services for the mentioned items that can be utilized within two periodic maintenance that is valid 20,000 kilometers or one year.

The next package is a four-time periodic maintenance package. This package consists of the same items as the package twice but can now be utilized in four periodic maintenance and applies with a longer distance of 40,000 or two years. There are still six-time periodic maintenance packages consisting of the same items as the previous package. The difference is certainly at the time of utilization which is now up to six times or up to 60,000 kilometers or three years.

Consumers who purchase the Pajero Sport Extended Smart Package will get a certificate as proof. Utilization of this package can be done in all authorized Mitsubishi passenger vehicle dealers throughout Indonesia.

Mitsubishi has also done the calculation of the benefits of the existence of this Smart Package. If consumers take advantage of the Pajero Sport Extended Smart Package, consumers can save up to 25 percent on vehicle maintenance costs. This is compared to the cost of normal care done without the use of a package.

In addition to the cost of maintaining vehicles that are calculated more efficient, Pajero Sport extended Smart Package consumers will also benefit through extending the warranty period of up to 1 year or 30,000 kilometers for certain items. In addition, consumers will also get the option to take advantage of special discount programs of up to 30 percent for tire changes and Rp 50,000 discount vouchers for battery changes.

Pajero Sport is offered in several variants. GLX 4x4 MT variant is priced at Rp 545.8 million, Exceed 4x2 MT is offered at Rp 520.8 million, Exceed 4x2 AT is offered at Rp 535.8 million. There is still a variant dakar 4x2 AT which is quite popular with a price of Rp 593.7 million, Dakar Ultimate 4x2 AT is offered at a price of Rp 642.7 million and the top variant Dakar Ultimate 4x2 AT is offered at a price of Rp 701.7 million.

Toyota Avanza 1.3 E Cheapest Looks Plain, Can Anything?

 Before the birth of the all-new version now, Avanza with a 1.3 liter manual transmission engine is quite popular. Now, Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) places it as a last variant of E only. The rest are already carrying a 1.5L engine. 

Of course, with the market considerations still there. Well, if you are interested in the cheapest Avanza currently that has a 1.3L engine, check the completeness obtained first.

First we look at the price. Without any tax incentives from the government, the price of Avanza 1.3 E MT is Rp228.3 million. You could say avanza new generation start price is all above Rp200 million. Given the major changes and significant improvements compared to previous generations, it's quite worth it. But is the provision and completeness of its features appropriate?

Toyota Avanza 1.3 E Cheapest Looks Plain, Can Anything?
Toyota Avanza 1.3 E Cheapest Looks Plain, Can Anything?

Before you look at the completeness, we take a peek at the performance. Mechanical heart carried, coded 1NR-VE. 4-cylinder engine 1,329 cc DOHC, Dual VVT-i. It produces 98 PS of power at 6,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 122 Nm at 4,200 rpm. It is delivered to front-wheel drive via a five-speed manual transmission. Looking at its gait in the old generation, it is still quite powerful with the new platform and body now.

Look at the exterior. It is the same as the Avanza type G. But there are a number of differentiators that clearly signify the cheapest variant E. First up front, present without fog lights. The part was given a black plastic cap only. Tapered LED headlamp that now does not use a touch of chrome and is only given one body color. Then the rim. The design is simpler and only 15 inches in size. Make the look less macho than the avanza body that has a muscular character.

There's more, antennas are still standard models. Not yet the modern type of shark fin. The taillights are led combinations. Oh yes, Avanza type E also has not been pinned automatic folding for the rearview mirror.

In terms of dimensions, avanza this bottom variant is not much different from the others. It has a length of 4,395 mm, a width of 1,730 mm and a height of 1,665 mm, 5 mm shorter than the upper variant. Wheelbase is 2,750 mm and ground clearence is 195 mm. It appears lower than the top variant of 205 mm. Therefore, the difference in the use of rim size.

Provisions in the interior, also not as luxurious as type G. Although decorating on the dashboard is quiet or looks plain. Toyota is kind to providing a 7-inch touchscreen head unit for type E, with integrated Bluetooth connectivity. The design also follows the top trim, modern floating style.

Metel clusters use a combination of analog dial and monochrome MID. While the AC is already digital appearance and double blower. The steering wheel can only be set up and down (tilt). There is no back and forth (telescopic) setting. Features such as mid digital and illuminating start / stop button can be enjoyed from type G only.

Seat comfort is the same, wrapped fabric and has a flexible arrangement or folding. Then other practicalities such as storage and smartphone charger ports are also safely available. All parts of the seat already use the headrest that can be set for comfort. 

Safety and security support is clearly not as complex as trim over TSS. But there's enough. Avanza 1.3 E is embedded with two air bags (driver and front passenger), ABS +EBD+BA brakes, vehicle stability control, hill start assist, ISOFIX and seatbelt warning all rows. Unfortunately, there has been no alarm and immobilizer. In fact, this feature helps secure the car from theft.

Toyota Avanza 1.3 E MT comes as the cheapest trim. Although a number of areas seem plain, the basic features are sufficient. Especially when compared to type E trim on the old Avanza. The price differentiation is quite decent compared to the previous generation, paid off with the convenience offered on the all new Avanza even on basic trim though.

The lowest variant avanza has also got the construction of a suspension design for the same comfort as the variant on it. The front suspension uses a MacPherson Strut and the rear uses a torsion beam that each already uses a stabilizer bar.

For prospective consumers who are interested in avanza this lowest variant, you should be patient enough. This is because Toyota includes the E variant into the product sold spot order alias if there is a new order produced. Toyota seems to be eyeing fleet consumers for this lowest variant or consumers who want the cheapest price Avanza with a new design and still have Toyota products and services.

Don't forget the after-sales service as well. Buying Avanza no longer needs to think about periodic maintenance costs. Because it also gets the benefits of a free program of periodic service costs (service costs and spare parts) until the 6th routine maintenance. Maximum of 4 years or 50,000 km (whichever was achieved first). Valid at all authorized Toyota Indonesia outlets. 

Get to Know the Slow Moving Component Maintenance of Your Vehicle

 Vehicle maintenance becomes one of the obligations that must be done by car owners. Taking care of the vehicle periodically keeps away from sudden problems that interfere with travel when used.

This treatment is related to understanding spare parts. Vehicle parts are widely known as fast moving and slow moving spare parts that consist of different life. Fast moving life is quite short and replaced following a periodic service schedule. Some of them are vehicle filters, brake pads, oil and spark plugs. While slow moving parts have a longer service life, sometimes make you forget to replace them. What is included in the slow moving component?

Get to Know the Slow Moving Component Maintenance of Your Vehicle
Get to Know the Slow Moving Component Maintenance of Your Vehicle

The first is the clutch. The task of the clutch is to channel the power generated by the engine to the car transmission. Clutch problems will make the power distribution can not run smoothly can even make the car break down. The driver will feel when the clutch starts to have problems such as difficulty moving gears on the manual transmission or loss of power on the automatic transmission. The clutch consists of several components but it's good to replace a set to ensure optimal performance and no more problems.

The second component is the legs of the car. This component is in the under the car that makes the owner rarely check on the legs of the vehicle. Whereas there is a steering system and car suspension system that plays an important role in maintaining driving comfort and safety. An optimal steering system will help the driver safely control the vehicle, while a maintained suspension system will ensure the ride feels comfortable. Components that are often problematic in this area are shock absorbers because the task is quite heavy, namely dampening shocks.

The next compenen is a car battery or battery. The task of this component is quite simple, which is to provide electric power to the starter system to start the car engine and channel electric power to components in need when the engine is turned off. If this component is problematic then it can be troublesome, such as the engine can not be turned on due to weak battery conditions. Especially if you like to install additional accessories such as lights and audio that confiscate a lot of electrical power. Normally the life of a car battery is about 2 to 4 years depending on usage.

The fourth component is the car tire. This component calculates the weight of its duties, namely channeling car power to the road, directing the vehicle, providing braking power, helping to absorb impact, to support the large weight of the vehicle. In fact, the contact field of this round rubber is very limited. Plus a hard work environment, such as passing hot asphalt roads, rough concrete, and hitting potholes or through damaged roads. Not to mention if the driver's driving style is quite rough or often passes through damaged roads that make the life of the tire decrease drastically.

"Spare parts of various types, AutoFamily needs to understand some important parts of the car. Not only troublesome when in trouble, some components such as clutch, shock absorber are many directly related to safety and driving comfort, so make sure it is always in top condition," said Nur Imansyah Tara, Aftersales Business Division Head Auto2000, Thursday (1/27/2022).

Suzuki Ertiga and XL7 Will Have Facelift, Using New Matik Transmission

 Maruti Suzuki in India is being widely reported. A number of new models are predicted to be worked on. Like the new SUV that gossip collaborates with Toyota. There is also a new generation Vitara Brezza and Baleno facelift. One of the most interesting, about the refreshment of Ertiga and XL6 (XL7). 

Launching gaadiwaadi, Ertiga facelift will launch in April 2022 with a new automatic transmission. Also mentioned, the transmission will be the same as that used by the new generation brezza. It is believed that the matik used is no longer conventional 4-speed. But the gearbox used by the Suzuki Vitara version of the global market. If true, it could be using an automatic 6-speed plus paddle shifter.

Considering that 4-speed matik is already classified as outdated technology, refreshment in the sector is quite reasonable. The proof, too, began many manufacturers who switched to CVT. The Toyota Avanza, Veloz and Daihatsu Xenia, as well as the Mitsubishi Xpander facelift. All switch from automatic 4-speed to CVT.

If the Ertiga and XL7 dead transmission turns into 6-speed, it is certainly no less interesting. Although still conventional, the number of more teeth will maximize engine performance. The tighter ratio creates a swift acceleration response and efficiency can also be maintained. Moreover, matched manual mode plus paddle shift, it will be more exciting

Talk about Suzuki's 6-speed automatic transmission, not foreign stuff. In Indonesia there is a Suzuki SX4 S-Cross that uses it since 2016. It is in charge of delivering power from the 1.5-liter M15A gasoline engine. If adopted to Ertiga and XL7 facelift later certainly not paired with the same engine.

Ertiga Minor Facelift, Mild Hybrid Plus Matik 6-Speed?

Suzuki Indomobil Sales has stated that it welcomes the era of electrification. Mild hybrid technology will be chosen as a breakthrough against competitors. The contestants are already there. Even appeared during the electric car show in Monas 2019 ago. Ertiga uses an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) system. Similar to the technology used by the first generation Ertiga diesel hybrid.

Suzuki Ertiga and XL7 Will Have Facelift, Using New Matik Transmission
Suzuki Ertiga and XL7 Will Have Facelift, Using New Matik Transmission

ISG work system is more instrumental in increasing efficiency while reducing emissions. Especially for automatic start and stop functions. It starts when the vehicle is in a stop position and the driver does not step on the pedals and gears in the 'N' or neutral position. Automatically the car performs an Engine Auto Stop that serves to turn off the engine. But the electrical system remains on. Then when the pedal is stepped on, ISG again starts the engine.

Regarding the look of the Ertiga facelift may not be able to expect much. From the leak of spy shots in India, it appears minor change from its outward appearance. Change only dwells on the grille. Possibly switching from chromium-clad bars to honeycomb. The stern even seems to experience no touch at all. If later there is, most only in the form of chromium garnish cosmetics for just the latest model suppressor. It is not yet known what is new about the interior.

Even so, there is still hope suzuki in Indonesia presents a different. But revamping the Ertiga and XL7 is a must. Because its opponents are increasingly advanced, related to the presentation of technology and features. According to our initial conclusions, the Ertiga facelift will change more in terms of mechanics and feature additions. Mild hybrid engine plus 6-speed matik can be enough provisions to win the competition. Do not forget the safety features can be further improved

Female Truck Drivers Appreciate Hino Training Center and Safety Driving Competition

 Driving a large truck is not uncommon for women in Indonesia. But not for Devi Nuraisyah Stephani (30), from Wonogiri, Central Java. He even unfortunately transversely delivered goods between provinces even outside the island. 

When it comes to the opening of the driving training center facility or Hino Total Support Customer Center (HTSCC). He welcomed the program. Because it can provide good benefits for the driver. This includes the appreciation of the Hino Safety Driving Competition.

"It definitely needs adjustments for women driving big trucks. At first the fear must be there, the fear of rape, the fear of nabrak. But as long as you try, you get used to it for a long time. Therefore, with the Hino service (driving course) for drivers it is very good. Because it can hone the skills of drivers until they understand and the safety side is given to know. The woman's distress in driving the truck if it retreats far away. Especially on the narrow track, it's hard. But now it is smooth because it dares to try," said Devi Nuraisyah Stephani, at Hino Total Support Customer Center, Purwakarta, West Java (27/1).

Female Truck Drivers Appreciate Hino Training Center and Safety Driving Competition
Female Truck Drivers Appreciate Hino Training Center and Safety Driving Competition

Devi claimed to have been in this profession for four years. Trayek passed starting from Central Java, Bali, Jakarta, Padang to penetrate Aceh. The profession as a truck driver is cool. Because it can carry large vehicles on the highway while traveling, while filling the Youtube content of Driver Shadow17. He also admitted, on the road to more friends, a new experience. "If the grief is there. In the past, once 'flooded' had to change tires in the Semarang area. Kapok, no more. If the other trouble in Hino's truck has never been. Because I brought a new unit so minimal problems, "he said again.

Hino Safety Driving Competition

Then about the Safety Driving Competition conducted by Hino, he claimed to be interested if the car was installed telematics system. "Yes, I want to follow, but later if the vehicle is installed telematics," he added. 

To note, HMSI is so vociferously campaigning for driving safety. Hino Safety Driving Competition (HSDC). In total there were 31 events in 23 major cities throughout the country. When accumulated, there were 2,275 truck and bus driver participants from 1,687 companies who took part in the activities. HSDC itself is held divided into two capability tests.

The first day the driver must take a written test on driving safety. Proverbs, daily inspection, proper driving, economical driving, safety driving and traffic signs. After the written test. Then the 10 best representatives undergo the next test, namely skill test and inspection test. The driver will be assessed how to carry a large vehicle through a zig-zag road. Both forward and parking backwards. But because of the pandemic, Hino changed the race online.

This year Hino Safety Driving Competition was held by utilizing telematics features. For drivers who enter the competition. They can see for themselves the results of the score card evaluation whether the driver is driving safely and according to the rules. Because if they bring a good and safe vehicle. Will get a good score card points, and potentially a winner. But still, the main corridor of the Hino program is to improve safety and road safety.

"When participants know the results of driving assessment, whether it is safe or not from the score card data. Of course, this is an evaluation material for them in driving. Driving is safe and according to the rules. Besides being able to maintain security for yourself, it also maintains security for others on the road," said Santiko Wardoyo, COO - Director of HMSI.

Not to Be Outdone, Goodyear Indonesia Presents Truck-Specific Radial Tires

The trend of tire radialization in the country is increasingly real as technology develops and road infrastructure increases. This makes radial tires more likely to shift the dominance of biased tires in Indonesia. 

Not only in the passenger vehicle segment but also commercially. PT Goodyear Indonesia Tbk supports the radialization trend in Indonesia by launching its latest product, the Goodyear S501.

Ltr (radial light truck), Goodyear S501 focuses on targeting the 3/4 truck segment in Indonesia. This is a comprehensive step by Goodyear to support the acceleration of Indonesia's industrialization era and answer the demand of the commercial tire market where biased tire types are still very dominant.

Not to Be Outdone, Goodyear Indonesia Presents Truck-Specific Radial Tires
Not to Be Outdone, Goodyear Indonesia Presents Truck-Specific Radial Tires

"We have a vision that radial tyres will beat biased tyres by a ratio of 60:40 in the next five years. We are optimistic to encourage radialization trends in Indonesia through the launch of the Goodyear S501 for the 3/4 truck segment. Our focus on targeting the Indonesian truck market is also in line with the government's target of building toll roads reaching 4,817 km until 2024 for the acceleration of national mobilization. This is a very promising first step," said Iman Santoso Commercial Director of PT Goodyear Indonesia in his statement.

Designed with Goodyear's cutting-edge technology, the design of the 4-rib palm pattern and deep palm thickness, play an important role in producing optimal mileage making the Goodyear S501 perfect for use with more load loads and longer mileage in Indonesia.

"The average test results of the level of wear and tear we conducted throughout 2020 to 2021 showed the performance of the Goodyear S501 outperformed the majority of Goodyear's competitors in the Indonesian truck market. This is a key factor for us to continue to increase sales of goodyear S501 exponentially (triple) in 2022," said Nova Siregar, Commercial Product Manager of PT Goodyear Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Wicaksono Soebroto, Head of Communications of PT Goodyear Indonesia added. "The phenomenon of bias to radial tire transition in Indonesia is important for the acceleration of mobilization and industrial transformation in Indonesia. Goodyear S501 is a flexible tire for various types of truck loads such as water tank transportation, animal feed, public cargo, and so on. This indirectly supports the growth of meeting the needs of the high needs of indonesian people."

The Goodyear S501 is available in two sizes: S501 7.50R16 14 PR and S501 8.25R16 14PR. For more product details, please visit the official page of PT Goodyear Indonesia following 

New Generation Mitsubishi Triton tests at North Pole

Mitsubishi is preparing the latest model of the Triton. Yep, a fully camouflaged double cabin pickup was caught on camera. Obviously a car that was undergoing testing.

 The location is also quite extreme around the North Pole. Coinciding also still winter, is the right moment in all-terrain car testing and weather.

From the looks of it it is easy to recognize. It is clear the face shape and body of the Mitsubishi L200 or Triton as we know it today, aka known as test mule. But it is easy to believe also, if this will be the forerunner of the sixth generation. According to Carscoops search, the test unit is likely testing a new chassis. Because it can be recognized from the wheelbase is longer than usual.

New Generation Mitsubishi Triton tests at North Pole
New Generation Mitsubishi Triton tests at North Pole

In other words, it could be that later Triton this latest model will not get a change of appearance. The body and other parts can still borrow the model now. It's still a mystery how it will look. But there is one oddity that can be analyzed. The headlights are uniquely shaped. If further examined it turns out to be using mirages. It could be a sign of his headlamp position later. Describes the continuation of Mitsubishi's Dynamic Shield design language.

The rest remains the same as Triton today, including interior arrangements. So we can't further assess the changes that will occur. One thing comes from the rear wheel. The distance extends to adjust the new chassis to be used. Due to being included in an alliance with Renault and Nissan, it is likely an effort also in cutting the cost of intermerek development.

The potential of uniting triton, Nissan Navara and Renault Alaskan in one construction is growing. But the project is still going on for quite some time. Triton is likely to debut later this year. Navara next year. They have to accept a tough challenge from the new Ford Ranger. 

Regarding attendance, Mitsubishi Triton 2023 is rumored to be launched next year and no later than 2024.

It's time for regeneration

Mitsubishi Triton in Indonesia has been around since generation three. Its existence has been around for almost 20 years. The fifth generation triton is now getting older. First came out in 2015 and underwent a radical facelift in 2019. His face changed completely following the latest Dynamic Shield design developments. The engine also switched to a 2.4-liter VGT 4N15 unit such as the Pajero Sport. But the transmission is only 6-speed, not 8-speed.

Triton's safety features are quite complete. It has Forward Collition Mitigation System (FCM), Blins Sport Warning (BSW), Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA), Ultrasonic misacceleration Mitigation System (UMS), Active Stability & Traction Control (ASTC), Hill Start Assist (HSA), Hill Descent Control (HDC), ABS & EBD, Rear Camera, Auto Door Lock by Speed Sensing, Auto-dimming Rearview Mirror, Keyless Operation System and Immobilizer.

It is now sold in CBU status from Thailand. The assembly is still centered in Laem Chabang, in addition to catalao, Brazil. There are 6 variants sold. For Double Cabin is divided into Ultimate A/T 4x4, Exceed M/T 4x4 and GLS M/T 4x4 variants. While Single Cabin consists of HDX M /T 4x4 and GLX M / T 4x2. Hdx type is still powered by the old 4D56 engine. About the price, Triton is sold from Rp 271.65 million to Rp 489.5 million.

Hyundai Talks About Kona, Ioniq Electric and Ioniq 5 Prices

 The electric vehicle market in 2022 will be on the rise. At least that's what PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) believes as an electric vehicle player in Indonesia that offers the most models today.

Based on wholesale sales data from Gaikindo, in 2021, two Hyundai EV products, Kona Electric and Ioniq, were sold quite a lot. Kona recorded 360 units and Ioniq E sold 228 units. By calculation, Hyundai managed to lead the BEV market with 87.4 percent with a record retail sales of 605 units.

Hyundai Talks About Kona, Ioniq Electric and Ioniq 5 Prices
Hyundai Talks About Kona, Ioniq Electric and Ioniq 5 Prices

For prospective consumers of both EV products, Hyundai revealed at the beginning of the second year the product must undergo price changes. This is related to government regulation PP No. 74 of 2021 concerning Changes to Government Regulation No. 73 of 2019 concerning Taxable Goods classified as Luxury Motor Vehicles Subject to Sales Tax on Luxury Goods. The law came into effect in October 2021.

"From that regulation, Kona and Ioniq EV the price goes up. That includes a lot, but we have subsidies. The increase to almost Rp 40 million," said Makmur, Chief Operating Officer of HMID when met some time ago.

The import status of both products also makes an increase in the price of these electric vehicles. Currently Hyundai Kona Electric Signature variant is offered at a price of Rp 697 million on the road Jakarta. For Ioniq Prime variant costs Rp 637 million and Signature is offered at a price of Rp 677 million with both status on the road Jakarta.

Makmur revealed, currently for hyundai electric vehicle enthusiasts must be a little patient waiting for the unit. Currently both EVs have an indented time of approximately a month.

"So prices are going up because of government rules that are up about 15 percent. But, for later local production, still get zero percent tax. Previously PPnBM zero percent for EVs despite imports from outside. Now with the new rules, those that are not produced locally are not zero percent," said Makmur who again reminded Hyundai will produce Ioniq 5 at their factory in Cikarang this year.

Ioniq 5

Back about the EV product that will be present, ioniq 5, some time ago the product has been seen being studied production at hyundai factory. Ioniq 5 is a product that will be offered in different classes with Kona and Ioniq EV.

Makmur revealed that it will still sell Konda and Ioniq because both have different segments with new Ioniq 5 products that will be present this year. Both EV products fill the B segment while Ioniq 5 is a more premium product. The price is certainly more expensive.
"If the segment is different, the features are more, of course," Makmur asserted.

This means that Ioniq 5 can fill the EV market at Rp 700 million to Rp 800 million. A number that is quite large compared to the shadow of many people who hope to enjoy an EV product made in Indonesia at competitive prices. We'll see when this product comes this year.

Ioniq 5 is Hyundai's modern product that uses the latest E-GMP platform.

The use of this platform enables product configuration through modularization and standardization. This platform is claimed to provide a more stable driving sensation, guarantee the durability of a sturdy body structure and provide its own advantages to the exterior atmosphere and maximize its use in various road conditions.

Hyundai also revealed that the E-GMP platform comes more compact to maximize space and weight, more efficient because the battery capacity remains the same but the driving distance is further while developing the workings of ignition coil structure.

Another advantage, Hyundai guarantees stress-free when charging because in just 18 minutes from the beginning of charging can increase the range of 100 kilometers in 5 minutes. In addition, vehicle to load that allows units with the platform to switch functions as electric chargers (110V / 220V) to other vehicles, aka this platform allows it to become a charging power source through integrated charging control unit (ICCU) and also vehicle charging management system (VCMS) without using additional devices.

Ioniq Electric

• Signature AT: Rp 677,000,000

• Prime AT: Rp 637,000,000

Kona Electric

• Signature AT: Rp 697,000,000

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R Has Sold 6 Thousand Units, This Is What Makes It Sell Well

PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) arguably harvests the success of its ninja ZX-25R products. The sport bike is rumored to have sold as many as 6,145 units, and the best-selling model is the ABS SE type aka the highest variant.

The figure was taken from the recap from the beginning of the launch on July 10, 2020 until the end of December 2022. The amount is not too much, but if you look at the price offered from Rp 99.5 million to Rp 116 million OTR Jakarta (January 2022 price), this is a positive achievement.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R

Deputy Head & Sales Promotion of PT KMI Michael Chandra Tanadhi revealed, of the two choices of Ninja ZX-25R types, 80 percent of consumers are more interested in the most expensive variants.

"Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R continues to get good enthusiasm from consumers. Our data, they prefer the most expensive variant," Michael told 

High booking numbers, continued Michael, can not be separated from the normal Kawasaki Indonesia assembly plant in the West Cikarang area, Bekasi. They can supply Ninja ZX-25R units on demand dealers in each area.

"The target delivery (to dealers) per month is 400 to 500 units. We will continue to maximize for consumers and immediately complete the delivery of the unit," he concluded.

Targets Far Exceeded

If you remember, at the beginning of the launch of kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R, Michael revealed that this bike only has a target of 2,000 units per year. But not even 2 months from its debut, KMI claims that the product has been ordered as many as 2,400 units, which means passing the production quota plan.

"Yes, the number has now exceeded the quota by a year. We have raised the factory production plan by about 10 percent," he added.

If there is no pandemic

Another thing if indonesia's condition without the COVID-19 pandemic, he said if ninja ZX-25R was originally projected with a quota of 4,000 units per year.

"Maybe if you are without the COVID-19 situation, the current economy might be at 8,000 units a year," he said.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R

So what exactly is the uniqueness of the motorcycle worth almost Rp 100 million? Broadly speaking, the Ninja ZX-25R has capital that its competitors do not have at this time, either from Yamaha, Honda, or Suzuki.

He is equipped with a 249 cc runway kitchen, DOHC, 16 valves, 4-stroke, liquid cooling, injection mixer, and 4-cylinder configuration. The construction of this machine can be said to be 'new' in the Indonesian automotive market.

The 4-cylinder engine offers a melodious sound character like a big motor (moge). Moreover, the ZX-25 is claimed to be able to shake up to 18 thousand rpm engine rotation, it is fairly high for a quarter-liter motor.

The concoction of legs on the Ninja ZX-25R is also a selling point. He uses an upside down front suspension type SFF-BP made by Showa. While in the back using a monoshock with a pre-load setting system combined with a swing arm type banana-arm aluminum.

The features and technology of driving preoccupation are another plus for the ZX-25R. He adopted a device similar to his older brother Ninja ZX-6R and ZX-10R. Below is the completeness of the ZX-25R.

Toyota moves Volkswagen back from top spot of world's best-selling brand in 2021

In the midst of the unfinished pandemic conditions and chip limitations that hit the automotive industry, Toyota Motor Corp. (TMC) took first place for global sales in 2021. This achievement passed the achievements of the German company, Volkswagen AG for the second year in a row.

Data shown by TMC, they managed to sell more than 10 million units of vehicles exactly 10,495,548 units. This figure is an accumulation of sales of the Toyota, Daihatsu to Hino brands. Each contributed 9,615,157 units to Toyota, 725,179 units to Daihatsu and 155,212 units to Hino.

Toyota Kembali Geser Volkswagen dari Posisi Teratas Merek Terlaris di Dunia 2021

Toyota's biggest sales were contributed by sales in the Chinese and U.S. markets. This result is also quite interesting because both markets are quite hit by the scarcity of chips that are the source of production problems of most automotive manufacturers.

Toyota's results were up about 10 percent from a year earlier. In 2020, due to the Covid pandemic, Toyota's sales fell 11.3 percent. Toyota itself is still affected by the pandemic with the closure of 11 factories in Japan related to the pandemic issue.

Volkswagen Group sales in 2021 only managed to sell 8.88 million units of vehicles. This achievement is far adrift of Toyota with three brands contributing to their sales.

Toyota's record vehicle sales in Japan reached 2,108,810 units. That's down 2 percent from a year ago. The figure for each brand, Toyota, sold 1,476,136 units, down 1.9 percent from a year ago. However, for market share in Japan, Toyota's own brand sales reached 33.2 percent, up slightly from a year ago.

Daihatsu's sales in Japan reached 572,739 units, down 3.3 percent, and the Hino brand by 59,935 units, down 0.2 percent from a year ago. Sales results for the Japanese market itself decreased two years in a row.

Toyota moves Volkswagen back from top spot of world's best-selling brand in 2021
Toyota moves Volkswagen back from top spot of world's best-selling brand in 2021

Toyota Group sales are indeed the most outside Japan with total sales reaching 8,367,738 units or up about 13 percent from a year ago. This is the first increase in two years.

From the data shown by Toyota, production has also increased, especially for global results from January to December 2021. Toyota, Daihatsu, and Hino production outside Japan managed to produce 6,185,272 units, up 17 percent from last year. The slight decline was actually present from factories in Japan, which was 3,890,974 units, down 1.4 percent.

This record shows the first increase in the last two years. Domestic production in Japan fell in two consecutive years.

Rumors honda Vario 160 will debut on February 2, 2022 in Indonesia

The Signal Honda Vario 160 will soon launch seems to be realized soon. The news comes after Astra Honda Motor (AHM) released the PCX 160 in early February last year which is known if both motorcycles are built from the same engine platform.

About the rumors of the launch of the Honda Vario 160, actually this bike is expected to debut in Indonesia at the end of 2021, but at that time it was the CB150X that was launched by AHM on the GIIAS floor.

Honda Vario 160
honda Vario 160

But wait a minute, hopes vario 160 soon reappeared after Honda informed if it will launch a new product on February 2, 2022. Through an official invitation, the new motorcycle will be introduced at 09.00 WIB at AHM Safety Riding & Training Center in gicc area, Kota Deltamas, Cikarang West Java.

It does not mention the name of the Vario 160 that will be reported, but based on information from one of our sources who work at the component manufacturing vendor company for AHM mentioned if they are receiving an order of Vario 160 parts.

"It should be in the near future (Vario 160) between January or February already launched. The information is from AHM, but for the date is still completely undisclosed there is no join trial. Unlike the PCX 160 which has been released before launching," said a source who declined to be identified.

Furthermore, he explained, the components in question use the BASE PCX 160 but will have differences in some parts that are called more sporty.

"The overall form of the bike I have not seen, until now there has been no leak even the vendor of the tier 1 AHM only info to me has not been able to form," he concluded.

Thailand and Vietnam

Lately the Thai and Vietnamese automotive media are also quite massively reporting the chances of honda Vario 160 or Click 160 launch. Quoted great biker, this bike is planned to be introduced in Thailand in February to March 2022.

The information will get a significant design revision but does not change the identity and main character of the previous model. Some predictions have sprung up, Vario 160 will reportedly carry disc brakes at the back, the use of ABS brakes, traction control, and the application of new engines. 

Unfortunately, there are no details about the specifications of the engine that will be used. But if it is true to use the 160 frills does not rule out the possibility of using a pacemaker similar to the all new PCX, namely eSP + 157 cc configured 4 valves.

A common strategy carried out by manufacturers using the same machine from several products. Generally will be distinguished in terms of output and the character of the engine adjusts to the appearance of the motor. Yes, the company so no longer need a large investment to present a new engine.

However, until now, the AHM still rejects the news of the launch of Vario 160. General Manager of Corporate Communication AHM, Ahmad Muhibuddin explained that they are still focused on the Vario model now and said that sales and demand are still good.

"For the Honda Vario 160 looking forward to it, for a while we have no plans to go there yet and we are just using that engine for the Honda PCX. The Indonesian market with a 160 cc engine is still to PCX first," muhib said.

Do you think the Honda Vario 160 will launch on February 2, 2022? Stay tuned continuously, yes to find out the new motor information from AHM!

Don't Forget to Take Care of the Brakes During the Rainy Season

Speaking of the rainy season, it certainly speaks of vehicle maintenance. Weather in Indonesia known for high rainfall in some areas, especially at the end of the year, makes vehicles need to be considered in some parts.

One of them is the brakes. This part is the main component of the vehicle that can be affected by its performance. Slippery roads make the need for braking crucial to stop the speed of the vehicle.

Don't Forget to Take Care of the Brakes During the Rainy Season
Don't Forget to Take Care of the Brakes During the Rainy Season

In order to turn off driving safety, checks on vehicle brake readiness should be a concern. Basically brake perfroma can be felt by the driver while driving. But for safer steps, periodic checks are also recommended to ensure the feasibility of further brake components.

Mitsubishi advises on how to perform brake maintenance on vehicles during the rainy season. The easiest is to do periodic maintenance that will usually be checked the condition of the vehicle's brake system every 20,000 km. The examination includes the quantity of brake fluid, brake fluid leakage, thickness and flatness of the disc disc surface and the thickness of the brake pad.

If the campas are found to be thin or depleted then it should be replaced immediately. If it is thick enough, it will only be cleaned.

The disc also needs attention. If the disc experiences uneven wear and tear as a result when braking will potentially cause vibrations that are felt on the brake pedal. If this happens, it should be checked whether the disc can still be seized or has to be replaced. If it can be done subbed, it is highly recommended to use a lathe directly in the vehicle for maximum results.

Brake performance also depends on fluid or brake fluid. Be sure to check the condition of the oil reserve tank brake fluid regularly, once a week, along with other components. Vehicle owners should also follow the recommendation of replacing brake fluid every 40,000 km with brake fluid recommended in the owner manual or official workshop. Also note if the brake fluid has been exhausted before the minimum distance limit because there is a possibility of a leak that must be repaired immediately.

Brake checks should be done in an official workshop to get maximum results. Perform regular maintenance before the brake components are damaged. Regular maintenance is still better than repairing when damage occurs, especially for brake devices that have a vital role when driving. Make sure to use original parts.

"Every component equipped in a Mitsubishi car has been prepared to facilitate and ensure users to drive safely and comfortably in a variety of conditions. Owners and users must still be more vigilant and pay attention to vital aspects and also drive including when entering the rainy season," said Boediarto, General Manager aftersales Division of PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI) in his statement, Thursday (12/16/2021).

For Mitsubishi consumers, there is a special vehicle maintenance program during the rainy season through the Rainy Campaign program. This program offers a Mitsubishi vehicle training package that aims to prepare the vehicle consensus remains primed to provide a sense of security to customers facing the rainy season. The program, which was held from December 1, 2021 to January 31, 2022, was implemented at all authorized Mitsubishi Motors dealerships with 3S facilities and was addressed to consumers with Pajero Sport, Xpander, Xpander Cross, Outlander Sport and Mirage models.

Test Drive BMW 430i Coupe M Sports Pro

BMW 4 Series. When this model officially appeared to the public, it immediately sparked debate. There are pros and cons. Especially if it's not because of the design. About this look does cause a strong reaction even since it comes as a concept model. Yep, for Bayerische Motoren Werke fans, the new design of the 4 Series is out of the pack.

The front face with its large and provocative grille was considered too strange. Actually not only in the company, most automotive lovers object to this new design style. Many memes later appeared, mocking the design of BMW's grille that is getting bigger so that in the future the German manufacturer's car only leaves the grille alone.

BMW 430i Coupe M Sports Pro
BMW 430i Coupe M Sports Pro

The second generation of the 3 Series Coupe replacement model is also the model that became the basis of BMW's then flagship sports sedan, the M4 Coupe. The beginning of the new generation of 4 Series Coupe introduced has attracted controversy, through the BMW 4 Concept in 2019. Then the production model launched in mid-2020, which then in Indonesia landed in June 2021.

Actually BMW does not only pair this new design style in the 4 Series Coupe only. They also use it in the 4 Series Gran Coupe, i4 electric cars, iX, and other potential new models that have been promised. If you look back a little, this large grill style has been started by the birth of the first X7, then the facelift or LCI version of the 7 G11 /G12 Series.

But maybe it was the manufacturer's intention in designing this car, a sportscar that is not only exciting to drive, but also able to steal the attention of anyone who sees it. And evidently, until now people are still talking about this latest BMW design, although not entirely positive.

BMW 430i Coupe M Sports Pro
BMW 430i Coupe M Sports Pro

It's hard to talk about the latest BMW 4 Series without mentioning the design. Even Carvaganza to create a special segment Colonial vs Millennial discusses this latest BMW design. But is his performance also as aggressive as his performance? Therefore we were curious and found out directly by trying the BMW 430i Coupe M Sports Pro, which now carries the code G22.


Yes, it would be nice if we start the review directly about the design of this 4 Series Coupe. BMW reasoned that this front grille design style takes reference from classic models such as the iconic 328 or 3.0 CSi E9, also having a transverse grille down. The 328 does follow the slender and tall shape of the bonnet, while the E9 is still as dimensional as the height of the bonnet top line and lamp.

Subjectively I think BMW is a bit outrageous in translating this reference. The new grille dimensions dominate the front fascia, although the design still plays its role as a fresh air induct to the engine cooler. But the aggressive shape of the grille is not followed by most others on the exterior. 

BMW 430i Coupe M Sports Pro
BMW 430i Coupe M Sports Pro

Like the headlights are still one area with a grille in the front fascia, the shape tends to be calm and smooth. Though it could be BMW adopts the headlight design of the 3 Series G20 which is more notched and emits a sportier character. Then the overall body design is also arguably too smooth for the 4 Series whose segment will be more looking for a sensation of toned and sporty while driving it.

Visual exterior side of the 430i Coupe looks clean from the curves of the body, unlike its predecessor, the F32. Not to mention with its very sloping roofline backwards, almost without faults that limit the roof and luggage. The impression is as if BMW has spent aggressive energy to design the front grille, so that the side and rear sculptures look more polite. The overall silhouette of the 4 Series Coupe makes it like the junior 8 Series. Whereas as a model 'Even Series' actually all made aggressive.

Then if you look at the interior, it is not wrong if we call Series 4 is just a plagiarized from the 3 Series. The design, layout, even the location of each button for the function and features of the interior is exactly the same. Most only the trim alone distinguishes between the Series 4 and 3. Through this variant of the M Sports Pro, the 4 Series Coupe has a more sporty touch, with the dominance of black in the cabin.

BMW 4 Series Coupé (G22): Models, technical Data & Prices |

But most of the ornaments in this interior are in line with those that BMW presents through the G20 generation 330i M Sport model. Most differ most low rooflines in the rear row seats that reduce cabin relief. Then there is the electric butler that delivers the seatbelt at all times will start the engine, because of the position of the B pillar that reverses on this coupe.


I immediately expected that the new 430i Coupe will have a more aggressive and sporty character than the 3 Series. Especially if you look at the style of a two-door body coupe that has been the benchmark of sports cars for a long time, to be able to have fun with speed. But will this car meet my expectations?

In terms of specifications, Munich equips the 4 Series this variant with a 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder engine, just like used 330i, whose performance figures present 258 hp and 400 Nm of torque. It is quite large for a car targeted to become a daily sportscar, especially turbocharger applications are also increasingly mainstream in the BMW line up today.

Shoulder line high in doors and seats that can be positioned low aka low slung makes the cockpit 430i feel like a proper sports car. To invite him to speed is not difficult, because indeed the machine can respond instantly once the accelerator is stepped in. The output distribution to the rear wheels tends to be linear and non-explosive, although there is a turbo, because the turbo lag effect is minimal. It feels like anyone who just wants to taste a sports car for the first time will not be intimidated by its performance.

In Comfort driving mode, of course, the entire driving character ranging from engine response, gear shift, handling and suspension feels conservative. It feels like a BMW sedan in general, compact like the 3 Series but the comfort is almost as high as the 5 Series. Of course, the quality of cabin comfort, especially insulation has increased compared to the first generation.

Because I want to feel whether the performance is comparable to the fierce look, then I try this car a lot in Sport mode. Yes as in general, the ECU changes the settings of the engine character, 8-speed Steptronic Sport transmission, suspension and steering wheel. The engine instantly changes its tone of voice higher, because the exhaust is more open to overflow the roar of the turbo engine.

Acceleration turns into more fierce of course, accompanying the sound of a hardened engine. The claim, 430i this generation can do sprints 0-100 km / h in 5.8 seconds. Speeding on the motorway with this car feels without worry, because the engine can quickly provide acceleration, a stable chassis to be in the lane, then the steering is also precise and steady. What is clear for the needs of a fast cruiser, the 4 Series is no longer in question.

But when trying to devour a circuit-like track, it seemed like my expectations had to be reset. This 4-time series may arguably be too tame to be a sportscar driven on a winding track.

Indeed the chassis is stiff enough to provide precise and sharp handling, so it is quite easy to read the movement of the body every time it invites it to maneuver aggressively. But it feels like the steering wheel is too light to support an aggressive driving style, even though it's already in Sport mode.

Even so, the front has an incredible grip to accommodate the desire to maneuver quickly when changing direction. And the back is light enough to be thrown if you want to make it dislodged. But yes it was, the steering wheel rotation is still too light and very electronic, although the precision in translating input from the driver.

Too comfortable?

Either maybe my expectations were wrong or indeed bmw's development direction for the 4 Series is indeed a comfortable sports coupe. Because I think during the test of this car, it feels like the 430i Coupe M Sports Pro is too comfortable for a sportscar. My expectations in trying sportscars didn't climax, or were not met to the fullest.

This car I think is too impermeable, smooth, and comfortable, or arguably too polite for its aggressive appearance with its provocative grille. Although in terms of series 4 performance is still tight, but the sensation of pleasure is less thorough. It must be said that the essence of "Sheer Driving Pleasure" that BMW always highlights is not fully enjoyable by speed lovers.

When driven fast, the cabin is too impermeable to be able to enjoy the roar of the turbo engine. Whereas usually a car with frameless windows on the door compromises about reduced cabin efficiency. But it feels like the insulation in the 430i is too impermeable or indeed the engine sound is not so loud. If that is the case it can be understood because now the increasingly stringent emission demands affect the decibel level in the engine sound, in addition to the fact that the turbo is also enough to dampen the engine screams.

Likewise with the character of the steering very light and smooth, becomes another supporting factor why this car is too comfortable as a sportscar. Bakan compared to the MINI trim Cooper S that was both born BMW alone feels much different. Perhaps bmw's development direction in the G22 4 Series is for the wider market and segment, not just speed lovers. So, more and more consumers can enjoy and own this car. Yes, if you want to sell as much as possible, it is not wrong either.

The comfort and smoothness of the ride is more suitable to be a compact grand tourer than a circuit-devouring coupe. Its dimensions are still similar to the 3 Series also make it a sports car that is still comfortable and practical enough to be an everyday race. At least it can be more stealing people's attention when parking in the office or hangout to the mall.

My advice, if you want to have the latest BMW coupe that can meet the desire to adrenaline and have fun, you should just take the M4 Competition option that is already available in Indonesia. But if you want a stylish car and still comfortable to rely on as a daily mobility partner, the 4 Series Coupe can be an attractive choice.

Test Drive Jeep Gladiator, Not Canned Offroader

When we hear the word Jeep, what is imagined in our minds is a tough car, macho and a whiz in bulldozing offroad tracks. Jeep seems to be an idiom for those who like to adventure in the wild with 4x4 vehicles.

It can't be denied. The company, founded in 1945, has this reputation. The brand, which is now under the Stelantis umbrella, is known for its reputation as a 4-wheel drive car with incredible toughness. That toughness is what makes Jeep imaged as an off-road and touring vehicle that is identical to those who have an adventurous spirit.

Jeep Gladiator
Jeep Gladiator

Lately the variety of TYPES of SUVs makes the choice also more and more. Various SUV characters come with designs, technologies, and capabilities that adjust the needs of various consumers as well. About ten years back, even the mention of an SUV could already be owned by a hatchback that was only made taller and given additional body panels to provide extra protection.

The market and consumer desires may grow. But for a true SUV manufacturer like Jeep, there is a unique and different way to offer a car that can fulfill many activities. Indeed, if you look at the current Line up of Jeep models, there are already compact dimension models and affordable prices, for those who may not need full SUV capabilities. Just look at models like the Jeep Renegade or Compass that tend to be developed into concrete jungle SUVs.

Jeep Gladiator
Jeep Gladiator

Another case if you look at the Jeep Wrangler Gladiator, a double cabin that has extra dimensions compared to the regular Wrangler double cabin. You could say this Gladiator is a variant of the Wrangler that maximally combines the needs of utility, practicality, attention-stealing style, as well as offroad abilities that need not be doubted. Because it's basically a Jeep Wrangler.

In dimensions this car is already significantly longer than the Wrangler Long Wheelbase. The overall length reaches 5.5 meters more, exactly 5,539 mm, compared to the Wrangler 5 doors along 4,785 mm. The Gladiator's wheelbase also swelled to 3,487 mm, nearly half a meter compared to the Wrangler Long Wheelbase. So you could say that this Gladiator is a Wrangler Long-Long Wheelbase. Just imagine, this car is also longer than the Mercedes-Benz S-Class long wheelbase.

In Indonesia, the Wrangler Gladiator launches with Rubicon trim, which is the highest option for the base of the oldest models from Jeep. Debuted in January 2021, Gladiator carries a variant of the 3.6-liter, non turbo, 285 hp Pentastar V6 engine, which still relies on a conventional automatic transmission aka torque converter system in this car.

Jeep Gladiator
Jeep Gladiator

Curious about the giant and long design like this limousine, we also tried gladiator which is now marketed by PT DAS Indonesia as the official distributor of Jeep in the country. We want to know what this car is used as a daily mobility partner. Not only that, the performance invited dirty-dirt alias playing offroad is also something we want to prove in the test drive this time.

City Cruiser

Looking at its anatomy, Jeep designed the Wrangler Gladiator as an all-terrain service vehicle with greater transport capabilities. The wheels alone are wrapped with MT (mud terrain) type tires, which need not be doubted performance to scratch the ground and mud.

But looking at the current automotive market conditions, more and more people are buying expensive high-performance SUVs to use in the city. Therefore, we want to feel also how to be a capital poser who only uses Gladiator on asphalt roads and maybe move from one mall to another. 

Jeep Gladiator
Jeep Gladiator

With a length of more than 5 meters, the Jeep Gladiator is tricky enough to drive in the city. Especially if you take it across a rather narrow residential area with a small corner corner. Then considering the position of the front wheel that is very advanced to have a short approach angle, it needs adaptation to get used to inviting it to swerve on the streets in the city.

Long wheelbase and extra large tub becomes a challenge to invite Gladiator to become a city cruiser, especially when in the parking area of the mall or office. The end of the tub or rear bumper that is far enough from the rear wheel axis must be admittedly quite troublesome to park backwards. If successful, it is also with the condition of the bonnet position jutting more forward than other cars in the parking building. Yes at least Gladiator can be more visible and still steal the attention even if it's just silence.

Fortunately this car is still fairly normal height, not increasing more than the regular Wrangler. So to bring it into a parking building with low ceilings is no more troublesome than the length. Moreover, as a true SUV from birth, a high sitting position also facilitates the execution of maneuvers from behind the wheel.

Jeep Gladiator
Jeep Gladiator

With the V6 engine, the output for leisurely driving is linear. Not so explosive when the gas pedal is stepped on, although the torque is more than 350 Nm. The pace is polite enough to drive casually in the middle of dense city traffic like Jakarta. The conventional automatic transmission also feels still smooth to change gears driven casually. Indeed, if at the beginning of the acceleration of gear shift is fairly late, until it touches 2,000 rpm and makes the engine quite roar.

While still in a stationary state, the steering wheel feels heavy rotated, a consequence of the large dimensions of the wheels and tires. But if you have driven the weight from the steering wheel immediately lost, like a modern SUV or a regular car, so inviting Gladiator to devour the track in the city is not tiring.

Oh yes, speaking of dimensions, driving this car in inner-city traffic must also be considered the width. Because the shape of the fender that is wider than the base body also needs precision calculations, at least so as not to nudge other road users such as motorists. In addition, this factor also needs to be considered when going to park backwards, both in the parking lot and in your own home.

With a tall ground clearance, exactly 283 mm, so bulldozing damaged asphalt is not a big thing. It's like a human straddling a pebble. Then even though it is high, the suspension is also not too soft, feels firm and steadily reduces the body roll that usually occurs in SUVs. The character of this suspension makes it more comfortable when invited to pass quite fast on the motorway.

And speaking of on the motorway, this Jeep Gladiator is like I said it feels like a mainstream modern SUV in general. Stay comfortable and steady to drive. The most important thing to note is the steering wheel that is not developed as impressively as a sports car, there are conditions we must quickly correct the steering wheel even though it goes straight. Then although mt tires produce noise that is quite noisy, the sound is not so disturbing into the cabin. This means that the insulation given by Jeep deserves a thumbs up.


Incomplete feels already with jeep Wrangler but does not invite him to step on the offroad terrain that becomes his natural habitat. Moreover, as a standard Wrangler is available transfer case to move from 2WD mode to 4H and 4L. There are even some supporting features that will make playing offroad easier and more practical in this car.

The offroad field we chose is the Pagedangan track which is located in bsd area, South Tangerang. This area with a stretch of red soil and some muddy sections presents a track that is representative enough to prove the performance of the Wrangler Gladiator, although not yet to extreme levels. Especially with already equipped with MT type tires, meaning playing on artificial offroad tracks in this city should not be a difficult challenge.

Straight away the track steps back and back, steep climbs and mud become the target of testing. Before that, the drive system was moved to 4H mode aka 4WD with a high gear ratio. With this 4H mode although linear, torque to be used uphill can be quickly devolved by simply playing the gas pedal. Because itself on a fairly wide track, so maneuvering to turn around does not feel bothered even though Gladiators along it.

Actually more curious is the extent of the articulation or distance of the suspension when bulldozing offroad roads. So in the asymmetrical obstacles of the row, we try how the chassis. Although long and wide, it's easy for this obstacle we go through. With different wheel positions in front and back or right and left, gladiators can still stand in fairly flat conditions. It feels firm on the asphalt, the suspension is very flexible on contours like this.

The scorching weather conditions during testing make the red dirt track quite hard, so it is not so difficult. Then some steep climb obstacles become the next target. With a very short overhang, so it's very easy to start going uphill at a sizable angle. Even without having to go into 4L mode, pentastar engine torque is still very capable of being invited uphill. Just play the momentum and set the pressure on the gas pedal.

Satisfied with successfully devouring these climbs, we try to pass from the opposite direction that is downhill. With the same mode, going through a steep descent is enough to hold the speed with the brake pedal so as not to slide freely. Looking at the slope indicator in Off Road Pages, the angle of this derivative is already at 23 degrees. We tried again down in this steepness, but by trying hill descent control that can only be active when in 4L mode. With this feature, the drivetrain automatically holds the wheel when it goes on steep descents instead of brakes.

Curiosity arises when you see some parts of the track that are flooded. Wrangler Gladiator we directly directed to a puddle that looks quite deep. Surely the base is soft enough to be mud. We are confident enough to devour the puddle with 4H mode. Sure enough, although the depth is up to half the tire, to go through it is enough to go constantly and play the steering wheel rotation in order to get traction. This is one of the advantages of MT tires used.

Starting from a shallow puddle of mud to quite deep, many times we libas without obstacles. Even the diff-lock feature is completely untouched, which can be activated when it needs optimal traction through the same right and left wheel rotations. There is a diff-lock activation option only for the front wheel, rear wheel, or all at once to all wheels.

The need to play offroad accommodated quite complete by Jeep on this car. All supporting information can be accessed through Off Road Pages which show tilt angle indicators, drivetrain mode, as well as temperature and oil pressure. All of that can be accessed through Uconnect which is integrated into Jeep's built-in infotainment. But with its such large dimensions, Jeep does not provide a 360-degree camera that can facilitate visibility in extreme terrain. The camera is only behind and in the front.

It's clear that the Wrangler Gladiator is an offroad vehicle that has no doubt about its capabilities and specifications. Its longer dimensions, mainly because an enlarged tub provides a higher utility value. And to wade through the streets of the city, this car can very steal the attention, especially if dirty by the mud used offroad. This jeep can be an option if the latest Mercedes-Benz G-Class is considered too expensive and the Land Rover Defender is less dashing.