Introducing Honda Navi, Grom-Like Body But Engine Use Has a Beat

Honda America is introducing new products in the miniMOTO (mini motor) lineup for 2022. The Honda Navi is aimed at riders who are just learning to ride a motorcycle. It is small, accessible, fun and affordable. The body looks like a Ruckus fusion with Grom. He carries an engine similar to the Honda Beat in Indonesia, namely one 109.2cc cylinder air-cooled and automatic transmission.

Honda Navi
Honda Navi

For style inspiration, we agree that in the mini moto class there is nothing better than the Honda Grom. But Navi offers the look and feel of a small, sporty motorcycle. Small fuel tank. Medium-rise model handlebars, padded seats, and footrests are not step-through floorboards. The rear brake is driven by the foot lever on the right, as opposed to the left hand lever as on the scooter.

The instrumentation package with a simple yet functional display, includes an analog and easy-to-read speedometer as well as a fairly useful fuel gauge. The engine is located on the back like a scooter, frees up space in front for storage and can be locked. Suitable for storing textbooks, jackets, or water bottles.

While the frame, wheels, suspension, engine, and exhaust are all black. Everything is offset by bold colored side panels, and its shape resembles the legendary Honda CRF family of trail bikes. Prominent headlights have a hexagonal shape.

The frame design is carefully designed to offer handling with good stability. Thanks to the relatively long wheelbase (1,285 mm), jgua driving comfort can be maintained. A 26.8 mm upside down fork with a single rear shock absorber mounted next to provides smooth ride.

Honda Navi
Honda Navi

The seat height is only 746 mm and the seat narrows towards the front, making it easier for the rider to set both feet on the ground when stopped. The rail grip on the back of the seat also provides neat estika.

The wheels use a combination size, 12 inches at the front and 10 inches at the back. While the task of stopping the rate is carried out by the front and rear brakes of the 130 mm tromol type, and the parking brake is driven by a lever to the left of the handlebars.

Make the machine, of course, the people of Indonesia know clearly. Yes, it uses a mechanical heart similar to the Honda Beat. 109.2cc, single cylinder, two valves, four air-cooled steps. And do not forget to embed eSP technology that is known to be efficient in fuel economy. Bore and stroke are 55.0 mm and 55.6 mm, respectively, and the compression ratio is 9.5:1. This obviously makes operating costs very affordable, especially when considering the durability and reliability that is already guaranteed.

Honda Navi
Honda Navi

Like Grom, Navi's design makes it a blank canvas for customization, owners can change according to personal needs. There are two options from Honda Signature Accessories. Like a special graphics kit that collaborates with edgy Icons. And another version of the Viper Urban Camo designed by hunting clothing manufacturer from South Carolina TrueTimber.

Everything is wrapped up in an interesting and fun miniMOTO package. The Honda Navi 2022 is scheduled for release in January 2022 (February in California) and will be available in Red, Grasshopper Green, Nut Brown and Ranger Green. Reportedly only sold for $ 1,807 or Rp 25 million.


  1. Sounds fab! I love the look of the neon bike against the purple trash cans. :)