Steps to Take When Receiving a New Car at Home

Steps to Take When Receiving a New Car at Home -  Recently the owner of a new vehicle increased quite rapidly. Many take advantage of the government's PPnBM tax discount as well as several other conveniences both promos and vehicle discounts. But many don't yet understand what to do when accepting a new vehicle? What about when the vehicle arrives and arrives at the garage?

Mitsubishi has tips that can be done for new vehicle owners. Not only happy because you already have a new car but also need to do some of these stages.

Receiving a New Car at Home
Receiving a New Car at Home

Request delivery during the day. The dealer always prioritizes the delivery of cars to consumers during the day, but there are also due to the limitations of consumers having to work so that they send it at night after coming home from work. This should be avoided, try to hand over the unit done during the day. The goal is to be able to check carefully when the day is still bright.

Then check the entire exterior condition. Make sure you as the owner check on each side of the vehicle, especially on the outside. Check if the condition of the car body and paint is as expected. If there is something that feels unsatisfactory such as there is a berets or tenuous body distance then you can directly ask the dealer and hold them accountable.

The next step is to check the cabin. After making sure the outside condition of the car is safe, then do not forget to check the condition of the inside of the cabin. Generally the new car will be delivered complete with plastic wrapping on the inside of the car. Remove all these wrappers to make sure there are no stains or incomplete items. Also check the condition of the spare tire and all the completeness of the manual and toolkit and APAR is in the car.

Next check the features and lights. Check the features and devices in the car to function normally. Check all features such as normal functioning lights, audio devices, up to the cooling function or car air conditioner. If all is functioning normally and there are no noises or other problems then the car can be tested.

During this handover process also from the dealer is obliged to provide basic knowledge about the new vehicle to consumers, usually about how to operate, and general features. So as a consumer must pay close attention to what is explained and make sure all features work properly.

For the car handover process, in this example Mitsubishi products, you can also activate the vehicle warranty directly from the smartphone. In addition to being able to track the vehicle booking process until the handover, with the My Mitsubishi Motors ID (MMID) application will be guided by sales in charge of the activation of your new car warranty from the application.

Receiving a New Car at Home
Receiving a New Car at Home

Another important step, do a road test. Before the handover, check also the condition of the new car odometer, it is impossible to position it at 0 km, but the reasonable mileage is below 50 km. Don't forget the road test to make sure there are no noises in the leg sector as well as annoying machines.

The last is to make sure all letters such as STNK and license plates are complete and match the frame number and engine number of your car. Also make sure the data in the STNK is in accordance with your population data, because if there is a difference then you have to do a time-consuming and cost-effective re-management.

Additional information, Mitsubishi facilitates the entire process of delivering vehicles through the MMID application. When the vehicle at the dealership has gone through the Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) process to ensure the unit delivered there are no problems and the condition is completely new. In the MMID application, there is a list that can be seen with salespeople with consumers, when the condition of the vehicle is appropriate then the consumer presses "confirm accept the vehicle".

This PDI process the dealer performs the process of polishing the vehicle body, installing film glass and official accessories according to consumer demand. If there is a damage or deficiency constraint on the newly shipped vehicle, consumers have the right to request handling so that conditions are in accordance with the demand. Through this application you can also activate the vehicle warranty easily only through a smartphone.

One more thing, after the car is declared safe and you have done the handover process then do not forget to read the vehicle manual. This is so that consumers understand if there are problems that occur in the future. The dealer will also explain about the rights and obligations of the vehicle owner as stated in the vehicle owner's manual and the vehicle owner's service book. Furthermore, the owner is expected to follow the periodic maintenance schedule to the nearest official workshop.


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