Easy Tips to Take Care of Keyless Skutik Yamaha -The latest motorcycle output is now widely equipped with a keyless system. This technology makes the operation of the vehicle easier, because there is no need to put a key into the key house. Just carry a keyless remote in your pocket or bag, then turn around the knob, the motor can be turned on or off.

Keyless is a system for turning engines on or off that was originally used in cars with the late 1990s and early 2000s production years. Later this technology was adapted by many motorcycle manufacturers. One of them is Yamaha FreeGo. The highest type of skutik has been embedded a feature called Smart Key System (SKS).

Easy Tips to Take Care of Keyless Skutik Yamaha
Easy Tips to Take Care of Keyless Skutik Yamaha

Smart Key System (SKS) has 2 (two) main functions. First there is the Answer Back System to make it easier for riders to find the position of the bike in the parking lot within a radius of 20 meters. Immobilizer to improve the safety of the motorcycle when parked, because the motor can only turn on if there is a remote within a radius of 80 cm.

In order for the Smart Key System (SKS) feature to function optimally and smoothly, PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Mfg provides some proper and easy maintenance tips:

1. Avoid pressing the knob forcefully if the smart key is not near the motor. Be sure to operate the knob instead of the ignition normally, to prevent mechanical damage to the knob. In addition, considering the motor can only turn on if there is a remote, then make sure the remote is always near the motor when pressing the knob.

2. Make sure the remote does not fall and is always in dry conditions. Remote as a signaler, even though it is equipped with an anti-water seal, make sure the remote is always dry from the water before it is turned on to prevent damage due to short circuits.

3. Avoid Electromagnetic Radiation. Avoid the habit of placing credits around objects with high electromagnetic radiation, such as mobile phones, televisions, signal transmitters, and the like. This has the potential to disrupt the signal on the remote SKS.

4. Always make sure you have pressed the off button on the remote after turning off the motorcycle. If the remote is not off or still on after the motor dies, the signal from the remote continues to radiate thus draining the remote battery. On the Yamaha Gear 125, after the bike is turned off the remote can give the rider a reminder notification to turn off the remote.

5. Always check the remote battery. If the radius of the remote with the motorcycle is too short when used then it is advisable to immediately replace the battery on the remote.

6. Make sure to always remember/save the pin number smart key. This makes it easier for consumers to inform the dealer in case of a key loss.

7. Avoid storing remotes in the trunk of the motor or rack on the motor. This is so as not to be left behind or lost. If you lose the key, the consumer will have to replace the smart unit, SGCU, and remote control.

8. Always check the cleanliness of sockets and cable lines on the smart unit as signal receivers to avoid short circuiting.