Test Ride BMW G 310 GS

 The birth of the BMW G 310 GS in Indonesia cemented the German manufacturer in the entry-level adventure motorcycle market. This unit is built specifically for bikers who are adventuring. This iron horse has a modern design. And the most important thing is that this bike is easy to ride and very suitable with the posture of Indonesian riders.

The design of the BMW G 310 GS is quite similar to the older brother, because it is indeed a descendant of the GS series adventure motorcycle (Gelände / Straße). The engine base is taken from the street version of the G 310 R that has been sold in Indonesia first. And we've tested this iron horse to the core, what impressed us? Let's find out.

BMW G 310 GS
BMW G 310 GS

Typical Riding Position of the GS Family

When he first climbed on top of his body, his seat was quite high. Yes, including a tall motorcycle and recorded to have a seat height of 835mm. However, with a posture of 173cm feet it is still easy to reach the ground although a little jinjit. Initially this reduces confidence in riding the BMW G 310 GS, let alone the distribution of heavier loads in front. But it turns out that's not the case when taken riding. High seating seems to give the misfortune to devour various contours of the road.

When both hands start sticking out into the handlebars, the body becomes a bit upright and slightly leaning forward, but still gives a relaxed position. Not too high or low. Although wide profile, the motor is still easy to operate. From there it all creates comfortable driving ergonomics. We give a plus to this. The characteristics of GS driving are still created. The view becomes wider when driving.

We think the 310 GS is very indulgent for riders. Realized from the shape of the seat that has a soft contour, both for the driver or the defector. With such a design, the rider's body can be supported properly and comfort can be maintained.

BMW G 310 GS
BMW G 310 GS

As a long-distance adventure bike, is it comfortable to use everyday? We think it could be, but you have to compromise on a warm machine when stop &go conditions are excessive. The clutch is also relatively light, the hands are not easily sore. Gear shifting is fairly smooth, but when looking for neutral teeth is quite difficult. Fuel consumption is recorded at 20.4 Kpl when used to drive as far as 104 km. This figure we got through the G 310 GS digital instrument panel is very informative.

Responsive Performance

The key boy started turning towards ON and the engine we turned on with an electric starter. The rhythm of the engine sounds strong, the gas openings are also fairly responsive. But do not be surprised when you hear a tickling sound, because it is one of the characteristics or characteristics of European motorcycles. The vibration of the engine was very felt until the groin, but all of it was closed when it opened the gas and heard the roar of the engine.

The performance we can imagine. Although classified as an entry-level GS that only has a capacity of 310 cc, the jambakan from transmission 1 to 3 is really felt. Every shift of gear, the breath is quite long. When trying it on the highway, to overtake a larger vehicle feels easy. Despite the character of the overstorke (80mm x 62.1mm), the lower spin is no break. The energy from the gas openings of each tooth is also responsive.

BMW G 310 GS
BMW G 310 GS

We have also tried it in light off-road terrain in Jonggol Area, West Java. And the first sentence that was passed at that time, 'really fun'. Yes, when going through the path of makadam and land, this iron horse can devour easily. Power channeled to the rear wheels through the Z-ring chain can be maintained. When faced with a steep incline, the performance is quite good. No need to twist the gas to high rpm, just open the gas a little this motor can go uphill and accelerate quickly. That's because this motor has abundant torque in every transmission.

On a factory note, the BMW G 310 GS adopts a 313 cc, Water-cooled, single-cylinder 4-stroke engine. Uniquely, the position of the cylinder is rotated 180 degrees and somewhat tilted. So, the intake hole, throttle body, and air box move forward, and are located under the comstir. The advantage is to produce maximum power and save fuel use. It can also increase the stability of the motor when used in high speeds.

It is capable of exhaling power up to 34 Hp at 9,500 rpm, as well as a maximum torque of 28 Nm at 7,500 rpm. With a fairly large torque, it clearly makes this motor very easy to bulldoze a fairly steep incline. How's the dealer? BMW is still adopting conventional transmission systems. The result of this collaboration with TVS uses a six-speed gearbox without the help of advanced electronic devices.

Handling and Suspension

The left hand begins to pull the clutch lever and the right foot begins to press to enter the first gear. The gas pedal is rotated, a concern because of its tall dimensions and the weight distribution in front seems to disappear. Control is also agile, still suitable for use in skids on the dense streets of the capital. The clutch also feels soft and the gear shift is fairly smooth. Plus a relaxed driving position, due to the wide handlebars and ergonomic foot position.

BMW G 310 GS
BMW G 310 GS

The weight of the G 310 GS is actually not a problem even though it weighs 169.5 kg. No extra energy is needed to be able to maneuver during touring trips. When passing through steep terrain dominated by bumpy and perforated tracks, the tubular type chassis and shock absorbers from Showa also support stability.

The use of upside-down supplements with a diameter of 41 mm in front and back of a single makes the motor slam feel comfortable. When going through the hollow asphalt road at high speed also do not need to worry about bottoming. Because the distance of the second play of the shock absorber is estimated at 180mm.

But if you want to maneuver in the corner, you have to be a little careful when pressing the brake lever inside. Because the front suspension immediately ambles and makes the body lean forward. However, the braking system has advanced supplies. It has been embedded anti-lock braking system (ABS) dual channel.

Braking hardware with a 300mm disc on the front was bitten by a radially mounted four-pot Bybre caliper. Back with 240mm disc. Given the GS's lightweight off-road aspirations, ABS can be disabled via a neat integrated button on the left switchgear console.

Control can also be maintained because it uses a combination of tire profiles wide enough. On the legs with a cast wheel 19 inches in diameter at the front and 17 inches at the back. Each uses premium tubeless Metzeler Tourance tires measuring 110/80 and 150/70. The contours of the installed tires enter the dual purpose category, so it feels good on the asphalt road and safely passes through rocky terrain.

Character Design

First impression when receiving the key, this motor has compact dimensions. The BMW G 310 GS looks chunky and carries GS DNA from its older brothers. Starting with off-size front and rear alloy wheels, long-travel suspension, as well as a 'beaked' front, it proudly shows itself as a member of the GS family. The motorcycle looks very characterful.

BMW G 310 GS
BMW G 310 GS

In the console, it is full digital. Unfortunately the screen still uses a regular LCD instead of a full-color TFT unit. It is rather difficult to see information about rpm openings, gear positions and fuel doses due to the reflection of sunlight. For us maybe it doesn't matter because our feeling is already integrated with the bike.

Dimensionally it is far from R 1200 GS, but this small GS still gives a mighty impression. The high and wide view is pretty awesome. The front uses the same headlights as its brother naked bike type, but the face is very different. That's thanks to a large ADV-style beak and a small windshield on it. This windshield looks fit and works well. Provide some level of wind protection and allow plenty of refreshing air to the chest and helmet.

The GS side profile is also very interesting, thanks to the molding of each side panel that is similar to the older brother. Although it looks big, the tank can only hold 11 liters of fuel. Plus the shroud flanking the gasoline container leads forward. In that section it is made into three parts. Because the GS we use is an adventure variant, there are additional engines and bodyguards, so it looks dashing and sturdy. In addition, of course, to increase safety if the motor falls.

More interestingly he uses a gold upside down suspension. He also has a protector under the machine. While the fatbar area is actually left plain without a handguard. Nevertheless, pinned reflectors in the front fender. Provide extra security from the side.

He uses the model seat fused, pursing in the driver's section and wider in the disengaged part. The GS uses fender-mounted taillights. Coupled with a large aluminum luggage rack, so it can be directly applied with a storage box and also serves as a double handle. For us, that component is useful for tying the tail bag.


BMW Motorrad Indonesia successfully presents adventure motorcycles that play in the 300 cc class segment (dual purpose model). In addition to a thick look with European style, engine torque is enough to try the enduro medium track.

In addition, it is very adequate for daily use in the city. Moreover, the suspension character is soft, of course, makes the rider even more in love with this G 310 GS. Regarding the use of off-road terrain, there is no doubt, he is ready to be invited to dirt or heavy maneuvers though.

BMW G 310 GS
BMW G 310 GS

On the other hand, we are quite sure that by replacing the more rugged dual purpose type tires, he was able to be invited to a slightly more extreme adventure track terrain. Handling is very comfortable, braking safety with abs system is also able to make the motor not easily slip. Unfortunately the G 310 GS does not present a variant with finger model wheels that are able to move dynamically over uneven road surfaces compared to more rigid cast wheel models.

BMW G 310 GS can be an attractive option for those of you who are looking for an adventure bike in the 300cc class. With prices offered Rp 133 million (Standard) and Rp 142 million (Adventure) off the road, it offers comfort that is not owned by its competitors.


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