Ferrari SP3 Daytona, a Retro-Style Race Car

Ferrari SP3 Daytona
Ferrari SP3 Daytona

Along the way, Ferrari has always managed to present iconic models. This time, the Italian manufacturer introduced a limited edition model launched by Ferrari to become a new member of the Icona series model family, the SP3 Daytona. The new hypercar was introduced at the same time as the Mondial Finali in Mugello, Italy. Although carrying the latest technology, but in the form it brings the feel of a strong vintage race car.

Ferrari SP3 Daytona is a continuation of the Icona series that ferrari previously presented through the monza SP1 and SP3 duo introduced in 2018. For the SP3 Daytona inspired by endurance racing cars in the classic era, the form is at first glance similar to the LaFerrari Aperta. Hypercar designed by Flavio Manzoni and his team adopted the design of the Ferrari P3/4, P330 and 412P that became Daytona champions in his time.

Ferrari Daytona SP3
Ferrari SP3 Daytona

LaFerrari base was taken to build this car, which was wrapped in a series of references to the design of Ferrari cars in the 1960s. Starting from the front, a large bumper and splitter design was adopted from the 330 P4 (1967), accompanied by a taper snout. The front fascia is still equipped with bulging fenders and the typical width of a race car. Not quite there, the classic impression Ferrari gives through the headlights with a 'pop-up' mechanism on the sleek headlight.

Dramatic design touches are shown through the stroke of the lines on the side intakes in front. Then the butterfly wing-style door is also applied which is integrated with cooling air ducts, as once used by the 512 S (1969-1970). The integrated intake of the door makes the side profile can be made cleaner, especially for the curve of the rear fender. While the five crossbar wheels used are given Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires developed specifically for SP3 Daytona.

Ferrari SP3 Daytona
Ferrari SP3 Daytona

The stern display is arguably the most dramatic aspect of this car. Ferrari seems to make it look like a concept car with a retro feel, especially from the horizontal LED strip of its taillights. The design is integrated with a series of elongated blades, accompanied by a large carbon fiber diffuser and a trapezoidal double exhaust that shouts the sound of the V12 engine.

The exterior design of the SP3 Daytona is claimed by the Prancing Horse to have the highest level of passive aerodynamic efficiency among all models. This is thanks to innovative solutions on efficient heat disposal management of mechanical components. In addition, it is also due to the smart design on cooling channels and downforce producers. The most innovative of these there is a pair of channels in the underside of the car that connect to the rear wing.

Minimalist Retro Interior

The design elements of the LaFerrari continue to the cabin section of the SP3 Daytona, with a dashboard layout and a pair of fixed seat positions. The seat trim and some interior ornaments are inspired back from the 60s race car, where the racer sits in a seat that only has pads attached to the chassis. The seating position is even more relaxed than other Ferrari models, approaching the single seater.

The instrument panel is as fully digital as the latest model, with a curved 16-inch screen integrated with infotainment. While the steering wheel has adopted buttons with haptic touch as in the SF90 and Roma, which still equipped Manettino. The same is seen in the center console, for the transmission mode settings.

Although it looks similar to the LaFerrari, but the car that also has a carbon fiber monococcal does not accompany the hybrid powertrain. Ferrari took the traditional step for the SP3 Daytona, using only a naturally aspirated V12 engine. Even all chassis and bodywork components are made from composite materials to minimize weight.

The 6.5-liter F140HC-coded V12 engine of the 812 Competizione has 829 hp and 697 Nm of torque, which can scream up to 9,500 rpm. Engine output is channeled to the rear wheels via a 7-speed dual-clutch F1 transmission with a limited-slip differential. Acceleration of 0-100 km / h is crucified in 2.85 seconds and top speed at 340 km / h. Other flagship features still include SSC 6.1 (Side Slip Angle Control) and FDE (Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer).

The limited SP3 Daytona as the Icona series will only be produced as many as 599 units. Each is priced around 2 million Euros aka equivalent to Rp 32 billion more. But unfortunately the claim is that all units of this car have been sold. It said all 499 monza SP1 and SP2 owners had bought them, and the remaining 100 were offered to selected consumers by Maranello. 

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