Watch This When Cars Are Affected by Volcanic Ash Volcanic Eruptions

 Indonesia's natural conditions make people understand the various risks that can occur in everyday life. Most recently, the eruption of Mount Semeru affected the daily life of the surrounding community including the volcanic ash rain.

For some people who live around volcanoes, this condition becomes one of the natural cycles that can occur at any time. But for vehicle owners it can be a different story. Volcanic ash can bring badly on cars because it has a high content of quartz sand and is acidic. Fine dust also has a high level of sharpness such as broken glass and triggers rust.

Watch This When Cars Are Affected by Volcanic Ash Volcanic Eruptions
Watch This When Cars Are Affected by Volcanic Ash Volcanic Eruptions

How to deal with volcanic ash if at any time affected by volcanic eruptions. There are several things to consider especially to avoid more severe damage.

First on the windshield of the car. Do not wipe volcanic ash that sticks to the windshield of the car with wipers because it will potentially scratch the glass. Spray the glass with wiper cleaning water before wiping it. It is safer to water the car glass using running water or bottled water if in an emergency. Make sure there is no ash attached and continue to wipe with a washcloth.

The next attention to the body of the car. Owners need to be careful because volcanic ash is usually corrosive. Especially if in the body of the car there is damage from accidents. The best step is to immediately rinse the body of the car using running water after use. Once clean, use a dry washcloth and make sure it is perfectly clean.

The next step is to pay attention to the air filter on the engine. This part is like a human nose. The air filter filters the air that enters the engine room. Volcanic ash can damage the engine if it manages to escape an air filter that is not optimal. Do not hesitate to replace the air filter if it is too dirty.

Next is the car AC. Do not open the windshield when crossing the area affected by volcanic ash. Dust will enter the car's AC circulation and can clog up to the end of damaging the AC device. It is increasingly dangerous when contaminated air conditioning air is inhaled by car passengers. Check and replace the air conditioning cabin filter to make sure the air that enters the car's ac circulation remains clean.

Volcanic ash can also stick to the brake disc and cause problems when the brake pad presses on the disc. The surface of the brake disc will be scratched. The situation is the same when the ash manages to get into the brake tromol. Friction with the brake pads will make the brake tromol surface scratched and decrease its performance. Most severely the brakes can get stuck and damaged which triggers an accident if the brake fails to function.

Don't forget the liquid on the car. Although tightly sealed, there is still the potential for volcanic ash to successfully infiltrate the container of a car device that relies on fluids to work, such as brake fluid or radiator water. Once mixed, the chemical formula in the liquid is potentially damaged and makes it unable to work optimally.

Another component of the car that can be affected by problems due to volcanic ash is sensors that are sensitive to dirt and will interfere with the performance of the car's electronic controls. It can even make car components malfunction. Like the sensors on the car's braking system are damaged and make the ABS feature can not work properly.

"Volcanic ash volcanoes can have a negative effect on car components because they contain sharp quartz sand and are corrosive acids. You Toyota users immediately do periodic servicing of vehicles affected by volcanic ash to prevent damage and potential problems such as accidents due to malfunctions of important car components. 


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