How to Save Cleaning Car Engines to Be Rust-Free

The car engine is the most important part of a car, because the car engine is the performance center that makes the car can drive. Therefore, as a car owner must be able to maintain and maintain the condition of the car to remain in good condition. Not only that, taking care of the car engine should also not be arbitrary which will later cause the car engine to rust which will eventually lead to engine damage.

When the car engine has been damaged, automatically the car will not be comfortable to use anymore, it can even cause a short circuit that causes sparks so that the car is flammable.

How to Save Cleaning Car Engines to Be Rust-Free
How to Save Cleaning Car Engines to Be Rust-Free

Caring for a car engine is not an easy thing, because not everyone understands the car engine. For those of you who do not want to bother, using the help of workshops or other mechanical services is the right solution. However, you also have to be willing to spend money whose rates can also reach hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

For those of you who want to save money in car engine maintenance, here are ways to clean your own car engine properly that can be done. 

1. Prepare Special Liquid Car Engine Cleaner

The first step that must be prepared by car owners is a special cleaning material of the car engine, the use to maintain the cleanliness and durability of the engine in the car. This cleaning fluid can be obtained in specialty stores of equipment and car equipment.

It is recommended not to use cleaning fluids, because it is feared that there will be short circuits or damage to the car engine. Instead, ask the shopkeeper or mechanic who really understands the question of car engine cleaners. Here are some car cleaning materials that can be used: 

Engine Conditioner

Engine conditioner is a cleaning fluid for the combustion chamber part of the engine. This liquid is textured like a smooth foam and made of solvent. How to use it simply by spraying fine foam through the spark plug hole that leads to the engine combustion chamber. However, before that don't forget to remove the spark plugs first.

Engine Degreaser

An engine degreaser is a liquid used to clean the outside of the engine. This liquid is made of the same material as the conditioner engine, it's just that the texture is harder, so this liquid can bind and dissolve the dirt on the outside of the car engine. How to use it is also quite easy, make sure if the car engine is still warm, then spray the liquid on the dirty part.

Engine Flush

Liquid engine flush has a function similar to detergent, which is to clean the engine part of the car that is in the oil place. You can use this liquid by putting it in an oil hole. When you have entered the liquid, turn on the car engine for up to 15 minutes and dispose of cleaning fluids such as when removing oil.

2. Clean the Easiest Part

Cleaning the easiest part can be using special soap or even dish soap. This method is generally used to clean the car independently without having to go to a wash or workshop. This part can be the hood under the car, and make sure it cleans in the right way.

3. Clean the Space On The Car Engine

Cleaning the space on the car engine can be used by spraying hose water towards the engine room. However, pay attention to the intensity and pressure on the water coming out of the hose. Make sure if you clean it properly and there is no dirt left on the engine room. This method can be done alone at home without using car wash services at a fairly expensive cost.

4. Use a Sponge or Toothbrush

Sponge or toothbrush is a cleaning tool that is often used to clean parts of the car that are difficult to reach. Well, you can use both of these media at the same time. Sponges are used for dirty machines and these toothbrushes can be used for stubborn dirty car engines. In addition, you can also use unused fabric.

5. Finishing Process

Make sure again if all parts have been cleaned, then spray the machine with clean water and dry it with kanebo cloth. You can also use a special spray to make the car shinier. 

Many Advantages of Cleaning Your Own Car

There are many advantages obtained by cleaning your own car, among which you can know more about the engine, can check the condition of the engine periodically, and most importantly again will save expenses rather than having to go to a workshop or car wash.

If usually in 1 month it costs 200 thousand more to clean the car, then this time you can spend 200 thousand just to buy car cleaning materials that can be used many times to the next few months. Automatically in the next few months you will be much more frugal and can save the money for other purposes. Just make sure if you clean the machine properly, that's the most important thing.


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