Yamaha Electric Bike Confirmed to Launch in 2022, Looks Like NMax - Yamaha confirmed the strategic move to launch an electric motorcycle soon. So said by Chief Executive Officer &Representative Director of Yamaha Co LTD, Yoshiro Hidaka quoted from Response.

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will be displayed first in the European market. Then Japan and followed by other Asian markets such as Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. If planned, the debut will begin in 2022.
Yamaha Electric Bike Confirmed to Launch in 2022, Looks Like NMax
Yamaha Electric Bike Confirmed to Launch in 2022, Looks Like NMax

No official name has yet been given for this electric bike, but the design is slightly similar and takes the base of the Yamaha NMax. He's got a pretty gambot body visual, footrest with a selonjoran option, and also a wide handlebar, high and covered sort of cover.

The development of this electric motorcycle is based on the Yamaha E01 and E02 concept bikes introduced at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. However, from the body shape of the electric motor that will debut in 2022 it is more similar to the E01-style maxi scooter.

Meanwhile, Yoshihiro Hidaka said the Yamaha electric bike has a performance comparable to the 125 cc class. The reach with a fully charged battery is still maximized so that its use can be in accordance with the needs of consumers.

"The instrument panel shows that the remaining cruising distance is 70 km when it is almost fully charged. This is not an accurate number because it changes depending on driving patterns and environmental conditions such as temperature. But it is possible to be 2 times more than the Yamaha E-Vino," hidaka explained.

No official specifications have been published from Yamaha, even for the exterior shape that is still disguised with camouflage stickers. But we can see if the pollution-free motor has lights with LED technology and the use of a body that feels sturdy. This bike has also been equipped with an ABS braking system (Anti-lock Braking System) that can be seen on the indicator in the meter panel.

"I am confident in the completeness of the product, mileage per charge, and battery safety. However, the price is higher than the Chinese manufacturer's EV. How do I get it down? It may be an option to switch to a cheaper battery, but if you're considering recycling and reusing, you should choose a better battery," Hidaka said of electric motor production and related selling prices.

Yamaha E01 Concept Bike

As explained at the beginning, the Yamaha E01 bears a resemblance to the NMAX. It's just that, because it is a concept motor look and shape is very thick with futuristic design. For example, from the face to the stern all taper and combined with the curves of the body that gambot. On the legs also look bongsor especially on the rear wheels, because it already carries a swing arm and also monoshock suspension.

Yamaha Indonesia has an electric motor.

In the domestic market, PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) actually already has electrified vehicles through the E-Vino which was first introduced in 2017. However, unfortunately until now it has not been officially sold for reasons still doing market research.

Related to the Yamaha E01 concept bike, the manufacturer in February 2021 has patented its design at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Yes of course to protect the visual and design patents of the Yamaha EO1 that will enter the production kitchen. 

Although a number of electric vehicle legal umbrellas have been promulgated by the government, Yamaha Indonesia considers it still needs to study consumers and understand the ecosystem. It feels like if a large motorcycle manufacturer like Yamaha has started selling electric vehicles, soon the era of zero-pollution vehicles will soon mushroom in Indonesia.

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