Want to Keep Car Paint Durable, Here's How to Take Care of It!

 Buying a car is not as easy as turning the palm of your hand. It takes hard work and sacrifice to get a car for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Want to Keep Car Paint Durable, Here's How to Take Care of It!
Want to Keep Car Paint Durable, Here's How to Take Care of It!

But unfortunately, this hard work does not continue to the maintenance stage so that the car paint quickly looks dull, even the car paint has been scratched and peeled even though it has only been a few months of use. Even though the car is maintained as a whole, in addition to providing comfort while driving, the car also looks smooth and clean, so that the condition of the car remains durable.

For that, do regular car paint maintenance early on. Here are six tips that can be done:

Want to Keep Car Paint Durable, Here's How to Take Care of It!

1. Wash the Car Regularly

Before wetting the car, the first thing to do is to clean the car tires first. Use a brush to clean tires from dirt that sticks like moss or mud. Once clean, spray water all over the body of the car.

Avoid the habit of letting the car dry on its own. This can accelerate the exfoliation of car paint due to the mineral content contained in tap water. Immediately wipe the car part after washing using a cotton cloth so as not to cause fine scratches on the body of the car.

2. Protecting The Car from Extreme Weather

In addition to damaging the skin, UV rays can also oxidize car paint so that it easily fades and peels. As a result, the car looks duller. Preferably, choose a shady place when parking a car, such as a basement, garage or under shady trees.

Also try to bring a car wrapper at all times just in case the parking area is exposed to direct sun. In addition, you also need to be aware of high rainfall. If the car has already been exposed to rainwater, immediately flush the car using clean water.

3. Set the Water Volume of the Hose

Cleaning the car with high-volume water automatically speeds up the work. But consciously or not, this actually endangers car paint. It is best to adjust the volume of water according to the stain attached to the car. Lower the volume of water when the stain is not too much, and vice versa.

To be safer, use the technique of washing the car by pouring. This technique is indeed draining, but it is good to keep the car paint more durable.

4. Avoid Detergents or Soaps

Cleaning materials such as detergents or soaps can speed up the exfoliation of car paint. As a result the color of the paint is no longer evenly distributed, so the car looks dull and old.

So that the paint does not fade quickly or peel, use a special shampoo that you can buy in supermarkets, minimarkets or markets. The price is around Rp20 thousand to Rp200 thousand, depending on the brand of shampoo.

Make sure the shampoo chosen is effective in removing stubborn stains so that you do not have to rub the car repeatedly when cleaned.

5. Apply a Shiny Looking Car Kit

Just a clean car is not enough. There is still another stage that needs to be done, namely applying the kit on the entire body of the car. The kit is useful for lifting the remnants of fine stains that are still attached, so that the car looks shiny from close or long distance.

Apply the kit evenly throughout the body of the car with a twisting motion. Do it gradually from one part to another. In addition to making the car shiny, the kit is also good for preventing the process of mold growth in car paint. The result is that the car paint looks like new all the time.

6. Fix It Immediately when Scratched

Small scratches on the car can not be avoided even though the car has been properly and correctly maintained. These scratches could be caused by sharp objects or the ruins of tree branches and so on. If this happens to your car, immediately make repairs to the nearest repair shop. Rapid repairs can overcome scratches extending to the surrounding area.

Routine Care is the Key

As expensive as any paint used to coat the car, it doesn't last well forever. The paint will fade over time. Don't worry, this can be avoided by doing a series of treatments regularly. Make the car as one of the valuable assets so that you want to love and care for the car with all your heart.


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