Car Wash Safe Tricks

 Actually, car wash is safe and fast but still makes its appearance clean shiny is quite easy to do. If you routinely do it, it could be that your favorite car will always look like new.

Every vehicle owner is burdened by the obligation to always maintain its cleanliness. In fact, not a few people who think that, the cleanliness of a car can be a picture of the personality of the owner.

You need to know, washing the car engine can not be done carelessly. Because, improper washing techniques can cause interference in the orange car engine damage.

To avoid such things, you should do some of the following proper and quick car wash tricks.

Car Wash Safe Tricks

1. Prepare equipment

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The first step to do is to prepare various equipment for washing the car. Among them such as special car wash soap, chamois plas wipes, microfiber wipes, buckets, hoses, small brushes.

Don't forget to also prepare running water. Because, running water is the main key so that the vehicle washing process can be done faster.

2. Securing the car's electrical area

After preparing all the necessary equipment, the next step is to recognize the electrical area of the vehicle for safekeeping. Because, this one area is very vulnerable to cause short circuits when exposed to water.

Therefore, you should wrap it using plastic. Make sure, each part is tightly wrapped so that the water does not enter the wrapping gap. 

You can also glue the plastic wrapping with the electrical components of the car using insulation. In fact, you do not need to hesitate to wrap the peeling cables using special insulation. 

3. Wet the engine area of the car with low pressure water

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Next wet the machine with running water with low pressure. This is done to remove the remnants of dust that are still attached to the corners of the machine. In addition, in order to make it easier to clean the sidelines of the machine that is quite difficult to reach.

When doing this stage, avoid using high-pressure water sprays. Because it can cause damage to the car engine that is cleaned due to the entry of water. For that, make sure that the water pressure is really low, yes.

4. Use with special machine cleaning fluids

The next stage is to clean the car engine area with special soap to wash the car engine (engine degreaser). This kind of cleaning fluid is specially formulated to remove dirt on the engine part of the car. Usually, this liquid is safe and will not damage the car engine.

Make sure as much as possible to use special cleaning products car engines instead of others. Because, instead of cleaning the wrong product can cause a lot of problems in the car engine.

The most effective way when cleaning a car engine is to spray it directly into a dirty engine. Next, use a fine brush to brush parts of the machine so that stubborn dirt quickly falls out.

After that, immediately rinse the engine part using running water to remove any remaining forms of dirt. This stage is also to rinse the rest of the soap around the machine area.

Well, if at home there is a wind compressor, there is no harm in using the tool to help clean the rest of the water in the narrow part that is not affordable. 

5. Wash the car body and other details

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Automotive lovers must agree, that the buttress of the appearance of the car to keep it look epic is the condition of the body, tires and rims. The trick is easy, use special cleaning fluids and wash the entire outside of the car body until clean.

Next, clean the tire wall with the help of soap and brush. Once it is completely clean, proceed to the rim. Preferably, clean the rim using a rag so as not to scratch the surface.

Clean from the front and all between the rims to make it look shiny. Not a few car owners who deliberately spray parts of the vehicle tire wall with the aim to get the impression of wet look. In fact, actions like this actually have the potential to make the tire wall harder.  

In addition, other details of the vehicle that must also be considered when washing the car are mirrors, wipers, grill, antenna, door handle, and lights. 

6. Rinse and dry the body of the car

When the car has been felt clean, then the next is to rinse all parts of the body of the vehicle using clean running water. It is best to rinse from the top, glass, tires, and other details on the exterior.

After the rinsing process is complete, dry the body of the car using a special lap, such as plas chamois. Make sure, the lap is different from the one used to clean the body of the car in the next stage.

7. Dry out in the open

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The next safe car wash trick is to dry it out in the open so that the car's engine and body can dry faster. Let the car stand with the hood open for 2 to 3 hours to make it completely dry.

You need to know, the drying process after car wash is very important. When done in an inappropriate way, most likely the body of the car can experience waterspots or patches that interfere with the exterior appearance. 

Proper washing will help the machine stay healthy.

Thus, some tricks safely wash the car engine with clean guaranteed dust free. Keep in mind when starting the car engine, make sure the engine is completely dry, yes. So that there are no problems with the car's electrical system later. How, are you ready to practice it?


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