Road Test Suzuki Hayabusa

 Road Test Suzuki Hayabusa - We don't need to introduce this bike anymore. Anyone will know that this is a Suzuki Hayabusa. Biker Boyz is one that confirms the superiority of this bike, but for suzuki and superbike fans, the iron horse has more meaning. The history of this motorcycle is about speeding through the wind, breaking the principles of physics with its handling and performing with a very challenging design to strengthen its position in the hearts of anyone who sees it.

Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa

Then, does the latest Hayabusa come with the highest standards that have been set long ago? Does the decrease in power affect his desire for speed? Are the spurs getting blunter? Could it be that his advanced electronic system even makes him a cemen? Follow our review to find out the answer.


The previous generation Suzuki Hayabusa looks very wide and ugly. It appears designed with the aim of optimizing the aerodynamic side as best as possible. The latest Hayabusa is still designed with the same personality, with sharp additions to update it.

He finished evolving from an ugly monster to a more handsome monster. The paras is decorated with eccentric LED lights typical of old Hayabusa. Slightly different is the lower half-fairing beak that sharpens down to swallow as much air as possible.

But the design is still monotonous, nothing out of the ordinary. For example, look at the aftermath. Okay, she is indeed slimmer and still looks wider than Kim Kardashian's, Fortunately, the odd hump is now trimmed to be flatter and so the stern is a little cooler.

Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa

I would also deny the presence of chromium accents in the fairing. Too bad and out of place. Perhaps, it would be more pleasant to see if presented in Piano Black or White Ivory format.


On paper, Suzuki did not change the triangulation of the driving position too much. The handlebars are only pulled 12 mm towards the rider, while the seat height is lowered by 5 mm and is now at the level of 800 mm from the ground. Instead of making it more comfortable, this kind of posture is even for us to put a little pressure. Of course it is not as heavy and makes aches like a 1,000 cc motor sport. However, it wasn't also the most comfortable driving experience in the superbike we've ever tried.

Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa

More to the atmosphere of the game, he does remain in the format of driving sport. While the two variables we mention have contributed, the shape of the new gas tank has a bigger and vital hand here. You can straddle proportionally there. The arm can hold well and tightly when needed, and fun can also be a safe foundation when it has to tilt.

With a weight of 266 kg, it is certainly not an easy matter to drive it at low speeds. But unexpectedly, he was easier to handle than before. It seems that this is the positive effect of the closer handlebars and revised engine frame. Overcoming sleeping cops wasn't a hard job for him either. Ground clearance of 125 mm is like doubting to pass through it, Thank God, the belly of the big-bodied monster remains safe when we let pass it.

Engine and Performance

Don't let the spec sheet make you doubt that the 1,340 cc 4-cylinder engine in line has no fierce potential. Yes, the power and torque is only 190 PS and 150 Nm compared to the 197 PS and 155 Nm in hayabusa before. But what was not told in the brochure was the pull in the middle round that improved and had a positive impact on his overall performance.

0-100 kmph 0-160 kmph 0-402 m
Hayabusa 2021 3.38 seconds 5.97 seconds 10.78s at 218.73kmph
Hayabusa 20194.08 seconds 6.56 seconds 11.16s at 217.27kmph

Just try the gas lever and Hayabusa will take you to a high speed that obscures the view. He will slide quickly from the starting position without any problems. In fact, with all the updates, we can invite him to accelerate as easily as his old model on the airstrip. In humid road conditions, the latest Hayabusa broke all the records we had previously recorded. 

The maximum speed was only slightly felt. He tried to hold back after we brought it above 200/220 kph. In the previous model, we were able to reach a little higher with a shorter distance.

Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa

Yes, although this bike can not show its ability to hunt the number 300 kph on the speedometer, its performance is compensated by its fierce medium pull and has a different character. Also, expand its performance range for various ride scenarios.

He also made sure we would be able to compete with the old model on the track. Its overflow of torque from laps as low as 2,000 rpm will make you fall in love. In gear six, the motor can be at a speed of 100 kph in laps of only 3,250 rpm, which means there is still a stock of 6,000 rpm again to answer your thirst for speed.

What will make you fall in love with him is how easy it is to drive on the crowded streets of the city. It is not difficult to keep 35 kph in the top gear, which is very surprising for the composition of a machine like this. The clutch is sometimes a bit heavy, as well as the gas.

Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa

There are three default modes for driving and three personal user modes. Heritage from the previous Hayabusa, there are still its own settings for throttle map, traction control, wheelie control and engine braking. Of the three modes, we meet mode B which presents the best experience for various types of riders. The power is well distributed and not too brutal, traction control is still present gently and there is no need to fear the front wheels lifted.

Mode A is certainly for more experienced dealers. Sharper engine response, looser traction control and wheelie are still possible. Okay, you do need to be careful in this mode, but this for us is the most exciting. Mode C for us is too limiting everything and takes the fun out of the Hayabusa.

 Control and Driving

Suzuki felt the best chassis construction to sustain it was a twin-spar frame and an aluminum swingarm. Again, from the written paper the wheelbase of 1,480 mm and the tire size of 120/70-R17 is also 190/0/R17 unchanged. What changes drastically and the main reason why this bike is more fun to drive is the geometry of the chassis.

The rake angle is sharpened to 23 degrees from 24.2. The trail is also trimmed by 8 mm to only 90 mm, and these figures form it into a different species. The instability that we had felt in hayabusa the previous generation has disappeared and changed into the character of a motor that is obediently controlled and swift when hunting the end of the corner. Of course he won't be the sharpest bike there is, but with the proportions, it's more than enough. It can be easily relaxed, stable when tilted and pouncing on corners with full vitlaitas.

The latest Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S22s tires are pretty good. Even in the fairly wet part that we had to cross, he didn't lose his performance. Even once traction control is turned off, the engine can still dampen power without the need to slip.

Suzuki still looks simple on its suspension configuration, still adopting the adjustable KYB model from the predecessor genes. Spring rates have been revised to allow for more supple driving. Under standard conditions, he quite nimbly began to conquer the ugly streets. The banting can still be tolerated without feeling grunting at all.

Just like the previous generation as well, the latest Hayabusa still has a very strong heel thanks to a steady brake. On its feet is a Brembo Stylema with a 330 mm rotor, but the brakes are still not as good as other motors with the same device. The initial phase of braking does feel solid, the brakes bite ferociously. But the next phase we think can be better, because the brake lever feels cocooned even though deceleration still occurs. The braking process was also not as fast as we expected.


There are two color schemes to choose from; Glass Sparkle Black-Candy Burnt Gold and Metallic Matte Sword Silver-Candy Daring Red. Specifically for the Indian market, Suzuki brought a number of Brilliant White-Mettalic Matte Stellar Blue motorcycles that were immediately purchased by fanatical consumers. It doesn't look like this color will be on sale any time soon.


The third-generation Suzuki Hayabusa now chooses a different path than its forebears, a sportier track and not too hyper-touring. His noble goals have changed from making you the fastest on the straight to speeding anywhere. He wants to pounce on every corner, he wants you to hit it quickly, he wants you to be more alert. The look successfully closes its creepy weights and is also fun to wear daily.

The difficulty is indeed unable to provide the comfort of a luxury sofa when traveling through a speed of 250 kph. Those who really liked Hayabusa before will definitely be angry at me, but just chasing top speed alone, for me too much, especially in 2021.

What Suzuki did to the latest Hayabusa I think was a success in maintaining its legendary breed and making it a younger fan.

And seeing how this bestselling bike is purchased is a guarantee that hayabusa's popularity will never melt.


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