First Drive MG HS Magnify i-Smart

First Drive MG HS Magnify i-Smart -  Cutting-edge technology games are very clearly utilized as the selling point of today's SUVs. More precisely in the realm of device connectivity and automatic control support. The contestants in the struggle of large SUVs to small crossovers even like believing that these two highlights are the most potent in recent times.

MG HS Magnify i-Smart
MG HS Magnify i-Smart

Can be seen in the refinement of various existing models or the arrival of cute and modern players. In general, without comparing classes, arguably the most interesting of all current players is Wuling Almaz RS. It adopts internet-based connectivity between cars and smartphones that is comprehensive enough to set up an Advanced Driving Assist System (ADAS) and is sold with attractive price tag. Even the suv lineup in the premium strata is not necessarily as complete as him.

But maybe Almaz RS is not the only model that looks super sophisticated on the market. Because immediately paving a new product from MG that is no less interesting, no less great, and also remains a relatively affordable alternative. The MG HS Magnify i-Smart, sets up internet-based connectivity, voice command for feature operation, and complete ADAS support. It is planned that it will be inaugurated on June 2, 2021. But before that, I had the opportunity to try this British branded SUV.

What's New Is Just an Infotainment System

Basically, mg HS this one is not a new model. The name "Magnify" is used to assign a new variant level. Airs in the top layer of the MG HS atmosphere. It has not been said how much it will cost. Even so, it is expected not to reach Rp 500 million when referring to the current highest price at Rp 435.8 million with Jakarta OTR status.

MG HS Magnify i-Smart
MG HS Magnify i-Smart

For the price of the Honda CR-V the middle variant but prepare a proposal for more attractive features from the most expensive type of the main player. How great is it? Later explained. But when viewed, at first glance there is no obvious difference from the existing version of the highest trim, Ignite. Still in the initial design phase of HS with the sensation of mazda-an, including the business of choosing fashion and trinkets completeness.

From the eyes to the feet it looks very familiar. Indicates an SUV carrying non-inferior supplies. Examples on the main lighting LED projector plus sein sequential integrated DRL. Also the rear combination light of the diode glow. The most noticeable is the black layer on the roof in the form of panoramic sunroof boosting style and prestige following the use of 18-inch rims of ash dwiwarna and alloy polish.

Without involving the role of the device first, the operation of access is very identical ignite trim. Offer all the facilities of the present. Call it a smart entry in the form of a button on the door. Can unlock without needing to be busy with a pants pocket. Arm muscles are greatly lightened when it comes to opening the trunk because with one touch the door can open or close electrically.

Enter the cabin, soft material play and red dominance over black instantly greet. Frenetic components of sporty sensations are not stripped away anyway. Including an electric bench style bucket seat intact to shortcut sport driving mode on the steering wheel.

MG HS Magnify i-Smart
MG HS Magnify i-Smart

Modern sensations are then emitted with electrical and digital smells. Includes a complete electric parking brake auto hold function, a combination of screen instrumentation and needles, up to the touchscreen infotainment system as the center of control of various features. All of that then aired classy ambient lighting in the style of premium cars.

However, when I first glanced at the style of the entertainment interface, HS Magnify's unit was enough to amaze me. Play an elegant monochrome color selection that hints at more ability. Arguably, this is the main and only difference visually from ignite trim. Smartphone integration to dual zone climate control is available. The main difference is the existence of smart navigation maps in it. But not limited to style and navigational ability, it actually plays an important role in magnify differentiation.

Today's Supplements Are Successful in Making It Smarter

If departing from the eye is indeed fleeting like the usual MG HS Ignite with a new infotainment system. Even so, the "i-Smart" emblem attached to the trunk indicates that it is more than that. Serve internet-based connectivity until the driving assistant is active. Well, embedding the technology behind the body is guaranteed to provide a different driving experience.

The package itself is divided into four pillars, namely Smart Check, Smart Command, Smart Connect, and Smart Drive. The main highlight is the device connection through the MG i-Smart application. It gives smartphones the ability to access vehicle information and features without being hindered by distance – as long as each side of the car and smartphone has a stable internet connection.

How functional and what is it really necessary? Please value yourself. Smart Check offers capabilities such as Remote Vehicle Control. Smartphones can be used to power the engine and air conditioner before traveling, activating lights or horns to find parking positions, following operating the door lock. Its security is then maintained by a special password when operating the feature.

MG HS Magnify i-Smart
MG HS Magnify i-Smart

From the smartphone can also check the condition of the vehicle through Remote Vehicle Diagnosis. Quite comprehensive from the status of the door, cabin temperature, to the tire wind pressure. Furthermore, there is a Geo Fence to limit the vehicle's area of motion. Will give a notification when penetrating the digital fence. Yep, at least it can bring calm when being left behind or used by other users.

To note, the reality of the relationship between smartphones and cars is not only smooth. Yep, because it depends on how well the internet signal catches each side. There are times when the operation cannot be executed due to a bad signal.

A pretty good feature is located in the Travel Plan. You can prepare a time plan and travel destination before leaving. One more ability in the form of MG Touch Point to find out where the nearest MG service is located.

Further to Smart Command, this plot will facilitate travel while increasing the potential for driving safety. Not foreign, indeed. The vehicle can respond to the command of English-language sounds from the driver in the operation of the feature. Just call the assistant by saying "hello MG".

It can't recognize Indonesian but that doesn't mean it's a little ability. Sixty standard samples are provided to set up infotainment systems, vehicle features (windows, sunroofs, air conditioners, etc.), telephone, radio, music, and navigation. But besides that, the system is also intuitive. You can also recognize everyday languages such as "I'm cold", "I'm hungry", and others.

MG HS Magnify i-Smart
MG HS Magnify i-Smart

Yes, hungry vents to MG voice assistants will be responded to with a selection of restaurants nearby. It is included in the third pillar, MG Connect. The system can display travel guides and smart navigation through Point of Interest (POI) determination. All based on the internet. Meanwhile, smartphone integration can be done via Apple CarPlay or EasyCon for the Android operating system. All of this can be enjoyed in the new infotainment system at HS.

Try an Active Driving Assistant

ADAS technology seems to be mushrooming to lower castes. Transmitted to one by one models on the market without the need for exorbitant ransom. MG HS Magnify did not escape the spread. Wrapped in MG Pilot technology that falls under the fourth pillar of i-Smart, smart drive. Without lingering, I invited HS Magnify from the preview location at The Springs Club Gading Serpong, Tangerang.

One other new function can be enjoyed directly on the infotainment system when exiting the parking lot. MG HS Magnify is much more capable of blind spot detection. Because it is not limited to blind spot area indicators and Rear Cross Traffic Alert as in the Ignite variant. It adopts exterior cameras on various sides to display 360-degree images. Moreover, the left and right side blind spots of the front wheel are opened respectively with the addition of fender animation. Open the inner eye to areas that are difficult to monitor in order to maintain the exterior health of the car from the recklessness of the driver. Impressive, it makes it feel quite premium.

Brought forward, the i-Smart offers ride-load lightening inside and outside the city. Yep, the sensor and camera suite allowed HS to adopt the Adaptive Cruise Control feature. Just press the button at the end of stalk cruise control, the constant rate following the adjustment of speed with the vehicle in front of it is able to provide. But in addition, its function can also be used when traveling or at low speeds through Traffic Jam Assist.

The movement of the car in front can be followed well automatically up to a predetermined speed. Even so, the execution is not as smooth as the disopiri chauffeur Rolls Royce most experienced in the world. Especially when braking, there is little doubt as to how strong the caliper bite should be given to the system. Just a little bit is without feeling a disturbing pound. Towards a sense of natural control just hasn't arrived yet.

Not limited to lightening the burden of the driver, the system can also improve safety. Help avoid the risk of wretched front crashes with the presence of Forward Collision Warning (FCW). Not trying to be direct but quite calming when he found out he had pre-harm help. Meanwhile, other support in the form of Intelligent High-beam Control that can set the lights away so as not to dazzle other drivers.

The guard post driving position in one lane does not miss enlivening this new variant HS technology package. These include Lane Departure Warning, Lane Departure Prevention, and Lane Keep Assist. It said it needed to cross the speed limit of 60 kph in order to activate the system. Because it rotates in a dense area, it is rather difficult to go constant in that number.

At least I can get an idea of his ability. Of course, to be able to drive in one lane needs a road sign that is read because the logic of the car based on the patron mark. When switching lanes without activating the indicator, immediately the system provides audiovisual warnings along with steering wheel vibrations so that the driver can immediately be aware of the direction.

It's still a fun SUV

Despite all the technology, MG HS Magnify is still a comfortable SUV and happy to be invited to drive. From the composition of the supporting handling favors unchanged. The front MacPherson Strut suspension arrangement and rear Multi-Link are on a rigid but not hard spectrum. It will not feel floating, believed to be passionate when taken to a winding mountain area.

MG HS Magnify i-Smart
MG HS Magnify i-Smart

Same with the drive. Although not being the most powerful unit in a medium-extraction monococcal SUV is quite enough. Relying on a 1,500 cc turbo four-cylinder unit can produce 162 PS of power at 5,600 rpm and peak torque of 250 Nm at 1,700-4,400 rpm. Making it even more interesting is the utilization of a 7-speed DCT power distributor. Make the gear shift feel deft and on target. Not to mention embedded car response regulator with three driving modes.

Extra connectivity support and ADAS clearly complement the MG HS's main weapon for alluring. Basically, it can be concluded as an alternative that should not be escaped from the main players sedimentation. It's about the price and the reward. If it is really priced at less than Rp 500 million, less interesting what? It offers additional technology in addition to features that are actually quite complete and classy. If in doubt, there's nothing wrong with trying first. We just wait for certainty how interesting MG HS Magnify i-Smart at the launch moment later.

Test Ride BMW G 310 GS

 The birth of the BMW G 310 GS in Indonesia cemented the German manufacturer in the entry-level adventure motorcycle market. This unit is built specifically for bikers who are adventuring. This iron horse has a modern design. And the most important thing is that this bike is easy to ride and very suitable with the posture of Indonesian riders.

The design of the BMW G 310 GS is quite similar to the older brother, because it is indeed a descendant of the GS series adventure motorcycle (Gelände / Straße). The engine base is taken from the street version of the G 310 R that has been sold in Indonesia first. And we've tested this iron horse to the core, what impressed us? Let's find out.

BMW G 310 GS
BMW G 310 GS

Typical Riding Position of the GS Family

When he first climbed on top of his body, his seat was quite high. Yes, including a tall motorcycle and recorded to have a seat height of 835mm. However, with a posture of 173cm feet it is still easy to reach the ground although a little jinjit. Initially this reduces confidence in riding the BMW G 310 GS, let alone the distribution of heavier loads in front. But it turns out that's not the case when taken riding. High seating seems to give the misfortune to devour various contours of the road.

When both hands start sticking out into the handlebars, the body becomes a bit upright and slightly leaning forward, but still gives a relaxed position. Not too high or low. Although wide profile, the motor is still easy to operate. From there it all creates comfortable driving ergonomics. We give a plus to this. The characteristics of GS driving are still created. The view becomes wider when driving.

We think the 310 GS is very indulgent for riders. Realized from the shape of the seat that has a soft contour, both for the driver or the defector. With such a design, the rider's body can be supported properly and comfort can be maintained.

BMW G 310 GS
BMW G 310 GS

As a long-distance adventure bike, is it comfortable to use everyday? We think it could be, but you have to compromise on a warm machine when stop &go conditions are excessive. The clutch is also relatively light, the hands are not easily sore. Gear shifting is fairly smooth, but when looking for neutral teeth is quite difficult. Fuel consumption is recorded at 20.4 Kpl when used to drive as far as 104 km. This figure we got through the G 310 GS digital instrument panel is very informative.

Responsive Performance

The key boy started turning towards ON and the engine we turned on with an electric starter. The rhythm of the engine sounds strong, the gas openings are also fairly responsive. But do not be surprised when you hear a tickling sound, because it is one of the characteristics or characteristics of European motorcycles. The vibration of the engine was very felt until the groin, but all of it was closed when it opened the gas and heard the roar of the engine.

The performance we can imagine. Although classified as an entry-level GS that only has a capacity of 310 cc, the jambakan from transmission 1 to 3 is really felt. Every shift of gear, the breath is quite long. When trying it on the highway, to overtake a larger vehicle feels easy. Despite the character of the overstorke (80mm x 62.1mm), the lower spin is no break. The energy from the gas openings of each tooth is also responsive.

BMW G 310 GS
BMW G 310 GS

We have also tried it in light off-road terrain in Jonggol Area, West Java. And the first sentence that was passed at that time, 'really fun'. Yes, when going through the path of makadam and land, this iron horse can devour easily. Power channeled to the rear wheels through the Z-ring chain can be maintained. When faced with a steep incline, the performance is quite good. No need to twist the gas to high rpm, just open the gas a little this motor can go uphill and accelerate quickly. That's because this motor has abundant torque in every transmission.

On a factory note, the BMW G 310 GS adopts a 313 cc, Water-cooled, single-cylinder 4-stroke engine. Uniquely, the position of the cylinder is rotated 180 degrees and somewhat tilted. So, the intake hole, throttle body, and air box move forward, and are located under the comstir. The advantage is to produce maximum power and save fuel use. It can also increase the stability of the motor when used in high speeds.

It is capable of exhaling power up to 34 Hp at 9,500 rpm, as well as a maximum torque of 28 Nm at 7,500 rpm. With a fairly large torque, it clearly makes this motor very easy to bulldoze a fairly steep incline. How's the dealer? BMW is still adopting conventional transmission systems. The result of this collaboration with TVS uses a six-speed gearbox without the help of advanced electronic devices.

Handling and Suspension

The left hand begins to pull the clutch lever and the right foot begins to press to enter the first gear. The gas pedal is rotated, a concern because of its tall dimensions and the weight distribution in front seems to disappear. Control is also agile, still suitable for use in skids on the dense streets of the capital. The clutch also feels soft and the gear shift is fairly smooth. Plus a relaxed driving position, due to the wide handlebars and ergonomic foot position.

BMW G 310 GS
BMW G 310 GS

The weight of the G 310 GS is actually not a problem even though it weighs 169.5 kg. No extra energy is needed to be able to maneuver during touring trips. When passing through steep terrain dominated by bumpy and perforated tracks, the tubular type chassis and shock absorbers from Showa also support stability.

The use of upside-down supplements with a diameter of 41 mm in front and back of a single makes the motor slam feel comfortable. When going through the hollow asphalt road at high speed also do not need to worry about bottoming. Because the distance of the second play of the shock absorber is estimated at 180mm.

But if you want to maneuver in the corner, you have to be a little careful when pressing the brake lever inside. Because the front suspension immediately ambles and makes the body lean forward. However, the braking system has advanced supplies. It has been embedded anti-lock braking system (ABS) dual channel.

Braking hardware with a 300mm disc on the front was bitten by a radially mounted four-pot Bybre caliper. Back with 240mm disc. Given the GS's lightweight off-road aspirations, ABS can be disabled via a neat integrated button on the left switchgear console.

Control can also be maintained because it uses a combination of tire profiles wide enough. On the legs with a cast wheel 19 inches in diameter at the front and 17 inches at the back. Each uses premium tubeless Metzeler Tourance tires measuring 110/80 and 150/70. The contours of the installed tires enter the dual purpose category, so it feels good on the asphalt road and safely passes through rocky terrain.

Character Design

First impression when receiving the key, this motor has compact dimensions. The BMW G 310 GS looks chunky and carries GS DNA from its older brothers. Starting with off-size front and rear alloy wheels, long-travel suspension, as well as a 'beaked' front, it proudly shows itself as a member of the GS family. The motorcycle looks very characterful.

BMW G 310 GS
BMW G 310 GS

In the console, it is full digital. Unfortunately the screen still uses a regular LCD instead of a full-color TFT unit. It is rather difficult to see information about rpm openings, gear positions and fuel doses due to the reflection of sunlight. For us maybe it doesn't matter because our feeling is already integrated with the bike.

Dimensionally it is far from R 1200 GS, but this small GS still gives a mighty impression. The high and wide view is pretty awesome. The front uses the same headlights as its brother naked bike type, but the face is very different. That's thanks to a large ADV-style beak and a small windshield on it. This windshield looks fit and works well. Provide some level of wind protection and allow plenty of refreshing air to the chest and helmet.

The GS side profile is also very interesting, thanks to the molding of each side panel that is similar to the older brother. Although it looks big, the tank can only hold 11 liters of fuel. Plus the shroud flanking the gasoline container leads forward. In that section it is made into three parts. Because the GS we use is an adventure variant, there are additional engines and bodyguards, so it looks dashing and sturdy. In addition, of course, to increase safety if the motor falls.

More interestingly he uses a gold upside down suspension. He also has a protector under the machine. While the fatbar area is actually left plain without a handguard. Nevertheless, pinned reflectors in the front fender. Provide extra security from the side.

He uses the model seat fused, pursing in the driver's section and wider in the disengaged part. The GS uses fender-mounted taillights. Coupled with a large aluminum luggage rack, so it can be directly applied with a storage box and also serves as a double handle. For us, that component is useful for tying the tail bag.


BMW Motorrad Indonesia successfully presents adventure motorcycles that play in the 300 cc class segment (dual purpose model). In addition to a thick look with European style, engine torque is enough to try the enduro medium track.

In addition, it is very adequate for daily use in the city. Moreover, the suspension character is soft, of course, makes the rider even more in love with this G 310 GS. Regarding the use of off-road terrain, there is no doubt, he is ready to be invited to dirt or heavy maneuvers though.

BMW G 310 GS
BMW G 310 GS

On the other hand, we are quite sure that by replacing the more rugged dual purpose type tires, he was able to be invited to a slightly more extreme adventure track terrain. Handling is very comfortable, braking safety with abs system is also able to make the motor not easily slip. Unfortunately the G 310 GS does not present a variant with finger model wheels that are able to move dynamically over uneven road surfaces compared to more rigid cast wheel models.

BMW G 310 GS can be an attractive option for those of you who are looking for an adventure bike in the 300cc class. With prices offered Rp 133 million (Standard) and Rp 142 million (Adventure) off the road, it offers comfort that is not owned by its competitors.

Test Ride KTM 390 Adventure

Test Ride KTM 390 Adventure - KTM, an Austrian brand, is trying its luck aiming for the two-wheeled entry-level market by packing products made a little similar to its big bike bikes. The warmest in the Indonesian market, they launched a motorcycle with the adventurous hangout KTM 390 Adventure at the end of August 2020.

KTM 390 Adventure
KTM 390 Adventure

At that time, this motorcycle was released with the status of local assembly aka CKD (Completely Knock Down) at the assembly facility owned by PT Penta Jaya Laju Motor (PJLM) in Gresik, East Java. The beginning of the launch, the price tag was set at Rp 119 million, but in October it was controlled to Rp 139 million OTR Jakarta.

It does not count the most recent bike if you assess this year, but it never hurts to try how comfortable and what are the advantages offered by the bike. Of course we will also find out the shortcomings of this adventurous bike.

At least I have tried KTM 390 Adventure for approximately 5 days testing it on asphalt roads and rock tracks. Drive 266.4 kilometers from Tangerang city to Jonggol area, West Java and return safely home.

KTM 790 Adventure design

It is not a new strategy when the design of premium motors is passed down on the manufacturer's entry-level products whose purpose is to smooth sales. KTM one of them, they made 390 Adventure has details similar to the older brother, KTM 790 Adventure. The most identical part is the shape of the headlights that have a rectangular visual split into 2 parts. Next is the shroud design near the fuel tank that has sporty DNA exactly its 790 cc engine.

KTM 390 Adventure
KTM 390 Adventure

If these two bikes are juxtaposed, you would agree if the KTM 390 and 790 betel nut tub are halved. The difference is of course in terms of dimensions, weight, and some other details such as the appearance of the drill, set of legs, of course the contents of the cylinder. Overall, as an adventurous motorcycle, the KTM 390 Adventure has a thick aura as a tough-looking motorcycle that is ready to be driven in various terrains.

Driving Position

So what about the driving position? From the design of the KTM 390 Adventure body he has a fairly tall but slender shape. The dimensions of the length play at 2,154 mm, width 900 mm, and height 1,400 mm. While for the wheelbase at 1,430 mm with the lowest distance to the ground 200 mm and the height of the seat at 855 mm.

This body concoction is indeed classified as high for the posture of Indonesians in the range of 170 cm. I myself have a height of 172 cm with a weight of 75 kilograms both feet can not tread perfectly on the ground. Nevertheless, outsmarting it is quite easy, just tilt the buttocks either to the left or right and one leg is sure to tread perfectly.

But another thing with the position of the hand, KTM 390 Adventure may I say absolutely not intimidate the rider. He's got a wide, tall and slightly forward handlebar profile. So the hand can open straight so that the sitting position when riding becomes more relaxed.

I have proven myself to ride this motorcycle for 2 hours with road conditions that tend to be jammed as far as 80 kilometers from Tangerang City to around Jonggol, West Java limbs do not feel excessive symptoms of aches. Moreover, the character of the seat in my opinion is quite comfortable, soft, and not slippery.

KTM 390 Adventure
KTM 390 Adventure

Engine performance

Speaking of technical, from the official website of KTM Indonesia, this motor is armed with a 373 cc engine, DOHC, 1-cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve, liquid cooling, and has an injection power. Yes, the engine is identical to the KTM 390 Duke but I think it's more fun to ride paired on the 390 Adventure frame.

With the pacemaker, this motor is able to produce maximum power up to 43 horsepower at 9,000 rpm engine rotation and peak torque touching 37 Nm at 7 thousand rpm. The first impression when turning the gas lever, KTM 390 Adventure has the torque that rhinoceros. The power is filled linearly, from low, medium, to upper engine rotation.

Moreover, coupled with a ratio gear suit that is not too short, so it feels fun to drive on asphalt roads which of course to pursue torque and power to hi-rev. As a record the vibration resulting from the 1-cylinder configuration engine is quite felt, especially on the soles of the feet to the hands of the rider.

KTM 390 Adventure
KTM 390 Adventure

Ease and preoccupation of driving is also supported by embedding Quick Shifter (up &down) technology. The character is quite smooth, does not over-stomp, and there is an option to turn it off. But during use, I prefer to continue to activate it because it is very helpful, changing gears without the hassle of pressing the clutch lever again.

I am detailed, KTM 390 Adventure is still suitable for reliable driving in the middle of the city. Asking stop and go no doubt, the torque is available at all times but friendly to novice riders.

The distribution of heat produced by the engine is fairly friendly, used to jam the hot character is still on the verge of normal. Groin, calf, buttocks do not feel excessive heat, it feels like riding a quarter-liter Japanese motorcycle. The key is in the use of curved or curved radiators plus 2 fans at once.

Dna this motorcycle is indeed thick as an adventurous vehicle that is more inclined in uneven terrain. But when used on the asphalt road it feels good to be invited fast to sometimes forget the speed needle is already at 100 kilometers per hour.

To stop the pace and offset its performance, the KTM 390 Adventure is equipped with 1 caliper 4 piston braking with a 320 mm disc in front of which is radially mounted. While in the back escorted braking a single disc 230 mm 2 piston directed by ByBre.

KTM 390 Adventure
KTM 390 Adventure

Then what if used on roads that are not smooth rocks, damaged such as in the area of Mount Kapur, Jonggol, West Java? I have to admit this bike gives a great sensation. Moreover, KTM 390 Adventure already carries the OFFROAD ABS feature, which if activated automatically disconnects the ABS sensor on the rear wheel. If you meet the ground, and open the gas lever, you will be invited to dance on the motorcycle. Once gassed, the rear wheels will scratch the ground wildly.

If you want to control the motor more independently, you can also turn off the traction control feature through the settings button on the left switch. Guaranteed, once the gas in the ground field the rear wheel will spin firmly and if you have a wheelie (lifting the front wheel) must have the pleasure of driving this bike.


The value of the KTM 390 Adventure feature, this bike is the most complete questionable technology in the entry-level adventurous motorcycle class. There are at least 10 features that the manufacturer offers as below:

  • Quickshifter (up & down)
  • Cornering ABS
  • Motorcycle Traction Control
  • ABS (onroad & offroad)
  • KTM My Ride Navigation
  • Upside Down adjustable (compression & rebound)
  • Rear suspension adjustable (compression & rebound)
  • TFT Instrument Panel
  • Ride-by-wire
  • Full LED lights.

Handling and Construction of the Legs

Now we surgically for handling, KTM 390 Adventure has a soft character and fairly nurut to be invited to shimmy on urban streets. It feels easy to slip in the middle of a traffic jam, the handlebars are not heavy making it easier for me to maneuver.

KTM 390 Adventure
KTM 390 Adventure

 But for those of you who are new to driving it must be careful, especially on narrow roads. As explained above, he has a wide handlebar plus embedding of handguard components that are sometimes enough to make a nook when slipping. If you're used to it, it's not a problem.

To bulldoze the corner with a slightly falling riding style, this bike provides a sensation like a sport bike berfairing or naked. Confidence also increases because it has been equipped with ABS Cornering devices.

All the positives about handling are supported by the construction of slick legs. In front of the upside-down type made by WP Apex with a diameter of 43 mm with a travel of 170 mm available preload and rebound settings. While the rear shock absorber applies the monoshock type with 177 mm travel which also has the option of preload rebound settings.

Bulldozing uneven roads or speedtrap feels smooth and almost feelless. Like an offroad motor with DNA adventure, this bike also uses 19-inch rear-size alloy wheels on the front bow and 17 inches at the back. For the front wheels use 100/80 profile tires and at the back using a tire size of 130/80 which are both tubeless types.

Fuel consumption

Regarding fuel consumption, I conducted a test based on the average fuel in mid (Multi Information Display). As for the driving style using mixed methods, sometimes digeber and also sometimes walking casually.

From the information on the meter panel, recorded the number of one liter of gasoline can travel a distance of up to 30.2 liters. The figure was obtained after exploring up to 266.4 kilometers from Tangerang City to the Gunung Batu area, Jonggol West Java.

The result I categorize quite well for a motor engined almost 400 cc, arguably has similarities with the fuel efficiency of a 250 cc motor.


Ending in conclusion, KTM 390 Adventure is in the category of comfortable motorcycles to ride in urban areas. The limbs do not feel excessive aches, indeed must be accustomed to the dimensions of the handlebars that are wide enough and sometimes a little difficult to slip.

KTM 390 Adventure
 KTM 390 Adventure

On uneven roads aka rocks are also slick to be used, especially in the damping sector. Stable motors bulldoze holes, speedtraps, and mounds that are not too high.

It's just that for the record, this bike is very difficult to neutralize and quite annoying when stopped at a red light or in traffic. The rest is a vibration of the machine that is quite felt in the toe to the hand.

Even so, the handling, suspension, power, and torque of the KTM 390 Adventure is fairly good, especially in the entry-level motorcycle segment. Well, with a price tag of Rp 139 million, you can enter the list of adventurous motorcycles that you can buy.

And it feels suitable also for those of you who are interested in going up the class to a large engine cubication, considering this bike is quite easy to drive and does not intimidate riders despite the beginner category.

Road Test Suzuki Hayabusa

 Road Test Suzuki Hayabusa - We don't need to introduce this bike anymore. Anyone will know that this is a Suzuki Hayabusa. Biker Boyz is one that confirms the superiority of this bike, but for suzuki and superbike fans, the iron horse has more meaning. The history of this motorcycle is about speeding through the wind, breaking the principles of physics with its handling and performing with a very challenging design to strengthen its position in the hearts of anyone who sees it.

Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa

Then, does the latest Hayabusa come with the highest standards that have been set long ago? Does the decrease in power affect his desire for speed? Are the spurs getting blunter? Could it be that his advanced electronic system even makes him a cemen? Follow our review to find out the answer.


The previous generation Suzuki Hayabusa looks very wide and ugly. It appears designed with the aim of optimizing the aerodynamic side as best as possible. The latest Hayabusa is still designed with the same personality, with sharp additions to update it.

He finished evolving from an ugly monster to a more handsome monster. The paras is decorated with eccentric LED lights typical of old Hayabusa. Slightly different is the lower half-fairing beak that sharpens down to swallow as much air as possible.

But the design is still monotonous, nothing out of the ordinary. For example, look at the aftermath. Okay, she is indeed slimmer and still looks wider than Kim Kardashian's, Fortunately, the odd hump is now trimmed to be flatter and so the stern is a little cooler.

Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa

I would also deny the presence of chromium accents in the fairing. Too bad and out of place. Perhaps, it would be more pleasant to see if presented in Piano Black or White Ivory format.


On paper, Suzuki did not change the triangulation of the driving position too much. The handlebars are only pulled 12 mm towards the rider, while the seat height is lowered by 5 mm and is now at the level of 800 mm from the ground. Instead of making it more comfortable, this kind of posture is even for us to put a little pressure. Of course it is not as heavy and makes aches like a 1,000 cc motor sport. However, it wasn't also the most comfortable driving experience in the superbike we've ever tried.

Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa

More to the atmosphere of the game, he does remain in the format of driving sport. While the two variables we mention have contributed, the shape of the new gas tank has a bigger and vital hand here. You can straddle proportionally there. The arm can hold well and tightly when needed, and fun can also be a safe foundation when it has to tilt.

With a weight of 266 kg, it is certainly not an easy matter to drive it at low speeds. But unexpectedly, he was easier to handle than before. It seems that this is the positive effect of the closer handlebars and revised engine frame. Overcoming sleeping cops wasn't a hard job for him either. Ground clearance of 125 mm is like doubting to pass through it, Thank God, the belly of the big-bodied monster remains safe when we let pass it.

Engine and Performance

Don't let the spec sheet make you doubt that the 1,340 cc 4-cylinder engine in line has no fierce potential. Yes, the power and torque is only 190 PS and 150 Nm compared to the 197 PS and 155 Nm in hayabusa before. But what was not told in the brochure was the pull in the middle round that improved and had a positive impact on his overall performance.

0-100 kmph 0-160 kmph 0-402 m
Hayabusa 2021 3.38 seconds 5.97 seconds 10.78s at 218.73kmph
Hayabusa 20194.08 seconds 6.56 seconds 11.16s at 217.27kmph

Just try the gas lever and Hayabusa will take you to a high speed that obscures the view. He will slide quickly from the starting position without any problems. In fact, with all the updates, we can invite him to accelerate as easily as his old model on the airstrip. In humid road conditions, the latest Hayabusa broke all the records we had previously recorded. 

The maximum speed was only slightly felt. He tried to hold back after we brought it above 200/220 kph. In the previous model, we were able to reach a little higher with a shorter distance.

Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa

Yes, although this bike can not show its ability to hunt the number 300 kph on the speedometer, its performance is compensated by its fierce medium pull and has a different character. Also, expand its performance range for various ride scenarios.

He also made sure we would be able to compete with the old model on the track. Its overflow of torque from laps as low as 2,000 rpm will make you fall in love. In gear six, the motor can be at a speed of 100 kph in laps of only 3,250 rpm, which means there is still a stock of 6,000 rpm again to answer your thirst for speed.

What will make you fall in love with him is how easy it is to drive on the crowded streets of the city. It is not difficult to keep 35 kph in the top gear, which is very surprising for the composition of a machine like this. The clutch is sometimes a bit heavy, as well as the gas.

Suzuki Hayabusa
Suzuki Hayabusa

There are three default modes for driving and three personal user modes. Heritage from the previous Hayabusa, there are still its own settings for throttle map, traction control, wheelie control and engine braking. Of the three modes, we meet mode B which presents the best experience for various types of riders. The power is well distributed and not too brutal, traction control is still present gently and there is no need to fear the front wheels lifted.

Mode A is certainly for more experienced dealers. Sharper engine response, looser traction control and wheelie are still possible. Okay, you do need to be careful in this mode, but this for us is the most exciting. Mode C for us is too limiting everything and takes the fun out of the Hayabusa.

 Control and Driving

Suzuki felt the best chassis construction to sustain it was a twin-spar frame and an aluminum swingarm. Again, from the written paper the wheelbase of 1,480 mm and the tire size of 120/70-R17 is also 190/0/R17 unchanged. What changes drastically and the main reason why this bike is more fun to drive is the geometry of the chassis.

The rake angle is sharpened to 23 degrees from 24.2. The trail is also trimmed by 8 mm to only 90 mm, and these figures form it into a different species. The instability that we had felt in hayabusa the previous generation has disappeared and changed into the character of a motor that is obediently controlled and swift when hunting the end of the corner. Of course he won't be the sharpest bike there is, but with the proportions, it's more than enough. It can be easily relaxed, stable when tilted and pouncing on corners with full vitlaitas.

The latest Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S22s tires are pretty good. Even in the fairly wet part that we had to cross, he didn't lose his performance. Even once traction control is turned off, the engine can still dampen power without the need to slip.

Suzuki still looks simple on its suspension configuration, still adopting the adjustable KYB model from the predecessor genes. Spring rates have been revised to allow for more supple driving. Under standard conditions, he quite nimbly began to conquer the ugly streets. The banting can still be tolerated without feeling grunting at all.

Just like the previous generation as well, the latest Hayabusa still has a very strong heel thanks to a steady brake. On its feet is a Brembo Stylema with a 330 mm rotor, but the brakes are still not as good as other motors with the same device. The initial phase of braking does feel solid, the brakes bite ferociously. But the next phase we think can be better, because the brake lever feels cocooned even though deceleration still occurs. The braking process was also not as fast as we expected.


There are two color schemes to choose from; Glass Sparkle Black-Candy Burnt Gold and Metallic Matte Sword Silver-Candy Daring Red. Specifically for the Indian market, Suzuki brought a number of Brilliant White-Mettalic Matte Stellar Blue motorcycles that were immediately purchased by fanatical consumers. It doesn't look like this color will be on sale any time soon.


The third-generation Suzuki Hayabusa now chooses a different path than its forebears, a sportier track and not too hyper-touring. His noble goals have changed from making you the fastest on the straight to speeding anywhere. He wants to pounce on every corner, he wants you to hit it quickly, he wants you to be more alert. The look successfully closes its creepy weights and is also fun to wear daily.

The difficulty is indeed unable to provide the comfort of a luxury sofa when traveling through a speed of 250 kph. Those who really liked Hayabusa before will definitely be angry at me, but just chasing top speed alone, for me too much, especially in 2021.

What Suzuki did to the latest Hayabusa I think was a success in maintaining its legendary breed and making it a younger fan.

And seeing how this bestselling bike is purchased is a guarantee that hayabusa's popularity will never melt.

Hyundai announces production and sale of Creta in Indonesia

Hyundai Creta - After much discussion on social media, little by little Hyundai's latest product shows its form. This time Hyundai voluntarily showed a sketch of the design of Hyundai Creta, an SUV product that will be made in Indonesia.


PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMI) itself has leaked some of its future plans in the country. Now the plan is clearer after creta design is shown, at least not curious people who are already looking forward to this latest product from Hyundai.

Globally, the Creta is one of the best-selling Hyundai models in the world. This SUV will also be developed for the Indonesian market with various innovations ranging from new design approaches to various current features. Furthermore, rocky and raize's rival SUVs will also be produced locally in Indonesia, at Hyundai's first factory in Southeast Asia.

"Hyundai's commitment as a game-changer in the automotive industry is our motivation in providing superior products and services to Indonesian customers. Hyundai Creta is a product with Hyundai characteristics that are full of innovation and designed specifically to meet the needs and modern lifestyle of Indonesian society. Hyundai has a customer-centric approach, where customers are our source of inspiration. Therefore, we are very happy that this product can be built on the various inputs we receive from the wider community. For this reason, we hope that the Hyundai Creta that we will launch in the future can be a pride for Hyundai, especially our beloved customers in the country," said SungJong Ha, President Director of PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia.


Based on existing design images, Creta has a straight roof line and a wide C pillar that reinforces its sturdy look. Grille with parametric jewel grille design language becomes a characteristic of Hyundai with a similar head lamp design. The back uses a Boomerang design with a high mount stop lamp which becomes an interesting combination.

This design sketch also depicts the interior look of the SUV with a premium feel, and is equipped with advanced technology in its class. On the front side, the horizontal dashboard arrangement extends toward the door forming a wing indent, making the front room look more dynamic, and providing extra protection for passengers. Then, on the fascia there is an 8-inch AVT screen that is integrated with the console in the middle.

Hyundai Creta

Hyundai's latest product also offers a D-cut steering wheel that accentuates the sporty feel and vertical ventilation integrated with the defogger. In addition, Creta has other unique details such as a three-dimensional patterned speaker grill and Silver Bezel that wraps around the knob gear. On the console with qualified lighting supported by silver side trim further strengthens the premium cockpit display of hyundai's SUV.

Unfortunately, there is no information related to the specifications, features and prices that will be given to the people of Indonesia in the future. But reflecting on the products in India, this SUV offers many interesting sides.

Yes, Creta itself has been paving in the Indian market since some time ago and indeed the presence of this SUV has been anticipated in Indonesia. But for the Indonesian market, Creta that will be circulating is a facelift version.

Reflecting on the specifications in India, Creta is offered with a choice of diesel and gasoline engines. There is a 2.0L petrol engine and a 1.4L turbo version. The diesel engine comes with a capacity of 1.5L with a power of 115 ps. These engines are paired with a six-speed manual transmission as well as automatic, except for turbo engines, offered with a 7-speed DCT transmission.

In terms of dimensions, Creta offers a length of 4,300 mm, a width of 1,790 mm and a height of 1,635 mm with a wheelbase length of 2,610 mm. Some of the features that are championed are the presence of panoramic sunroof that can be opened with voice commands, electric parking brake, paddle shift, air purifier, disc braking in the back, digital meter cluster measuring seven inches and a 10-inch touchscreen head unit. Other features include tyre pressure monitoring system, driver mode with Eco, Comfort, and Sport options, the presence of six airbags in the cabin and audio steering switch.

Hyundai Creta

Other safety features are electronic stability control, vehicle stability management, rear camera and hill start assist control. These features are important capital because rivals in its class have also offered advanced features.

Creta engined 1.4L turbo with DCT seems to be an attractive choice. But the prediction, Hyundai Creta in Indonesia will use a 4-cylinder 1.5-liter gasoline engine powered by 115 PS and 144 Nm of torque. The same engine as carried by Kia Sonet. The transmission option is either a 6-speed manual or an iVT automatic. What is the price that will be offered? We just wait for the next information from HMID related to their new product. 

Buy Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Can Enjoy This Facility

Buy Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Can Enjoy This Facility - Traveling long distances on a motorcycle must certainly be ready with all risks. Starting from damaged or breaking down, to the situation of riders who experience less fit conditions to continue the journey. Concerned about the condition, Royal Enfield Indonesia provides Roadside Assistance facilities. It collaborated with ZuttoRide as a leading motorcycle service provider from Japan.

Royal Enfield Meteor 350
Royal Enfield Meteor 350

"Indonesia is one of our main markets globally, as well as the 3rd largest market for two-wheeled vehicles in the world. Therefore, we continue to strive to build wider accessibility for our customers. Through Roadside Assistance and ZuttoRide, we can now ensure the safety of our riders in the event of motorcycle damage on the road, across Indonesia. Now, customers are being given assistance for any situation," said Vimal Sumbly, Head of Business Markets – APAC Region at Royal Enfield.

Through the program offered by Royal Enfield Indonesia, consumers get a variety of exclusive facilities if they are experiencing obstacles on the road and need help. Customers who purchase Meteor 350 can enjoy free Roadside Assistance for three years.

Roadside Assistance is equipped with 24-hour call center services including fuel delivery, tire repair, battery jumper service, and a maximum service towing of 150 km. This emergency assistance has not covered all of Indonesia, only in Java, Bali, Lombok, Kalimantan, Sumatra, and Sulawesi. Eligible motorists can call Roadside Assistance on zuttoride hotline number 1500 522 for 24x7 emergency assistance.

With this facility, of course, Meteor 350 consumers feel safe to go anywhere. Can save from unexpected costs when facing emergencies and get the best service from experienced officers in their field.

Specifications of Meteor 350

Royal Enfield Meteor 350
Royal Enfield Meteor 350

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 has three variants, Fireball, Stellar and Supernova. Each sold Rp 109.4 million, Rp 111.1 million and Rp 112.8 million.

Make the bottom variant (Fireball) come with a solid colored fuel tank. The 'Royal Enfield' logo is a black 3D frills. Kemdudian list rims in accordance with the exhaust of the gasoline container. Then the majority of parts are painted black, or RE calls them blacked-out cycle parts. Such as exhaust, handlebars, mirrors, throttle body cover and engine block fins with machined finish. There are two color options, Fireball Red and Fireball Yellow.

Furthermore Stellar, equipped with a choice of Stellar Red, Stellar Blue and Stellar Black colors. Components such as handlebars and exhaust with chrome finish. The logo on the tangka uses a classic 3D model. It has been equipped with a back rest or backrest for passengers.

Then supernova or the top variant has almost the same completeness as Stellar. The difference is there is a windshield to protect from exposure to the wind during long journeys. There are two dual-tone color options, Supernova Blue or Supernova Brown.

In addition to the things mentioned, it's all the same. There is a Tripper Navigator feature that can connect with a smartphone via bluetooth connection. There is a USB charging port to charge the phone. As well as abs (anti-lock braking system) dual channel.

The source of the rice power from a single cylinder engine 349 cc, 2 valves, SOHC air & oil cooled. With a bore size of 72mm and stroke of 85.8 mm and has adopted an injection fuel misting system. It produces a maximum power of 20.2 Hp at 6,100 rpm and 27 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm. 

Steps to Take When Receiving a New Car at Home

Steps to Take When Receiving a New Car at Home -  Recently the owner of a new vehicle increased quite rapidly. Many take advantage of the government's PPnBM tax discount as well as several other conveniences both promos and vehicle discounts. But many don't yet understand what to do when accepting a new vehicle? What about when the vehicle arrives and arrives at the garage?

Mitsubishi has tips that can be done for new vehicle owners. Not only happy because you already have a new car but also need to do some of these stages.

Receiving a New Car at Home
Receiving a New Car at Home

Request delivery during the day. The dealer always prioritizes the delivery of cars to consumers during the day, but there are also due to the limitations of consumers having to work so that they send it at night after coming home from work. This should be avoided, try to hand over the unit done during the day. The goal is to be able to check carefully when the day is still bright.

Then check the entire exterior condition. Make sure you as the owner check on each side of the vehicle, especially on the outside. Check if the condition of the car body and paint is as expected. If there is something that feels unsatisfactory such as there is a berets or tenuous body distance then you can directly ask the dealer and hold them accountable.

The next step is to check the cabin. After making sure the outside condition of the car is safe, then do not forget to check the condition of the inside of the cabin. Generally the new car will be delivered complete with plastic wrapping on the inside of the car. Remove all these wrappers to make sure there are no stains or incomplete items. Also check the condition of the spare tire and all the completeness of the manual and toolkit and APAR is in the car.

Next check the features and lights. Check the features and devices in the car to function normally. Check all features such as normal functioning lights, audio devices, up to the cooling function or car air conditioner. If all is functioning normally and there are no noises or other problems then the car can be tested.

During this handover process also from the dealer is obliged to provide basic knowledge about the new vehicle to consumers, usually about how to operate, and general features. So as a consumer must pay close attention to what is explained and make sure all features work properly.

For the car handover process, in this example Mitsubishi products, you can also activate the vehicle warranty directly from the smartphone. In addition to being able to track the vehicle booking process until the handover, with the My Mitsubishi Motors ID (MMID) application will be guided by sales in charge of the activation of your new car warranty from the application.

Receiving a New Car at Home
Receiving a New Car at Home

Another important step, do a road test. Before the handover, check also the condition of the new car odometer, it is impossible to position it at 0 km, but the reasonable mileage is below 50 km. Don't forget the road test to make sure there are no noises in the leg sector as well as annoying machines.

The last is to make sure all letters such as STNK and license plates are complete and match the frame number and engine number of your car. Also make sure the data in the STNK is in accordance with your population data, because if there is a difference then you have to do a time-consuming and cost-effective re-management.

Additional information, Mitsubishi facilitates the entire process of delivering vehicles through the MMID application. When the vehicle at the dealership has gone through the Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) process to ensure the unit delivered there are no problems and the condition is completely new. In the MMID application, there is a list that can be seen with salespeople with consumers, when the condition of the vehicle is appropriate then the consumer presses "confirm accept the vehicle".

This PDI process the dealer performs the process of polishing the vehicle body, installing film glass and official accessories according to consumer demand. If there is a damage or deficiency constraint on the newly shipped vehicle, consumers have the right to request handling so that conditions are in accordance with the demand. Through this application you can also activate the vehicle warranty easily only through a smartphone.

One more thing, after the car is declared safe and you have done the handover process then do not forget to read the vehicle manual. This is so that consumers understand if there are problems that occur in the future. The dealer will also explain about the rights and obligations of the vehicle owner as stated in the vehicle owner's manual and the vehicle owner's service book. Furthermore, the owner is expected to follow the periodic maintenance schedule to the nearest official workshop.

Kia EV6 electric car officially launched in South Korea

South Korean automaker Kia Motor is launching its EV6 sedan electric vehicle in the domestic market, ahead of its overseas launch later this year.

Quoted by Yonhap, Tuesday, August 3, 2021, EV6 is Kia's first model embedded with a global-electric modular platform (E-GMP) only electric vehicles owned by Hyundai Motor Group.

Kia EV6 electric car
Kia EV6 electric car

Kia has received more than 30,000 bookings for the EV6 in the domestic market, and a combined 8,800 bookings in Europe and the United States, the company said.

The maker of the K5 sedan and Sorento SUV aims to sell 13,000 units of zero-emission models in their home regions and 17,000 units in overseas markets this year.

Kia EV6 is priced at 47 million won-57 million won (Rp585 million-Rp710 million) in Korea. With government subsidies, the car can be purchased for under 40 million won ($20 million).

This model is available in two types of battery packs, namely the standard 58 kilowatt hour (kWh) battery pack and the 77.4 kWh long-range battery. The 58 kWh and 77.4 kWh models can travel up to 370 kilometers and 475 km, respectively, on a single charge.

Kia also plans to introduce sedans, SUVs and multipurpose vehicles based on a new electric vehicle platform over the next seven years.

They plan to add to the lineup of electric vehicles with 11 models, including seven based on the E-GMP, by 2025.

With a strengthened lineup of electric vehicles, Kia aims to reach a 6.6 percent market share of global battery-powered electric vehicles by 2025 and global annual sales of 500,000 units by 2026.

Kia's electric vehicle market share is currently unavailable as their electric vehicle sales accounted for only 1 percent of overall sales in 2019.

In April, Kia's larger affiliate Hyundai Motor Co. unveiled an all-electric Ioniq 5 model equipped with the E-GMP platform.

Hyundai plans to introduce the Ioniq 6 next year and the ioniq 7 large SUV in 2024. Hyundai will begin using alphanumeric names like its larger rivals, such as BMW, whose model was named the No. 1-8 Series.