Here are 5 Reasons why it's Important to Wash Your Car After Rain

All vehicle owners must agree if the lazy feeling of washing the car will appear during the rainy season. The reason tends to be the same, namely the car will get dirty quickly when it rains again.

Indeed, rain is one of the causes of the car getting dirty. However, leaving the car unwashed after being exposed to rainwater is a fatal mistake that is often done by most owners of four-wheeled vehicles.

Here are 5 Reasons why it's Important to Wash Your Car After Rain
Here are 5 Reasons why it's Important to Wash Your Car After Rain

Because, there are many bad risks that may occur in the condition of the car when leaving it unwashed after rain. One of them is the appearance of rust on the car, thus making the appearance of car paint ugly.

Although indeed by wiping alone is enough to clean the car from rainwater, this method is not recommended so that the car remains durable. For that, know some reasons how important it is to wash the car after the following rains that have been summarized from various automotive sources.

1. Salt Content in RainWater

The first reason that makes you have to immediately wash the car after the rain is the salt content contained in rainwater. It is commonly known that rainwater comes from a collection of evaporated water. Of the many sources of water vapor in the rain, most must come from seawater.

It is this steam from seawater that carries a saline solution mixed in the rain. If left attached to the car, the salt content will make the car paint quickly damaged and can cause rust.

Of course you do not want to see rust or paint that fades just because it is lazy to wash the car after heavy rain. For that, immediately wash the car with special car soap so that the salt content attached to the car paint can be lost.

2. RainWater Has Been Mixed With Pollution

Not only water vapor, rain also settles pollution. When it rains, the pollutants will certainly be carried back with rainwater and attached to the car.

Rainwater that has been mixed with pollution has a higher acidity level. Even more so for those of you who live in urban areas that have high pollution levels.

If left to linger attached to the car, it is not impossible that rust will arise and damage the physical car. For that, so that there is no pollution attached to the car, you must immediately take it to the nearest car wash.  

3. High Dissolved Oxygen Content

Iron that is often exposed to oxygen can react and give rise to rust. What's more, the oxygen contained in rainwater. Iron in the car will more easily absorb oxygen and rust can easily appear.

Although not visible to the eye, on the surface of the car must have microscopic-sized cracks that can be entered by oxygen dissolved in rainwater. This is the main cause of the appearance of rust in the car and you should anticipate by washing the car as soon as possible.

In contrast to how to clean other impurities contained in rainwater, to get around the risk of rust because of the oxygen content in rainwater, you only need to water the car with clean water. However, in order for the car to be perfectly clean, washing the car using special soaps you still have to do.

4. Remove Sand at the Bottom of the Car

Driving when it's raining will make the car carry a lot of dirt. The rainwater that pooled on the streets must have mixed with sand and would have stuck under the car.

If not cleaned immediately, the sand attached to the car will risk making the car engine become damaged quickly. As a result, the performance of the car becomes reduced, even becomes unfit for the road.

So that the problem does not happen to you, try to always wash the car after heavy rain. That way, the dirt at the bottom of the car can be lifted and make the engine more durable.

5. Cat Becomes Soft

If left too long, the water attached to the body of the car will make the paint soft faster. Paint that has softened will certainly be easier to look dull and make the look of the car less good. Even paint can peel easily.

However, removing rainwater attached to the car should also not be done carelessly. If you wipe it, it is not impossible that the salt content contained in rainwater will make the car scratched. Wash the car well and dry it using a microfiber washcloth or Plas Chamois.

Keep the car clean

Most people think it rains well because it can simultaneously clean a dirty car. In reality, it rains only to make the car dirtier. Wash your car immediately if you want your car to look in good condition. Don't let your car get dirty for a long time. This will only make the car damaged quickly.


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