KTM 390 Adventure Test Ride: Two Realms Don't Matter

KTM, an Austrian brand, is trying its luck aiming for the two-wheeled entry-level market by packing products made a little similar to its big bike bikes. The warmest in the Indonesian market, they launched a motorcycle with the adventurous hangout KTM 390 Adventure at the end of August 2020.

KTM 390 Adventure
KTM 390 Adventure

At that time, this motorcycle was released with the status of local assembly aka CKD (Completely Knock Down) at the assembly facility owned by PT Penta Jaya Laju Motor (PJLM) in Gresik, East Java. The beginning of the launch, the price tag was set at Rp 119 million, but in October it was controlled to Rp 139 million OTR Jakarta.

It does not count the most recent bike if you assess this year, but it never hurts to try how comfortable and what are the advantages offered by the bike. Of course we will also find out the shortcomings of this adventurous bike.

At least I have tried KTM 390 Adventure for approximately 5 days testing it on asphalt roads and rock tracks. Drive 266.4 kilometers from Tangerang city to Jonggol area, West Java and return safely home.

KTM 390 Adventure Test Ride: Two Realms Don't Matter

KTM 790 Adventure design

It is not a new strategy when the design of premium motors is passed down on the manufacturer's entry-level products whose purpose is to smooth sales. KTM one of them, they made 390 Adventure has details similar to the older brother, KTM 790 Adventure. The most identical part is the shape of the headlights that have a rectangular visual split into 2 parts. Next is the shroud design near the fuel tank that has sporty DNA exactly its 790 cc engine.

KTM 390 Adventure
KTM 390 Adventure

If these two bikes are juxtaposed, you would agree if the KTM 390 and 790 betel nut tub are halved. The difference is of course in terms of dimensions, weight, and some other details such as the appearance of the drill, set of legs, of course the contents of the cylinder. Overall, as an adventurous motorcycle, the KTM 390 Adventure has a thick aura as a tough-looking motorcycle that is ready to be driven in various terrains.

Driving Position

So what about the driving position? From the design of the KTM 390 Adventure body he has a fairly tall but slender shape. The dimensions of the length play at 2,154 mm, width 900 mm, and height 1,400 mm. While for the wheelbase at 1,430 mm with the lowest distance to the ground 200 mm and the height of the seat at 855 mm.

This body concoction is indeed classified as high for the posture of Indonesians in the range of 170 cm. I myself have a height of 172 cm with a weight of 75 kilograms both feet can not tread perfectly on the ground. Nevertheless, outsmarting it is quite easy, just tilt the buttocks either to the left or right and one leg is sure to tread perfectly.

KTM 390 Adventure
KTM 390 Adventure

But another thing with the position of the hand, KTM 390 Adventure may I say absolutely not intimidate the rider. He's got a wide, tall and slightly forward handlebar profile. So the hand can open straight so that the sitting position when riding becomes more relaxed.

I have proven myself to ride this motorcycle for 2 hours with road conditions that tend to be jammed as far as 80 kilometers from Tangerang City to around Jonggol, West Java limbs do not feel excessive symptoms of aches. Moreover, the character of the seat in my opinion is quite comfortable, soft, and not slippery.

Engine performance

Speaking of technical, from the official website of KTM Indonesia, this motor is armed with a 373 cc engine, DOHC, 1-cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve, liquid cooling, and has an injection power. Yes, the engine is identical to the KTM 390 Duke but I think it's more fun to ride paired on the 390 Adventure frame.

With the pacemaker, this motor is able to produce maximum power up to 43 horsepower at 9,000 rpm engine rotation and peak torque touching 37 Nm at 7 thousand rpm. The first impression when turning the gas lever, KTM 390 Adventure has the torque that rhinoceros. The power is filled linearly, from low, medium, to upper engine rotation.

KTM 390 Adventure
KTM 390 Adventure

Moreover, coupled with a ratio gear suit that is not too short, so it feels fun to drive on asphalt roads which of course to pursue torque and power to hi-rev. As a record the vibration resulting from the 1-cylinder configuration engine is quite felt, especially on the soles of the feet to the hands of the rider.

Ease and preoccupation of driving is also supported by embedding Quick Shifter (up &down) technology. The character is quite smooth, does not over-stomp, and there is an option to turn it off. But during use, I prefer to continue to activate it because it is very helpful, changing gears without the hassle of pressing the clutch lever again.

I am detailed, KTM 390 Adventure is still suitable for reliable driving in the middle of the city. Asking stop and go no doubt, the torque is available at all times but friendly to novice riders.

The distribution of heat produced by the engine is fairly friendly, used to jam the hot character is still on the verge of normal. Groin, calf, buttocks do not feel excessive heat, it feels like riding a quarter-liter Japanese motorcycle. The key is in the use of curved or curved radiators plus 2 fans at once.

Dna this motorcycle is indeed thick as an adventurous vehicle that is more inclined in uneven terrain. But when used on the asphalt road it feels good to be invited fast to sometimes forget the speed needle is already at 100 kilometers per hour.

To stop the pace and offset its performance, the KTM 390 Adventure is equipped with 1 caliper 4 piston braking with a 320 mm disc in front of which is radially mounted. While in the back escorted braking a single disc 230 mm 2 piston directed by ByBre.

Then what if used on roads that are not smooth rocks, damaged such as in the area of Mount Kapur, Jonggol, West Java? I have to admit this bike gives a great sensation. Moreover, KTM 390 Adventure already carries the OFFROAD ABS feature, which if activated automatically disconnects the ABS sensor on the rear wheel. If you meet the ground, and open the gas lever, you will be invited to dance on the motorcycle. Once gassed, the rear wheels will scratch the ground wildly.

If you want to control the motor more independently, you can also turn off the traction control feature through the settings button on the left switch. Guaranteed, once the gas in the ground field the rear wheel will spin firmly and if you have a wheelie (lifting the front wheel) must have the pleasure of driving this bike.


The value of the KTM 390 Adventure feature, this bike is the most complete questionable technology in the entry-level adventurous motorcycle class. There are at least 10 features that the manufacturer offers as below:

  • Quickshifter (up & down)
  • Cornering ABS
  • Motorcycle Traction Control
  • ABS (onroad & offroad)
  • KTM My Ride Navigation
  • Upside Down adjustable (compression & rebound)
  • Rear suspension adjustable (compression & rebound)
  • TFT Panel Instrumen
  • Ride-by-wire
  • Lampu full LED.

Handling and Construction of the Legs

Now we surgically for handling, KTM 390 Adventure has a soft character and fairly nurut to be invited to shimmy on urban streets. It feels easy to slip in the middle of a traffic jam, the handlebars are not heavy making it easier for me to maneuver.

But for those of you who are new to driving it must be careful, especially on narrow roads. As explained above, he has a wide handlebar plus embedding of handguard components that are sometimes enough to make a nook when slipping. If you're used to it, it's not a problem.

To bulldoze the corner with a slightly falling riding style, this bike provides a sensation like a sport bike berfairing or naked. Confidence also increases because it has been equipped with ABS Cornering devices.

All the positives about handling are supported by the construction of slick legs. In front of the upside-down type made by WP Apex with a diameter of 43 mm with a travel of 170 mm available preload and rebound settings. While the rear shock absorber applies the monoshock type with 177 mm travel which also has the option of preload rebound settings.

Bulldozing uneven roads or speedtrap feels smooth and almost feelless. Like an offroad motor with DNA adventure, this bike also uses 19-inch rear-size alloy wheels on the front bow and 17 inches at the back. For the front wheels use 100/80 profile tires and at the back using a tire size of 130/80 which are both tubeless types.

Fuel consumption

Regarding fuel consumption, I conducted a test based on the average fuel in mid (Multi Information Display). As for the driving style using mixed methods, sometimes digeber and also sometimes walking casually.

From the information on the meter panel, recorded the number of one liter of gasoline can travel a distance of up to 30.2 liters. The figure was obtained after exploring up to 266.4 kilometers from Tangerang City to the Gunung Batu area, Jonggol West Java.

The result I categorize quite well for a motor engined almost 400 cc, arguably has similarities with the fuel efficiency of a 250 cc motor.


Ending in conclusion, KTM 390 Adventure is in the category of comfortable motorcycles to ride in urban areas. The limbs do not feel excessive aches, indeed must be accustomed to the dimensions of the handlebars that are wide enough and sometimes a little difficult to slip.

On uneven roads aka rocks are also slick to be used, especially in the damping sector. Stable motors bulldoze holes, speedtraps, and mounds that are not too high.

KTM 390 Adventure
KTM 390 Adventure

It's just that for the record, this bike is very difficult to neutralize and quite annoying when stopped at a red light or in traffic. The rest is a vibration of the machine that is quite felt in the toe to the hand.

Even so, the handling, suspension, power, and torque of the KTM 390 Adventure is fairly good, especially in the entry-level motorcycle segment. Well, with a price tag of Rp 139 million, you can enter the list of adventurous motorcycles that you can buy.

And it feels suitable also for those of you who are interested in going up the class to a large engine cubication, considering this bike is quite easy to drive and does not intimidate riders despite the beginner category.


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