Tips for Choosing a Cheap and Economical Car

Tips for Choosing a Cheap and Economical Car - Today, consumers are increasingly spoiled with the many variants of private vehicles that can be tailored to their needs. For example, an MPV type car that is very suitable for families or sedan cars for personal use.

However, the problem is the price of the car itself. Yes, not all consumers can afford to buy a car from an expensive manufacturer because maintenance for this car is expensive. No wonder that most consumers turn to cheap and economical cars to save money.

Planning to buy a car in the near future? Here are tips on choosing cheap and economical cars that can be applied.

1. Determine the vehicle manufacturer

Tips for Choosing a Cheap and Economical Car
Vehicle Manufacturer

Car manufacturers vary, ranging from the upper, middle, and lower classes. Hence it is important to determine which factory produces the car because this is quite influential on the price of the car itself.

Between Japanese and European manufacturers, for example, cars produced in Europe are obviously more expensive because the standardization is already different. No tax has been added to Indonesia.

Determining the vehicle manufacturer will make it easier for you to prepare the right budget. As a result, the car can immediately park in front of the house in the near future.

2. Pay attention to the needs

Tips for Choosing a Cheap and Economical Car
Pay Attention to the need

Next, look at the need. Who will use the car? If it is used for families, then MPV type cars are the right choice.

Another case if for personal use, MPV cars are certainly greatness. Unless in the near future you plan to get married, it's a good fit.

By paying attention to the needs, the purchase becomes more appropriate. Cars can provide effective benefits for those who use them. 

3. Pay attention to the specifications of the car

Tips for Choosing a Cheap and Economical Car
Pay attention to the specifications of the car

The name of the layman, certainly do not know about the specifications of the car. Especially looking at the many types and brands of cars now. It's good to find out the specifications of the car in detail and complete through the internet and social media.

Given the many and different sources of information, it is important to compare between one source and another. The goal is to avoid misinformation that can harm you.

If this is your first time buying a car, you should ask for the advice of friends who have already bought a car. So, the purchase is absolutely appropriate. 

4. Consider driving comfort

Tips for Choosing a Cheap and Economical Car
Consider Driving Comfort

The choice of cheap and economical cars is a lot, but the problem is whether the car is comfortable to drive? Because the comfort level of each driver is different from each other. You may prefer to drive a car with a soft seat, but other drivers can be comfortable with the usual type of seat.

It's a good idea to do a test drive to find out the level of driving comfort. Just 10-15 minutes taken around, you can tell if the car is right or not.

If it is not right, you can look for another type of car and return to test drive. With a note, the price of the car remains adjusted the same budget, yes.

5. Equipped with various features

Tips for Choosing a Cheap and Economical Car
Equipped with various features

The name buys something, especially one that is quite expensive, you must consider its features. Right, right? Just like a car, you also have to find out what features are embedded in the car before buying it.

Make sure the car is equipped with safety features, such as dual SRS airbags, auto locks, well-functioning seat belts, brakes, and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) features.

In addition, consider the entertainment features on the car. This feature is important for those of you who often travel long distances, so the trip still feels fun.

6. Save fuel

Tips for Choosing a Cheap and Economical Car
Save fuel

Fuel is one that must be considered when buying a car. It makes sense because a car that wastes fuel can add to monthly expenses. The budget that was Rp 500,000 for gasoline, instead changed to Rp 750,000.

Therefore, check what type of engine is pinned on the car. The more reliable the engine, usually the more wasteful the fuel.

But, there are also some reliable engined vehicles that are fuel efficient. This is what can be used as an option, so that fuel consumption remains economical even though the car is often used.

7. Avoid purchasing on credit

Tips for Choosing a Cheap and Economical Car
Avoid purchasing on credit

Buying a car on credit at first glance looks cheap because the money spent is less than buying cash. But, know that your expenses are actually getting bigger if you buy a car by way of credit. Because, this purchase will be charged interest in a certain percentage.

On the other hand, the car also experiences shrinkage every year which makes the price decrease over time.

Buy a car in cash to avoid interest expense, as well as bad credit. It's better to wait so you can buy cash than to rush, but debt.

Buy a Car Not because of Prestige

That's tips on choosing a cheap and economical car. Buy a car because you need it to support daily activities and mobilization, so it's not solely because of prestige. It takes careful consideration because the price of the car is not cheap.


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