Rubber, An Essential Component of Vehicles in the Rainy Season - Vehicle components that require maintenance and attention one of them is rubber. In vehicles rubber materials are almost used in all parts and have an important role so that the vehicle can work properly.

Unfortunately, rubber maintenance is rarely noticed by vehicle owners. In addition, there are many rubber components and not just tires. There are rubber doors, bushings, mounting, rubber wipers and of course tires.

Rubber, An Essential Component of Vehicles in the Rainy Season
Rubber, An Essential Component of Vehicles in the Rainy Season

During the rainy season like this, rubber components in the vehicle are mostly felt the benefits if in good condition. Rifta Sungkar, Mitsubishi brand ambassador revealed that the maintenance of rubber components in vehicles can be done easily.

"For the tyres it can be seen, but for other components it can be different. Rubber is important because it concerns the elements of safety and driving comfort," Rifat said in a virtual event with Mitsubishi, Tuesday (12/21/2021).

First of all, the tire components are easily visible. Vehicle owners must know the meaning of the numbers on the tire wall because there are those that show the age of the tire and the size of the tire. This is because the tire has a recommended service life of no more than five years. Rifat suggested, for new cars it's good to use production that is in accordance with the year of vehicle production.

To maintain the condition of the tire, do not forget to check the air pressure on the tire. The manufacturer usually has provided a recommended measure of air pressure on the plate on the driver's door. Obey to get maximum tire performance in all conditions.

"Don't forget to do spooring balancing periodically. Also, don't forget to check the spare tire. The pressure set is slightly higher than the standard just in case it is in an emergency. Can also do rotation to flatten the use of tires, "said Rifat.

About rubber wipers, this is an important equipment needed during the rainy season. Check the condition of the rubber periodically, pay attention to whether the rubber wiper shakes. Rifat revealed if entering the rainy season it's good to be a benchmark to replace rubber wipers with new ones. This is because wiper conditions during the summer or drought can affect when wipers work in the rainy season.

"It's a good thing for wipers to be checked regularly. Most fear if it is fitting to be used there is dirt that is swept away, this can make the view disturbed. So clean the wipers before traveling, "said Rifat.

The most important rubber component is in the door. This rubber condition affects the sound in the cabin. Periodically the rubber door can be checked the condition of the adhesive, whether it is still good or something is detached.

Rifat revealed, there are several conditions that can affect the rubber performance of the vehicle. The first is the heat that makes the rubber wear out easily. Then the dirt that sticks that makes the rubber more quickly shake. "The treatment is quite easy. Use a silicone cleaner on the rubber part of the vehicle. For tires, make regular rotations. And make sure the tire air pressure is always right and according to recommendations, "said Rifat.


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